Life is Dog, Inc

Life is all about dogs and other pets. We provide peace of mind to our pet parents, focusing our attention on the health, safety, and happiness of your pet(s). All of our caretakers are well trained, CPR and first aid certified, and pass a rigorous background check. There are many ways in which we may meet your needs. You may be away for long periods of time during the day, have a dog with lots of energy, or perhaps be physically unable to walk your dog. Whatever your reasons, we are happy to help! You can be comfortable knowing we are trustworthy in caring for your pet.
Life is Dog: Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Framingham, MA
Why Work With Us?

We never use independent contractors.
We are bonded, insured, and are incorporated.
Perfect for busy pet owners that want to keep their pets happy & healthy at ease at home with exercise and stimulation.

Life is Dog: Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Framingham, MA
Benefits of Exercise

The “releash” of energy and mental stimulation does wonders for a pet’s happiness and wellbeing. It is not easy on dogs to stay at home all day (although it may seem so) without facing boredom that may lead to bad habits. We learn about your pet through a complete profile that provides us with information on medical history, routine, behavior and temperament. We learn about their likes and dislikes, and daily activities, which enlightens us on how best to make our individual clients happy.