Back to School Dog Walker

During the summer, it seems as though there is no shortage of people who are willing to take a beloved dog for a walk. Whether it is for a walk in the park or a quick jog around the neighborhood, a dog enjoys being able to get out and see the world. Additionally, it is important for a dog to get regular exercise, and walking is one of the best ways to see that this gets done.

Now that everyone has gone back to school or college, it can be difficult to find the time to take a dog for a walk every evening. For this reason, a family may need to consider hiring a dog walking service that can help to keep their pet healthy.

For a dog, walking is not only exercise, but it is a form of social interaction. During their walk, dogs see other animals and will even greet people and other dogs that they have become familiar with during their time outside. A back to school dog walker will help to ensure that a dog receives regular social interaction outside of the house. This can be especially important as family members become busier with homework and after school activities.

A professional dog walker will be able to come to a personís home regularly in order to take a dog for scheduled walks. As they become familiar with the family pet, they will begin to build a relationship that will turn into a long-lasting friendship. Additionally, they will be available to take the family dog for a walk even when everyone else is busy. With their services, a family will no longer have to worry about if their dog is getting enough exercise.

When families choose to hire a dog walker, they will see an improvement in their dogís personality and behavior as they receive the regular exercise and social interaction that is necessary for their continued health and happiness.

College Students: Dog Walking Companies Are Hiring

Finding a job during college can be tough. With class hours, labs, homework, studying and extra-curricular activities all taking up a huge chunk of time, it’s hard to find employment that can fit within your schedule. Thankfully, there is a great need for dog walkers in many cities and towns that have colleges or universities.

Dog walkers enjoy a flexible schedule, good pay and the ability to expand business when there is more time to earn money. You will also provide an incredibly valuable service to your customers; their dogs will be healthier and happier every time they get home from a long day. If you are reliable and have time during the day, a dog walking job might be ideal.

Depending on where you live, dog walking can pay as much as $15 per half hour (depends whether you work for a service, where you are working, and other variables). The money you earn during your off time can help pay for school supplies or for pure entertainment purposes.

Dog walking companies are always looking for reliable college students to take over routes for their customers, and most companies are glad to provide a schedule that helps you conveniently work around your school hours. If you can’t find a job from a dog walking company, there are other options.

There are two ways to get hired walking dogs.

Independent dog walker: Finding a dog walking job on campus may seem like a difficult task, but there are many school employees and faculty that are likely to have pets at home that need walking during the day. Let your professors know that you are providing dog walking services; they may spread the word and get you a lot of business. Also, feel free to put up fliers in student and faculty lounges advertising your services. You never know who has a pooch at home just begging for a walk. You should look into insurance and †bonding to protect your assets if you do this.

Dog walking service: You might prefer to work for an established dog walking service. Although you may not earn as much as someone who is independent, you will likely be given work rather than having to seek it out on your own. In addition, you’ll be covered by the company’s insurance policy and may even receive some employee benefits.

If you like dogs or animals and have some extra time during the semester, you might want to looking into a job walking dogs. It’s a fun job and can provide you with additional income – something almost all college students can use!

Check Out the Dog Umbrella!

Umbrella for dogsPart of being a professional dog walker or running a dog walking service is appearance. Looking professional goes a long way towards earning the trust of those turning over their canine companions. One way of looking professional is to have all the proper equipment. Along with the necessary basics like leashes and waste removal devices, a dog umbrella shows customers that their pet is important.

A dog umbrella, for those unfamiliar with them, is a transparent plastic dome that has a leash coming out from the where the top notch of a handle on an ordinary umbrella would be. This leash attaches to the dog, and goes through the dome and up a few feet to where the walker can hold it.

Using a dog umbrella benefits all parties involved. It benefits the dog in that it does not get soaked when it rains. This makes for a happier, healthier dog. It also benefits the walker. The walker doesn’t get sprayed by Fido when he decides to shake the water off himself. What dog walker really wants to handle a drippy, wet dog? It also benefits the owner of the dog. The owner does not have to put up with “wet dog” smell for several hours and avoids getting furniture, carpeting, and other flooring soaked by the wet fur.

Using a dog umbrella is also a good way to generate business. Not only does it show passersby that the walker is willing to brave the elements to give the dog a walk, it shows that he/she is intelligent enough to know how to protect the dog from the elements.

