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Manhattan dog walkerWith 13 years in the business, Pooch Pals LLC located in mid-town Manhattan, NY has seen its fair share of dog canine-alities and encountered all types of natural disasters and emergencies.†Hurricane Sandy, the most recent event to plague the New York tri-state area, has been tough on many people and their pets leaving some stranded without shelter. Before the storm the most common question we received was, “what should i do to prepare before the storm”.

  • Current photos of your pet(s)
  • All pets should have proper identification microchip and tags on collar
  • Food & water for at least five days

Beyond providing our clients with information via†Twitter†&†Facebook†we also created a hot line for owners to call and scheduled a conference call for all our customers and friends to call in with questions and concerns about their pet.†As the storm was beginning to intensify the most common question we received was, “if†the storm hits our area, what should i do”.

  • Have an area where you can put down newspapers or pads so your pet will have somewhere to go to the bathroom if he/she needs to
  • Never tranquilize your pet during a storm. They need their survival instincts fully functioning
  • Have a homeopathic remedy or essential oils (therapeutic grade only) on-hand for calming pets. These will calm pets without making them groggy or inhibiting their natural instincts

Post-Hurricane, many of our clients decided to pack up and leave the city staying with friends and family. During this time, as a company, our pet care team continued to stay in touch with clients via text message and email providing updates on city transportation and checking on each individuals scheduling needs.

A natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy comes with an inherit opportunity for pet care companies to go over and beyond to help customers, their pets and families. The nature of what we do is to help people.†Today for instance, the Pooch Pals team signed up to help a local volunteer group offering to donate toys, blankets and canned food along with fostering stranded pets temporarily while families get their bearing.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage pet care companies listed on to support your local community and make a positive social impact.

Volunteer Resources To Consider

Donít Be Left Out in The Cold For The Holidays!

When it comes to holidays, everyone starts planning early. During that planning some people forget about Fido or Mittens before its too late. Most kennels and boarding facilities book up 6-8 weeks in advance, so where do you turn?

Pet-sitters are a wonderful alternative to boarding facilities! But keep in mind they will reach a certain limit of clients as well. It is always good to book your pet-sitter as soon as you finalize your travel plans. You want to have plenty of time for the sitter to come over, do a consultation and get to know your pet. Here are some tips for finding the right pet-sitter for you:

  • Check reviews and references- Ask your friends and neighbors who they use. Do your homework when it comes to the person caring for your four-legged friends.
  • Always go with someone bonded and insured. This will help to give you a sense of security while you are away.
  • Donít be afraid to ask questions at the initial consultation. Ask how many sitters will be attending to your pets. Some companies are privately owned while others have multiple employees. Ask what a pet sit entails. Make sure you are comfortable and reassured with the process.
  • Have the sitter come over prior to the actual vacation stay for an afternoon dog walk to make sure things go smoothly.
  • Let the sitter know if there are certain things that your pet enjoys. It can be anything from a daily cuddle session to listening to music while no one is there to sleeping on a special blanket. Pet-sitters want to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible while you are away.

If youíre new as a pet sitting client or you use the same person every year, get those reservations in! We have to turn so many people away 2 or 3 weeks prior to a holiday because they forgot about booking us. Donít be left out in the cold!

Summer Martin is a native of North Carolina and has worked for†Camp Bow Wow†since 2007. She became their marketing director in 2009. As part of her job she helps raise money for non-profit rescue groups, as well as others in need in the community.

Swifto Dog Walking

Swifto Dog Walking are offering your first dog walk free! As well as one free dog walk, you are also entitled to a complimentary Meet & Greet with your walker. Try out our service and take advantage of all of our features including the live GPS Tracked Map that you can view as it’s happening (see the exact route and duration), photos emailed to you along the way, text message alerts when the walk starts and ends, a summary of the walk after it takes place, and notifications when your dog poops or plays. Swifto offers a community of dog walkers that we know and love. All of our dog walkers are college educated and super experienced with dogs on a professional capacity. Walks are private (one-on-one or household), we’re insured and bonded and we offer 24/7 availability for walks.

Email us at or call us at (855) 967 – 5486. We look forward to meeting you and your pooch!

Advice for Email Etiquette

I’ve always been one to reply to my emails as quickly as possible, especially when it’s a client that has a question, comment, or issue. I appreciate it when people reply to me promptly, and I try to do the same for people who email me.

The meteoric rise of email as a mode of communication has left most professionals wondering how anyone ever operated without it. Now more than ever, itís crucial that businesses recognize the value of this tool by responding to messages in a timely way. I want to share three ways a simple email reply can make or break a business model, especially when it comes to a business that has clients who need services†immediately.

Constant engagement

Having an email address and failing to use it is the same as opening social media accounts and declining to update them. ďIím not good with emailĒ is an old-fashioned copout thatís long since joined the dinosaurs. Unless a customer receives an error message or out-of-office reply, itís assumed that an email reached its destination. Silence implies lack of engagement, and customers want to feel engaged. Even if you can’t answer the question fully right away, send a quick note to let customers know you’ll get back to them with a full reply soon.

Customer expectations

Not everyone who sends an email has something positive to say, but managing client concerns is a very real part of the day-to-day success of any service-based company. A disgruntled client who receives a quick response feels validated and appreciated, even if her concerns arenít resolved as hoped. A client who receives a slow response only grows more disgruntled, and her dissatisfaction may make its way onto review sites where business-bashing is the norm. In addition, they will likely not only not recommend you, but they may even tell their friends about this bad experience. All of this could be mitigated by replying more quickly.

Records management

Unlike phone calls, emails serve as permanent records of conversations, and theyíve even been used to help incriminate or exonerate people accused of crimes. Prompt email replies demonstrate a companyís willingness to work through an issue, but a lack thereof implies complacency or culpability. You should archive all of your old emails (Gmail does this automatically) to quickly reference past conversations with clients.

Speedy replies are always appreciated by clients, but itís important to remember to reply with politeness and professionalism at all times. A combative or defensive email will live forever, and even a retracted message is seen by someone. Keep these tips in mind for reaching out to customers on their own terms, and use the electronic universe to attract new and repeat business.