Does NOT Charge Per Lead

In the last few years, a couple of people have asked me whether or not charges per dog walking or pet sitting lead, and I want to make it clear that does not charge per lead.

There are companies that charge pet care services for every lead that is sent to them. Whether the dog walker is able to get the lead to convert into a client or not, they are charged each time a lead is sent their way. I am sure there are people who do well paying per lead, but this is NOT the business model of, and I can’t imagine ever changing that.

On, dog walkers, pet sitters, and pet care services pay an annual fee of $49 to be listed on the website, much like a listing in the local phone directory or newspaper. Whether the advertisement generates 1 potential client call in a year or 500, the cost for advertising remains the same, and it’s charged once a year.

I do not have a way of tracking leads since many leads on the website are generated by phone call or website visit. I would have no way of knowing if someone called you or found your website and contacted you that way. I also don’t track emails that are sent via the contact form (though I could theoretically find a way to do that, but I have no plans to do so).

Although I have no way of tracking leads that are generated on the website, I can tell you that in 2012, there were over 124,000 visits to!

I think the way the website is set up is most fair for dog walking services, and I appreciate your business.