Get Video Testimonials

In my opinion, having testimonials for your business is very important. If potential clients hear about positive experiences that current or former clients have had with your services, they will be more likely to use you when the need arises. I think that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why websites like Yelp have thrived over the last few years.

While written testimonials are great to have, I think it might be even better to ask clients for a video testimonial, if they are willing to go on camera. Potential clients are able to see that the person giving the testimonial is “real” and they may be able to try and relate to that person.

A good video testimonial will include important information such as:

  • How long the person has been a client
  • Types of services provided
  • Why the client is satisfied with the service
  • Other information abou the positive experience

Dog walking and pet care services should try and get these video testimonials. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, and I think a video may be much more effective than even a written testimonial.

Here’s a great video testimonial that I found for your reference:

Dog Walkers Should Wear Company Shirts

People are so busy these days, it can be hard for them to take time to do research when they need to hire someone, such as when they need the services of a dog walker. A great way to find qualified people to do a particular job is to see them in action, demonstrating their services in public. With this in mind, it becomes clear that dog walkers should wear company shirts when they are performing their services.

In many professions, workers wear clothing that identifies the company for whom they work. A shirt or jacket emblazoned with the company’s name helps distinguish the employee and shows that the company cares about its image. It also makes customers feel more secure when workers are wearing branded clothing that identifies them with a company.

Imagine being a dog owner in search of a new dog walker, and seeing someone walking a dog in a professional, experienced manner. If he was wearing a shirt or jacket that identifies the company she works for, the dog owner will instantly have more information and view her more credibly than if he was just wearing casual, nondescript clothing. Whether a dog walker owns his own business or is employed by a large dog walking service, if his clothing helps to market the company, it will tend to attract more potential customers.

A shirt or jacket that has the name of the dog walking company should also include its phone number and website. This way, potential customers don’t have to feel that they must introduce themselves, but can instead later call the company or check it out online. This marketing principle can be seen in all kinds of service industries. You can see phone numbers on the shirts of people making food deliveries, for example, or on the jacket of a technician who is out in the field doing service calls.

The fact that a dog walker is publicly associated with the company through branded clothing means that he must always be on his best behavior. It wouldn’t be appropriate to wear the company’s name while yelling at a dog, for example, or otherwise being rude or unpleasant. Likewise, a branded dog walker should not smoke in public, and he should always be mindful of the dogs in his care.

The simple act of wearing the dog walking company’s name can lead to a large increase in new customers and an improved bottom line.

Dog Saves Owner from Oncoming Train

I read this news article about Lilly, and I want to share it with you. Lilly is an eight year old pitbull, and she was severely injured while rescuing her owner, pulling her away from the train tracks as an oncoming train approached. Although Lilly was able to save her owner’s life, she was hit by the train and suffered some severe injuries.

Lilly was taken to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, where veterinarians were able to save her life with some expensive medical procedures. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), which operates Angell Animal Medical Center, is raising funds to help pay for Lilly’s treatment. If you can afford to give a donation to the MSPCA, it would be appreciated.

You can see the video of Lilly after her surgery. We wish her the best with her recovery.

Brook Run Dog Park

Brook Run Dog Park is one of the premier dog parks in Dunwoody, Georgia. At Brook Run, there are more than 100 acres for people and their dogs to roam. Besides a dog park, the area also features a skate park, playground and community garden. In addition, there are also trails and fields for people to use and explore.

For those looking for the dog park, it can be found in the back section of Brook Run. It is a great place for owners to take their four legged friends to play. The park has four acres of wooden land for dogs to explore. Since the area is completely fenced in, dogs can have some off-leash fun. There are multiple entry points to make the park more accessible. These entry points feature double gates to keep the dogs safe. Another benefit of the park is that it’s set deep in the woods; therefore, the tree canopy protects both people and their pets from mild rain and summer heat.

Walking trails are available throughout the dog park for those who want to get their exercise. Along with that, two great amenities at the park are water and pick-up stations. The water stations allow owners to get their dog a refreshing drink. As for the pick-up stations, they provide free waste bags for people to clean up after their pets. Both the water and pick-up stations are there for convenience.

Brook Run is open from sunrise to sunset. The park is maintained by dog lovers in the community. In fact, it is fully funded by donations from people who appreciate the area. Some generous donations include money and waste bags. Along with that, volunteers from the community take time out of their life to clean the park. Thanks to their hard work, the park is one of the best places for owners to take their dog.

