Helping furry friends and their families lead happy, healthy lives. During our walks, we encourage polite walking, attention to the handler all while your dog is given the beneficial time to just be a dog smelling and investigating outdoor sights and scents. Walking updates about our time together are included. As a certified dog walker and KPA certified trainers, it is important to us that your dog receives our undivided care and attention, distraction free, no cell phones or devices. *We give senior discounts.

Local Neighborhood Walks
We know how it feels after a full tiring day to come home to find your dog looking at you longingly for the outing his body and mind craves. Give your dog the benefit of motion during his day with Dogmotion. Choose your preferred amount of time and our Certified Dog Walker will pick your pup up at home for a fun and engaging walk and deliver him back home, safe and sound, happy and tired. Lots of loving care included.

Hiking Field Trips
Every dog loves the great outdoors. Get your dog’s body and mind in motion by giving them the joy of investigating the outdoor scents and sights of a local hiking trail. Your dog will love it and so will you because a tired dog is good for everyone. Lots of loving care included.

Home Day Visits
Dogmotion can fill in during the day to provide your dog with some loving care and attention with a home day visit from us. Perfect for the dog who gets lonely, needs a potty break, a daytime meal given, or medication administered. Choose your preferred amount of time and schedule us to come to your home. A visit once or twice a day is perfect for most dogs. We are happy to bring in mail, trash cans and scoop poop if needed.

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