Doggie Joggie

Doggie Joggie is San Diego’s premiere service for daily dog exercise and pet care!

At Doggie Joggie, we believe that a simple walk, while better than nothing, is not sufficient exercise for most dogs. Like humans, dogs need regular cardiovascular exercise to elevate their heart rate in order to maintain optimal health. Doggie Joggie specializes in fast paced exercise sessions, with speeds varying from a normal walk to a jog to a sprint, depending on the needs of the dog being exercised.

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We also offer Pet Sitting, Pet Chauffeur, and Poop Scooping Services, As well as Leash-Skills Training.

Get Nominated for “Best Dog Walker” Contests

It probably seems obvious, but if someone is looking to hire a new dog walker, they’ll probably go with the company or service that has won an award like “best local dog walker” or “best dog walking service.” Oftentimes, these accolades are won by the company that is able to spread the word to the most clients to vote, but why not ensure that the winner is your company?

Many local newspapers, websites, and other media outlets have “best of” contests throughout the year. These fun contests help drive traffic and interest to their publication, so they love giving out these awards. There is almost a best dog walking service or best pet care service category, and dog walking services should be sure to get nominated. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning the contest to a few clients before it begins in the hopes of getting nominated.

Once nominations are out and your company is in the running, you need to do all you can to encourage clients to vote for you. Be sure to mention it when you drop off your dogs, send emails with the link to your clients, post a link on your website and Facebook page, and Tweet about it. You need to be sure your clients all know how they can help your business, and there’s nothing wrong with reminding clients that you need their support.

When you see that a local publication is running a best of contest, make sure your company is nominated and do your best to get the word out to your clients. Winning a contest like this can help bring you business and make your company grow, and there’s nothing wrong with asking your clients for support.

Photo: Flickr