Visit the Brook Run Dog Park website to learn more about the park.

2012 Doggie Street Festival

Doggie Street Festival is a free public event to celebrate our furry companions and raise awareness about pet homelessness. At last year’s event in San Diego, 130 homeless pets were adopted into new loving families! Whether you are a veteran pet lover or are looking for your new best friend, Doggie Street Festival is fun a event for all.

In addition to area shelters, there are many vendors offering valuable information on pet care and feeding. Find expert advice, samples of pet products, and enter to win many prizes. Visit the auction area to bid on donated prizes of everything from art to gift baskets to event tickets, with 100% of the proceeds going to help homeless animals. While you are learning about our furry friends, you’ll enjoy music, good eats, speakers, and much more!

Founder of the festival, independent filmmaker Judy Pauline Artenstein says, “Many of these animals would have made a wonderful companion if given a chance. Unless we know the facts about responsible pet guardianship, we are virtually helpless to do anything about the problem of pet homelessness.” The main mission of the festival remains to raise awareness and provide a free and fun venue to increase public knowledge.

If you would like to get involved, there are many ways to help. Apply for membership to the festival for volunteer opportunities are more. Donate a prize to the auctions. Sign up with your business as a sponsor for a chance to get your company recognized and your brand exposed at the festival as a “city sponsor”. You can also donate to “Rescue Me,” a documentary Artenstein is filming to tell the story of our nation’s unbelievable homeless animal tragedy.

Join in the fun on festival day and help this great cause! In 2012, Doggie Street Festival will be expanding to two great locations. Sunday, June 10th at San Diego’s Ocean Beach, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, June 24th at Los Angeles’ Westfield Century City from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entry is free and open to the public.

Visit for more information and directions to the fun!

Dog Training Services in the Triad Area

Training your dog isn’t just for agility competitions; training is beneficial for your dogs, as well as for the owners. Especially for apartment dwellers, a trained dog is a lot less stressful. If Fido is jumping on visitors, chewing on things that aren’t its toys or barking for no reason, training can help, and it will reduce your stress levels. Not only will you gain respect from your four-legged friend, but you will also create a unique bond between you and your puppy. While training at home may seem like a no-brainer, professional training is almost a guaranteed way that it will work. If you’re a resident or moving to Winston-Salem, check out these dog training services in the Triad area and surrounding areas.

Darwin K9
You have a few options to choose from at Darwin K9 in Greensboro: group obedience classes, one-on-one dog training, in-home sessions and free evaluations. After meeting with your four-legged best friend, the trainers at Darwin K9 develop a unique training program that is supported with positive and motivational reinforcement. They believe in setting every dog up for success, and they will work with you to get a well-behaved canine in your home.
Almost Home Boarding and Grooming Kennels, 3115 Highway 150 E., Greensboro, NC 27455

Winston-Salem Dog Training Club
This not-for-profit organization was founded as a member club of the American Kennel Club. It offers four class sessions per year, beginning in January, April, July and October. There are several options to choose from, depending on how old your puppy will be by the time class begins. The puppy class is for puppies eight to 14 weeks old, and the senior puppy class is for puppies who are 15 to 24 weeks old. You and your four-legged companion will learn basic life skills, as well as how to avoid common problems before they start. This is also a great opportunity for Fido to interact and socialize with other people and dogs.
Location: 3800 Bethania Station Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Bed and Biscuit
This Greensboro dog daycare and grooming center also serves as a training center. Their focus is on the relationship between an owner and his or her dog, which helps you understand your dog before diving into training your dog. The trainers at Bed and Biscuit develop training tools and techniques that will be most effective for your dog, based on its individual temperament, motivations, ability to trust, acceptance of authority, the home environment and more. Depending on your needs, there are different programs, including classes, seminars, private lessons, behavioral consultations and/or board and training.
Location: Best Friends Bed & Biscuit, 6980 Spencer Dixon Road, Greensboro, NC 27455

