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Hello! My names Laura, and I’m a certified dog walker and pet sitter.

Being certified means, that I have been trained & tested on:

– how to properly handle and walk your dog. (To make sure that your pet has a safe and fun walk every time.)

– how to properly and safely transport your pet in my vehicle.

– how to properly and safely handle your dog while at the dog park, dog beach or even while walking around your neighborhood.

– dog behavior and body language within dogs. That show me signs of distress. That will alert me if your dog feels threatened by other dogs or anything in the environment. (When alerted, I know what to do, and when to remove your dog from any stress that may occur.)

– how to administer first aid and pet CPR in the case of an emergency.

– how to take proper care of your home, when I am there to pick up your dog. I make sure that I don’t show any signs to your neighbors, that you’re away. For your properties safety I am also licensed & bonded

Overall, I am fully trained & tested, on making sure that your dog always has a pleasant time while walking with me. And my main objective aside of keeping your dog safe, is to tire your dog out, so they have zero energy to want to create havoc in your home. It helps with dogs that have excess energy and like to take it out on furniture, shoes or other things around your home. It also helps against having a barking dog while your away.
So NO MORE angry neighbors!

Let me! a professional. Take your dog/s out for regular weekly walks, and soon enjoy a tired dog… Because a TIRED dog, is a GOOD dog!

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