WOOF! Dog Walking Service

I am an independent Dog Walker. Independent walkers have the advantage of being a consistent person for your dog to bond with instead of a different person each time you call a service. You can count on a FREE consultation prior to my working with you and your pup. I specialize in learning your pups personality and peculiarities so that they have an enjoyable walk.

Training: I can work with you and your pup to teach basic training tips to make your walks and home time with your pup more enjoyable. I have trained puppies from birth as well as retrained skittish and fearful shelter dogs with success.

On a case by case basis I will consider pet sitting, but this is a service that I will develop more later.

A Pet Lover’s Sitting Service

We provide in-home pet care including – overnight, daily and vacation pet sitting, daily dog walking and house sitting. We are fully insured and have been in business over 15 years with hundreds of happy clients and their pets of course! We are crazy animals lovers and
we will do EVERYTHING to make sure your pets are happy and safe when you can’t be there. We go above and beyond just feeding and walking. Making sure your animals are as happy and healthy as possible is our priority.
​We are also a smaller company and believe in specialized service. For this reason you will always know who is in your home and you will be given the opportunity to meet every sitter. Why should you have to wonder who may or may not be at your house each time you book your pet sitter? WELL YOU SHOULDN’T, YOU NEED TO CALL US TODAY!