Packman Dog Walking & Better Behavior

Packman Dog Walking & Better Behavior is the area’s premier Dog Walking Company.

What sets us apart:Our Dog Walking is led by a dog training & dog behavior expert who has tens of thousands of miles of Pack Walking under his shoes. When you see us walking with packs of dogs, you won’t see the typical behavior most dog walkers’ allow such as:
• Pulling
• Walking in front of the Dog Walker
• Barking & lunging
• getting tangled, zig-zagging
• marking
Dogs on these types of walks are in an overexcited state of mind with no connection to their dog walker.

With Frank leading the way. your dog will be part of the most fulfilling dog walking experience possible.

By walking a group of dogs in a calm and relaxed state, your dog will practice not only excellent social skills with other dogs but proper loose leash walking in a heel position with no pulling.  The dogs in our Pack Walking program learn how to walk together calmly, stay focused on the trainer and not react negatively to distractions.

Instead of being walked when overexcited or running around with no structure in a dog park, with Packman Dog Walking, your dog will be on fun journey through RTP, learning great social behavior and excellent walking skills.  Walking calmly with other dogs is a great way for dogs to associate other dogs with calmness instead of high levels of excitement which generally can lead to leash re-activity.

Our Pack Walking Program has been tremendously successful with fantastic results.
The dog you come home to will be a tired, relaxed and more obedient dog.

Goldies Dog Walk Central

We provide the Highest Quality Pet Sitting and Dog Walking with Personal Attention, Love, Care and Fun! I can be there for your pet while you are at work or away. Your pet will have the best possible care. I provide GPS tracked walks/visits with updates to your email or text after a visit. You’ll know your pet is well take care of.

Relax, Rover.

I’m a professional dog walker with a background in dog training and a passion for high-energy, leash-reactive, and aggressive dogs – and for making the lives of the humans who love them a little easier.

Walking the dog is supposed to be enjoyable. But as anyone who’s lived with a leash-reactive or aggressive dog knows, it’s not so fun when every squirrel is a crisis, you find yourself hiding behind parked cars to let other dogs pass, or have to apologize to the nice man your dog is barking at and lunging toward.

Add a job and family and other life obligations and that’s where I come in: I’ll walk your dog for you, teaching her how to be a Relaxed Rover as I go. Because it shouldn’t take 15 minutes to get down the block, and it shouldn’t be stressful to get your dog some exercise.

I’ve shared my home and my heart with a few reactive dogs and I’ve truly been amazed at the power of positive training to turn walks with my Reactive Rovers into enjoyable outings, and the power of exercise to transform their unbridled energy into a relaxed hum. I’d love to see that happen for you, too.

Prickly Pear Pet Care

Pet care is more than just a walk in the park.

Prickly Pear Pet Care has been providing compassionate, professional services to beloved companions across Austin since 2011. We offer dog walks, pet sitting visits, pet transport and errand services, as well as other specialized amenities. Our small team of caregivers combines years of work experience with animals to ensure your pet gets the most from their time with us. Our staff is fully insured, bonded, and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. PPPC is veterinarian recommended and a proud member of Pet Sitter’s International, Pet Sitters Associates, and Austin Pet Sitters Organization!

Please call us at (512) 921-2324 or e-mail for more information and to schedule your free initial consult!