Fox’s Walking Dogs

In today’s fast paced world, it isn’t always easy getting through the daily to do list. At Fox’s Walking Dogs, we provide one hour group dog walking adventures! That’s more than a stroll; it’s a physical and mental workout. Which means your dog comes home tired and better behaved, and you have one less thing to worry about!

What makes a dog walking adventure?

We pick up your dog and take him for a dynamic one hour hike at the various area nature trails and parks.
The group walk* experience means your dog gets to share his escapades with a few of his canine buddies, giving him an opportunity to socialize each day.
Leash manners and basic obedience commands are reinforced before, during, and after walks so your dog gets both physical and mental exercise!

What a Dog Walking Adventure Means For You?

-Coming home to a tired more relaxed dog.
-Feeling guilt free about having to put in longer hours at work.
-More time to do the things you enjoy.

*For dogs who don’t play well with others, limited single slots are available!

Carrie’s Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Instead of coming home from a long day at work to your dog who has been alone in the house all day and is now bursting with energy, let me help by providing fun and safe walks for Fido or Lassie. Regular walks provide exercise, stimulation, companionship, and basic obedience training for your dog, as well as the opportunity to relieve himself! I am a certified professional dog-walker and graduate of the Dog*tec Dog Walking Academy.


You can have peace of mind knowing your dog is getting his excess energy directed, having fun and receiving attention while you’re at work. Any behavioral issues such as pulling, lunging or barking at other dogs is managed with positive reinforcement methods using food rewards. You’ll come home to a relaxed dog who is content to curl up on the couch with you, instead of insisting on you going for a 2-hour hike around the neighborhood. He doesn’t destroy the furniture or other things out of boredom and loneliness. A tired dog is a good dog.

Regular walks of at least half an hour (45-60 minutes recommended for high energy dogs) curb your dog’s frustration at being bored or lonely – dogs are social animals- and provide a positive outlet for all that pent-up energy. Walks also help prevent and eliminate behavior issues such as barking, digging, destructive chewing and more! You’ll come home to a dog that is calm, content, and better behaved.

My services:
– 1 hour long walk (or longer, minimum is half hour) in your neighborhood and/or local park.
– Walking routes are varied, exposing your dog to new sights & smells.
– Positive reinforcement training to reinforce and teach basic obedience skills such as polite leash walking, simple commands such as sit, stay, leave it & come.
– Employs positive, science-based training methods to correct behaviors such as reactivity to other dogs, resource guarding (protectiveness over things such as food, toys), and building confidence in fearful dogs.
– Off leash play in your yard and/or nearby park (where permitted) also available with owner permission.


Do you feel guilty and stressed leaving your pet while you travel? I can help!
I am an experienced pet sitter and am fully equipped to provide personalized, in-home care for your pet in your absence. Leave your worries behind — no more kennels or cages. Your pet feels more comfortable in his own home. I will treat your pet with the love and respect I show my own animals. I also have a knack with shy pets.


Custom tailored to maintain your pet’s normal schedule.
Feeding, keeping water fresh & full, and bowls sparkling clean.
Brushing & playtime.
Daily walks for dogs, at least three times a day.
Thorough litter box cleaning for cats.
Updates via text, email or phone, including photos if requested.
Bring in mail, newspapers, packages.
Put garbage out for collection, water plants, etc.
$65 for overnight visit for one dog; $75 for two dogs. Major holidays are $10 additional charge.


Cats need companionship and mental stimulation just like dogs. Daily visits will give your cat the companionship she needs while you’re away. Choose between one or two visits per day. I offer overnight stays for cats, too.

1 hour long visits to your home.
Feeding, keeping water fresh & full, and bowls sparkling clean.
Brushing, playtime & catnip!
Thorough litter box cleaning
Updates via text, email or phone
Bring in mail, newspapers, packages.
Put garbage out for collection, water plants, etc.
Turn lights on/off, open & close window shades & give your home a lived-in appearance.
Visits are $30 for one hour.

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