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I want to make something very clear to people who need to find someone to walk their dog. is absolutely, positively, unequivocally free to use. There is no cost whatsoever to search for a dog walker, and when you hire someone, there isn’t a cost either.

I know it makes sense that there wouldn’t be a charge to use a website like this, but a couple people recently asked me about it, and I wanted to make sure everyone knows that does not charge for people to locate a dog walker.

In addition, people who are searching for a dog walking service don’t need to sign up or create an account. The account creation process is for dog walking services and companies that want to have their service listed on the site. Dog owners simply looking to hire someone don’t have to sign up, give their email address, or face any other inconvenience to locate someone.

Here’s how works:

1) Enter your city, neighborhood (for large cities), or zip code in the search box
2) Click on a listing
3) To get in touch with the dog walking service of your choice, use the email form on the right of the listing, visit the dog walker’s website, or call the doctor.

It’s really, really simple. I recommend reaching out to at least two companies in your area so that you can get an idea of the local rates and make sure the company is taking on new clients in your area. Ask the dog walker questions so you can get to know them and their experience. Let them know about your dog and your needs to make sure they are the right candidate for the job.

I think is easy for dog owners to use to find someone local, and I hope it helps. As always, let me know if you have any questions or need anything to make your search easier.

Gas Saving Tips for Dog Walkers

gas savingsFor the last several years, gar prices have continued to rise, making the weekly trip to the gas station all the more frustrating. For many dog walkers and dog walking services who drive to clients’ houses, the annual cost of gas can be very expensive. In fact, fuel just might be the largest cost a dog walker faces, and lowering the amount of money spent on gas means more money in your pocket for other things.

Here are some quick and easy tips you can use to conserve gas, which will ultimately save money!

1. Drive slower. This might sound obvious, but it’s true. Driving at slower speeds uses a lot less fuel than driving faster would. Driving slower might take you a few extra minutes to get somewhere, but you’ll save money.

2. Check the air filter (or have a local mechanic check it for you). Dirty air filters restrict the air flow, making the engine work harder and use more gas. To check the filter, just remove it and hold it up to the sun. If you can’t see any light coming through, then you need a new one. Instead of paper filters, you can also use a permanent one that only needs to be cleaned.

3. Check the tire pressure. Under-inflated tires make it harder for your car to keep moving. Check your tires at least once a month. In cold weather, driving your car heats up your tires, increasing the air pressure and may give off a false high rating. Be sure to consult your car’s manual to see the ideal air pressure for each tire.

4. Use the stock wheels. They tend to have better millage due to being thinner than other tires. Wider tires decrease fuel economy.

5. Don’t leave the car idling for too long. When your car is running, it’s using gas. It’s best to just turn the car off. Restarting the car uses a lot less fuel than keeping it running for more than a minute.

6. Clean out your car. You would be surprised to find out how much weight you can take off your car load by getting rid of all the junk inside. Extra weight makes the car burn more fuel and it doesn’t take a lot of extra stuff to weight it down.

7. Keep the air conditioning in your car to a minimum. Using the A/C burns about 20% more fuel. On most days, it’s better to leave the windows open, especially on longer drives.

8. Have your car inspected regularly. Regular check-ups can find all sorts of problems like old spark plugs, low fluids, dirty filters…etc. If you have a problem with your car, am inspection should be able to detect it and you can use that knowledge to have your car repaired.

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How Dog Walking Services Use Social Media

It may seem strange to think that a primarily outdoor service, such as dog walking, could increase business through the use of social media. However, social media has become the primary source of referrals for many successful dog walking services. It is very possible to create a presence for your dog walking business on various social media platforms to connect with new customers and boost you revenue. is active in social media and social networking, and I want to share some thoughts on how dog walkers and dog walking services can best utilize these social media outlets to get new clients.


Facebook is the most important social media platform for any small business. The social media giant towers above the rest for good reason. You can create a business Facebook page from your personal account and begin interacting with users right away. Invite people from your friends list to view and like your page to gain credibility. They will spread the word to their friends, and your audience will begin to grow.

Many businesses use their Facebook page as an online storefront, offering coupons to draw attention to their page and taking orders through private messages. Others post pictures and stories of their clients, giving potential customers a personal glimpse into their service.

Have a look at the Facebook page.


While Tweets have a limit of 140 characters or less, there is no limit to the amount of exposure that an active Twitter account can bring your dog walking business. To make the most out of your Twitter experience, join groups and lists of other dog walkers. Follow bloggers who write often about their canine companions, and pet stores as well as other pet service companies. Tweet interesting content related to your business, including plenty of pictures, and many of the accounts you follow will follow you in return.

Many of the people you network with will refer business to you since they have an established relationship with you online.

Have a look at the Twitter page.

