3 Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing is an essential aspect of just about every business, and a dog walking business is no exception to this. Marketing helps bring in new customers now and in the future. Dog walkers should promote their business in many ways, including while on the job.

Here are three ways dog walking services, their dog walkers, and independent dog walking companies can market their businesses while out and about:

Wear a jacket, shirt, or hat with company logo. When walking dogs, other dog owners will notice the logo and either ask questions about dog walking rates or remember the company name for a future walking need. This may also be a good way for companies to find employees!

Have a logo graphic on a car or van. Many dog walkers, especially those in the suburbs, drive around in their cars or vans to get from one job to the next. When the company logo or graphic is on the vehicle, other drivers will take notice. As always, make sure to drive safely or this marketing method could backfire!

Carry business cards and/or flyers everywhere. This might go without saying, but people often ask for a business card to remember the name of the company. Having business cards at all times will ensure that potential clients will get a card when requested. Some people even like to put a special offer on the business card to make it even more likely that a customer will call when needed. In addition, some restaurants, coffee shops, and even some dog parks allow dog walkers to post their business cards on a service board.

Marketing is important for most businesses to get new clients. While referrals are probably the top source for new customers, these three ideas for marketing while on the job can also help bring in new clients.