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Dog Running May Be Beneficial

Dog runningThere are a number of dog running and dog jogging services listed here on For people looking to find a dog walker, they might be a little confused about what a dog “runner” or dog “jogger” does. First off, dog running is a simple enough concept to define. Instead of taking your dog on the regular walk around the block, dog running consists of jogging with your dog instead. This can be a healthy activity for both you and your dog, but it is also possible to hire a professional dog runner if you aren’t able to run with your dog.

If jogging is out of the question for the owner, there is always the option of hiring a dog runner (or dog jogger) to take your dog out for regular exercise. It can be hard for some people to provide the right amount of exercise for their dogs, so dog running services can be a great relief for owners dealing with an angst-filled pup. Not only will this help keep the dog in good physical shape, but it will keep the dog happy and tire him or her out.

There are also benefits for the runner as well. Dog running can invigorate the jogger to find a newfound joy in running. The morale of a running dog can be infectious, causing their owner to feel enjoyment in an activity that can seem monotonous and taxing. Running with a dog does a number to promote bonding between the owner and their dog as well.

Several studies (reported in the NY Times) have shown that people who run with a dog are more likely to continue with their workout regimen than those who run alone or with another human being. Plus, tiring out your dog will serve to promote better behaviors at the home.

Certain dog breeds require different jogging regimens; thus, it is important to know what is a reasonable workout for individual dogs. Breeds such as Weimaraners and Jack Russell Terriers require long steady runs that lasts for 10+ kilometers. Greyhounds, labs and golden retrievers love runs less than 10 kilometers, or short sprints that last less than 7 minutes. Breeds like Dalmatians and Poodles are good for long, slow runs. It is also important to keep in mind the temperatures outside, for certain breeds are known to overheat. This information was found online, so it is very important that you ask your dog’s veterinarian about the benefits and risks of running regularly before you set your dog up on a regimen since all dogs, no matter the breed, are different and have different needs.

Whether or not you run with your dog, your dog may benefit from a regular running or jogging regimen. You can search for a local dog running service or dog jogging service right here on

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Summer’s Over – Hire a Dog Walker!

During the summer months when high school is out and college students are also home for the summer, many of us don’t use a professional dog walking service to walk our dogs. Instead, we hire our kids or neighbors who are home from school and want to make some money. Sometimes, we’re lucky and don’t have to pay them to walk the dog… one of the benefits of having kids!

Whatever the case is for you, school is back in session and our school-aged dog walkers are back in class and can’t walk our dogs. Now is the time to seek out a local dog walking service. You’ll want to hire a dog walker who is reliable, affordable, and trustworthy. If you haven’t hired a dog walking service before, here are some tips to find a dog walker.

It can take a bit of time to interview a dog walking service that is available when your dog needs to be walked, so it’s something you’ll want to address ASAP. can help you locate dog walkers in your area. You can search by city, town, neighborhood, and even zip code for larger cities. makes it easy to find a local dog walking service.

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