Google Plus

Although Google Plus is arguably less used than Twitter and Facebook, it’s still a very good idea to set up a page and get connected. With the power of Google, one can create a page and follow others in their area to share insights and advice, which may lead to future business opportunities.

Google+ is almost like a mash-up of Facebook and Twitter. It’s more personal than Twitter but less personal than Facebook. You can share much more on Google+ and you can create full business pages to provide information about you and your business.

Have a look at the Google Plus page.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the top three social media platforms that dog walking services should use to establish an online presence. With a little strategic networking, clients and competitors alike will take notice.

Avoiding Four Dog Walking Dangers

Professional dog walking is an exciting career for any active dog lover. However, like many careers, it does not come without its unique set of dangerous downsides. Every professional dog walker should take safety precautions to ensure their walks are as safe as possible.


Even if you bring your dogs to the park, accidents can happen during the walk to get there. All it takes is for a car to swerve slightly towards you and your dogs for a severe injury to occur. The best way to avoid accidents involving cars is to walk against traffic, not with it. Walking towards oncoming cars means you will have time to react if a car swerves towards you.

Other Dogs

As a general rule, it is best to move out of the way if you see someone coming up the path on the opposite side with their own dog. Even if the other dog appears relaxed, situations involving dogs can quickly spiral out of control. Accidents happen even when you have taken every precaution possible. Carry pepper spray in your pocket at all times. Pepper spray is an effective way to end a fight without risking injury to yourself.

Your Dogs

To cut down on arguments between dogs, maintain a calm, confident demeanor and walk alongside or in front of your dogs as opposed to letting them lead the way. Dogs who think they are leading the pack are dogs who are much more likely to fight. While pepper spray will end most fights, damage is often done before you can even get it out of your pocket.


Most muggers will think twice before attempting to steal from someone surrounded by dogs, but be prepared in case you do encounter a particularly bold mugger. Stay behind the dogs and back away slowly. If you need to use your pepper spray, aim for the mugger’s face and keep backing away. This technique will lure the mugger into the spray while drawing you and your dogs away from it.

Lakes Area Dogs

We walk dogs, pet sit and groom dogs. We have been working with dogs for over 10 years. We have experience with many breeds (small, medium and large) and love working with them all!

Infographic: 5 Reasons Why Dogs Need Walks

All dogs need to be walked, and many dogs are walked by professional dog walkers. We had this cute infographic created by to show people why dogs need to be walked. You are welcome to share this on your own website to remind clients and potential clients why they should hire someone to walk their dog for them!

Click here to see and/or copy the full-sized infographic.

Introducing the Foxtail Dog Protector

Greg Long is the inventor of the Foxtail Dog Protector. Greg took some time to discuss what made him invent the Foxtail Dog Protector and how it can help dogs.

One year ago, I was walking my neighbor’s Labradoodle at Fiesta Island ( a large off leash area in San Diego) when I noticed “Lucy” was shaking her head constantly.  When I returned her to her owner, the owner said she may have a foxtail in her ear.  After a visit to the vet, we confirmed the presence of a foxtail for about $110.  The foxtail pierced her ear drum and she was put on medication for two weeks.

Three days later I walked Lucy again and she departed Fiesta shaking her head again.  Three hundred dollars later, we learned she had another foxtail.  I returned home to investigate foxtails and learned there was nothing on the market to protect dog’s ears from the potential deadly foxtail.

I began experimenting with nylons, rags, and handkerchiefs with limited success.  My patented Foxtail Protector was born out of this experience.  Now, no more worries.  Visit my website: to learn how to prevent and identify foxtail problems.

Boston Dog Walkers: Sign Up!

The city of Boston, Massachusetts is known to be very dog friendly. Whether dog owners live in apartments, condominiums, or houses, there are plenty of dog parks, dog-specific stores, dog-friendly businesses and hotels, and dogs are welcome just about everywhere in Boston. It is also easy to find a Boston dog walker to care for dogs when the owner is unable to walk them.

At the moment, however, there are only two Boston dog walking services listed on Yes, throughout the entire city of Boston, only two companies that walk dogs are listed on out of the dozens of companies that offer dog walks.

The two companies are:

We all know that the city is home to many more dog walkers than these two companies, and invites other dog walking services and dog walkers to get listed. A listing on is a great way to generate business, primarily because thousands of people visit the website every month looking for a dog walker.

Advertising is relatively inexpensive, with a full year’s listing costing less than $50. That’s less than a subscription to the Boston Globe – including the online edition! It just makes sense to sign up for a listing on because it’s one of the first (if not the first) results to come up when people type in a Google search.

There are a number of great websites to advertise services. We happen to think is a great place for dog walkers to be listed. For a city with a population of over 600,000 people, that’s not enough dog walking companies to service everyone who needs a dog walker.

Sign up for an account and create your listing right now!

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