Improve business and take better care of the four-legged friends that mean so much to their families. Get a dog umbrella, which you can find at Amazon.

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Winter is Coming: Hire a Dog Walker Now

winter dog walksNobody really enjoys walking the dog when it’s snowing out and the temperatures drop. Before the winter chill starts to fill the air, you should seriously consider hiring a dog walker. When it’s cold out, you may not want to, or be able to get to walk your dog Furthermore, the holidays will likely be taking up a lot of your time.

You always want to hire dog walkers in advance. You want to be sure you trust your dog walker and know that you’ll be able to rely on him or her no matter what. You’ll want to establish a good track record now so that you know your dog walker will be dependable, especially if you establish a regular schedule.

Sometimes you’ll need someone to walk your dog on short notice or on a irregular basis. Imagine that you’re stuck in a snowstorm and won’t be home from work on time. Instead of scrambling to find someone to walk your dog, you can call up your dog walker and ask him or her to please head over to your home.

Weather is a major factor for hiring a dog walker now. It’ll likely take you longer and longer to get home as the year progresses, and driving conditions become more dangerous. Your pup will not want to spend all of that time inside. Additionally, if you were off for the summer, your dog will not be going out nearly as much as he or she would be if you were home.

Winter trips also present a reason to hire a dog walker. You might be planning to travel overnight or to go away for all of winter break. At this point, your regular dog walker might turn into your pet sitter for a few days. Of course, you don’t want to spring this on anyone. If you hire a dog walker now, the person will have plenty of time to get used to your dog. By the time you are ready to go on your trip, you’ll know that you can trust the dog walker with your precious pup and with being in your home.

Whatever your reason for needing a dog walking company during the Winter, you’ll want to begin your search to hire someone now. May we suggest using to find a dog walker?

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Just Starting a Pet Sitting Business? Two Amazing Tips From a Pro!

This is a guest post written by Lori Mendelsohn Thomas, Owner of Wisconsin Pet Care, LLC. The company offers dog walking and pet sitting services in the greater Milwaukee, WI area. You can learn more about Lori and Wisconsin Pet Care, LLC on the company website.


Are you a pet sitter just starting out and eager to get new clients and build your business?

Hello. I’m Lori Mendelsohn Thomas, owner of Wisconsin Pet Care LLC, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I started my business after a corporate downsize in early 2009 and have grown to it to a multiple six figure business with 13 sitters who are independent contractors. I am looking to add my first employee in the next month.

When I first started my business, I was eager to build up my clientele list and serve as many clients as possible. I soon realized that many of these clients were “One Hit Wonders” and many were too far to drive for me to be profitable.

I instigated a policy my second year in business regarding mileage. If they were over the 10 mile limit, I either declined (when I was still sitting by myself) or refer them to another pet sitting company. Partnering with other local pet sitting businesses is smart business because small companies can only handle so many visits and the same for your business. The day will come when Mr. New Client calls and you are booked, and the same will hold true for them. Partner with others early on-there should be plenty of business for everyone to go around. Meet for coffee and get to know each other and refer when you can. I did it for many years and got loads of clients from their overflow.

Driving over no mans land will not only NOT be profitable for you, but exhausting. If your figure the US Government estimates each mile we drive at .55 per mile, and you charge $10 per visit and you’ve driven 40 miles round trip….do the math! Have faith that you will be successful and spend the time that you would be driving by partnering with local businesses that are mutually beneficial to both of you. Examples are vets, groomers, Pet food stores, trainers, hair salons, nail salons, etc. Eventually you will have so many partners that you will become the “go to person” when you get a new client who just moved to the area. You can refer from doctors to lawyers to Indian Chiefs!

The second policy I instigated was to charge a minimum charge amount equivalent to 5 visits. I figured with my time, trouble, investment in meet and greet materials, overhead I would break even with a designated amount of capital coming in. This also worked wonderfully in weeding out the lookie loos from the serious potential clients in need of services. I have this policy good for one year; inasmuch that they pay up front and the sits are usable for one calendar year from the date of the first payment. It gives the serious clients credence and the One Hit Wonders the option to back out without you having to make up a story that you are unavailable. Trust in yourself and know that with hard work, marketing, marketing and more marketing, the jobs will come in.