Kekepania Pet Services

I am so happy to share my story with you!! First off, I am sure you noticed the odd name of my business, Kekepania (Key-Key-Pan-Ya). It is actually my name, Stephanie in Hawaiian 🌺 I am obsessed with Hawaii & try to go every year! I even give my dogs Hawaiian names, like Keona, Kapono & Maui!!!

Another obsession of mine is horses! I have been an equestrian english rider since I was 10! I use to professionally show my horses in Jumpers & Dressage! But now-a-days I just ride whenever I can…which is obviously rare for me. But as a young girl, my very first job was to take care of a 30 stall horse barn, in order to pay for my riding lessons & competition fees. I even owed 3 Horses! I loved that job & it helped me become the person I am today; a hardworking, passionate animal care giving!! I also volunteered at the PopCorn Park Zoo’s SPCA in Lacey Township & The SPCA in Tinton Falls. This is where I first learned how to care & handle dogs, especially in those rare chaotic moments! My late teen years, I got a job as the Small Animal Specialist at Petco! And even got to help Bruce Springsteen a couple times! I started to realize I love working with animals but decided to go to college & learn about the arts, mainly in Photography! I did really well & even received the Sheldon Linz Award, for the most outstanding study in the field of Photography!! It was a tremendous honor! Shortly after, I received my associates degree in Photography at Ocean County College and then moved on to get my Batchelor’s in Graphic Design at Rutgers! Soon after that I got married to my adoring husband Kevin! But something was still missing in my life…a dog!! I always grew up with dogs but wanted one to call my own so Kevin & I decided to get our first dog together!! It took forever to find the right one but when we did, we knew instantly!! His name was Kapono & was the most beautiful Chocolate Shar-Pei ever! Everything was coming into place in my life! But sadly my photography business was slow to take off. I just couldn’t get enough clients to soley put all my time into that career. That’s when my pet business fell into my lap!! Kapono befriended our neighbor’s dog Brooklyn & the owners absolutely adored the girlfriend/boyfriend relationship our pups had together so one day, they asked me if Brooklyn could join Kapono & I on our daily afternoon walk & they would pay me! I thought it was the cutest idea ever & I thought, why not?!! Well, that was the start of it all! Other of my neighbors started to ask me to walk their dogs & before I knew it, I had my very own successful pet service/dog walking business!! I still have my Photography business but since that is mainly a seasonal/weekend career, dog walking allows me to fill up my schedule & do both:) I absolutely LOVE this job! I believe it’s what I was meant to do all along!
Well, think that is most of my life squeezed into a nut shell😉 But if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!! I can’t wait to talk to you!!

If you would like to know more info concerning dog walking & pet sitting prices, then please visit my website! I have dog walking rates starting at $12 & pet sitting packages starting at $35 a day! I also provide other services like doggie baths, massages & you can even have your pet’s own pet food & supplies brought right to your home, when I come & Visit! This is all available to my adoring customers! So once I develop a relationship with your pup, you never have to bother going to the groomers or pet store again! And if you are still unsure about me, you can also find many reviews & feedback I have received from my loving customers on my website & also on Facebook & Yelp!

Lastly, when you contact me, remember to ask about my special discounts & packages!