Pampered Pals

My name is Sarah Smolak, I work as an animal rehabilitator and now have started my own company, Pampered Pals Pet Care Services, to care for your animals as working with animals is a passion of mine, not a job.

Pampered Pals is a small one person company dedicated to offering a unique variety of services to accomidate every pet and their needs. My services include, but are not limited to, daily, weekly, or as needed dog walking and check-in visits for dogs, cats, & other animals, over night house sitting, and training.

I am highly experienced spending four years working in animal rehabilitation and training. I have created a training guide for shelter animals describing common dog behaviors and how to work with dogs demonstrating such behavior and am also trained as vet tech, in addition to completing some dog behavior work shops. My experience allows for walks of all breeds, sizes, temperaments, and medical condition. I dedicate my free time to create the best enrichment walks I can, ensuring maximum comfort and happiness for your dog. Due to the nature of my job I rarely travel so I will almost always be available for your pet.

Pampered Pals has a personalized walking program, you can call as needed, schedule only a few walks a week, or use daily. My services provides Solo walks: ideal for dog reactive or selective walks, Training walks: ideal for puppies or dogs that are pullers, leash reactive, etc., “Pack” walks: great for dogs that love to be around other dogs or for socializing new dogs and puppies, Park walks (“pack” and solo): rather than walking around the neighborhood have your dog enjoy a run around in one of your local parks, and the your average basic walk, you can mix and match the different offered walks throughout the week to keep your dogs schedule new and fun or you can pick just one for a consistent walk.

I also offer daily check-in visits, great for small animals and cats, as well as overnight pet sitting in the clients home.

I accept all species, breeds, and behaviors, in addition to all last minute requests. However, before I begin caring for your pet I require a complimentary meet and greet with you and your pets.

I have multiple references available upon request.

Learn More About Your Client Referrals

There are a number of ways dog walking services learn about Some companies simply come across our website when they perform a Google search for a specific keyword search term, and others are referred to us by industry trade organizations or friends. Whatever the case is, referrals are very important to the success of this website, and I appreciate every single referral.

I think it’s important to be able to accurately track referrals, and I hope you are tracking yours. I want to know how people learned about this website because it allows me to focus on improving other channels and it allows me to get a good idea of how dog walkers are finding the website. In fact, on the sign up page, there is a field asking people how they found the website.

In my opinion, dog walkers and services should ask all prospective and new clients how they learned about their service. If they learned about it in Google, for example, it’s a good sign that the company’s website is optimized or that the Google business listing is effective. If a client is referred by another client, it might be nice to say “thank you” for the referral the next time you see that client. It’s always appreciated when people send their friends to you for new business. If a client finds you because of your listing, I want you to know that you are spending your advertising dollars wisely! You get the idea about why a referral source is so important.

There are many reasons for why it is good to learn about how people were referred, and it’s important to ask. Sometimes people reply to the field on the sign up form with a vague answer like “Internet.” This isn’t all that helpful because it doesn’t tell me whether they found this website on Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, or some other Internet based source. I like to ask more questions when I receive these replies because it helps me figure out where I should improve my focus when it comes to getting sign ups.

The next time someone tells you they were referred by the Internet or something else that is vague, it’s a great idea to follow up with them and ask them where on the Internet. If they tell you they were referred by a friend, ask them which friend! I hope your next client is referred to you by, and if that is the case, I hope you are able to ask them the right questions in order to find that out!

Wag Along Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Hi, I’m Rachel Biello and Wag Along is my labor of love. It’s a culmination of over 20 years of loving and working with animals, specifically dogs and cats. In addition to working with my own pets, I’ve helped many people cultivate healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with their pets.

I believe in, and am an advocate for, engaged and responsible dog guardianship that leads to great dog citizenship. Living with a dog can be incredibly rewarding or incredibly frustrating. It really depends on how much time you have to devote to proper training and exercise. The key to cultivating a rewarding relationship between you and your dog is providing mental and physical stimulation and lots of positive opportunities for socializing. The first step to solving most behavioral issues lies in proper exercise and stimulation. It’s become cliche, but it’s true, a tired dog is a good dog.

Not every dog is the same and not every dog has the same interests and motivations. I see it as my job, and my joy, to work with my dogs as individuals and members of a pack. Pack structure is natural to dogs and creates the social environments they crave. I use my knowledge and experience to compose playgroups with balanced dynamics. For the safety and well-being of your dog I am very selective on which dogs I allow to join my playgroups.

I studied at the Dog Walkers Academy through Dog*Tec where I also received my certification in Pet CPR and First Aid. In addition to training as a dog walker, I have read and studied extensively on dog behavior and learning, and read anything I can get on the subject of dog training. I bring years of study, experience and lifelong learning to every outing.

I understand that time is an issue for everyone. Whether you’re running to work, running late from work, or need to take the kids to their activities, time is a luxury, and time is what dogs need to be healthy and happy. I’m buying you time, so that when you get home, your dog is ready to cuddle. We all need a good cuddle after a long day!