Dog-Gone Fun Dog Daycare
Conveniently located near the Triad area, Dog-Gone Fun makes it their priority to show the owner how to communicate with his or her dog in a positive way. The trainers will also help you develop a relationship with your new puppy that will last a lifetime. Dog-Gone Fun offers small personalized classes in a large, climate-controlled indoor training space. If you’re worried about your working schedule, there are classes on weeknights, too. Classes vary depending on what you’re looking to do. There are obedience classes, which teach the basics of sitting, staying, walking politely on a leash and skills for greeting visitors. Another class is for agility training, where dogs can learn on sequencing, weave poles and other obstacles. Most classes last about six weeks.
Location: 203 Berry Garden Road, Kernersville, NC 27284

Challenges Facing a New York City Dog Walker

If you live in New York City, love animals and enjoy being outdoors, New York City dog walker may be the perfect job for you. Whether you decide to start your own dog walking business or choose to work for one of the many the dog walking services in your area, there are some things you should consider. While walking dogs you are responsible for adhering to local rules and regulations of dog ownership. For your own safety and for the well-being of the dogs in your care, you must also consider obstacles you will face daily in a big city like New York.

In New York City dogs must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Keep proof of rabies and licensing with you. All solid waste must be scooped and properly disposed of. Invest in sturdy bags designed for easy scooping. In New York City dogs must be on a leash except in certain designated areas. Find places that allow off leash time so dogs can romp and socialize with other dogs.

To avoid mishaps, be aware of your surroundings while navigating city streets. City sidewalks, street traffic and other dogs can create a constant source of danger for both you and the canines in your charge. Use sturdy leashes that allow you to keep dogs close to you on crowded sidewalks or when crossing busy streets. Scan ahead for material that can cause illness or injury and maneuver dogs around items like old food, bones or broken glass.

You may need to use public transportation when traveling to a client’s home. To avoid being stranded miles from home at the end of the day, keep abreast of current subway and bus schedules. If you use public transportation often you may want to buy a multi-ride pass to save money.

Sign Up For Local “Best of” Award Contests

When it comes to attracting new clients as a professional dog walker, it often takes a little bit of finesse to stay ahead of the competition. One great way to get noticed in your community is to earn recognition through a local award for one of the “Best of” contests that many media outlets hold near the end of the year. By getting your business listed in your local news outlet as being the best in town for your professional service, you’ll earn some serious bragging rights that should result in plenty of new clients, as well as more referrals from your existing network.

The easiest way to get started is by finding some “Best of” awards programs that are running in your area. These can be found by doing a little bit of research online or by simply asking around. Keep an eye out for programs that are run by local television stations, newspapers and well known websites, as these are the media outlets that tend to have the most reach.

Once you’ve found a couple of programs with awards that are related to your niche, find out what their requirements are for getting considered and start getting to work. Most of these awards are given to local businesses who receive the most votes from readers or viewers, and it will be up to you to generate enough buzz around your dog walking service in order to come out on top.

You’re best bet for a successful bid at a local award for your business is by relying on your existing clients to show their support for you. At a bare minimum, be sure to contact all of your clients by email or telephone letting them know what they can do to help. Whenever possible, however, you should ask your clients in person to vote for your business and make it as easy as possible for them to do so with a flyer or index card telling them exactly what they need to do.

Once the awards are announced and your business has come out on top, it’s time to put your award to work by making sure everyone knows that you’ve been recognized as the best in town. You can start by adding your new “Best of” badge to your website including a snippet of the news articles featuring your service and issuing a press release featuring your good news.

Here are a few examples of “Best of” contests from cities around the United States. Your dog walking service may wish to sign up if they are still accepting nominees, and if not, you should consider a nomination next year.

Does Your Dog Support The President?

Does your dog support the President of the United States of America as he runs for re-election during this 2012 campaign? If so (or if you want to show your  support for the President), you can buy your dog one of several pet products that are on sale at The gift items have sayings like “Barack’s Best Friend 2012” and “Obama Dog.”

In addition to the fun dog gifts that are available for sale, you can also buy gifts for cats. You can even buy gift items with a picture of Bo, the dog owned by the President and First Lady Michelle Obama. Of course, there are plenty of other gift items available, such as shirts, hats, buttons, stickers, and other political paraphernalia.

Here are some of the dog-friendly gifts that can be purchased:

The money raised from sales from the store goes to fund the President’s re-election campaign. Buying a pet gift is a fun way to say that you are a supporter of the President and want to see him re-elected.

Perils of Dog Walking in the Summer

When the spring and summer approach, you get the urge to enjoy the great outdoors. What a perfect time to take the dog or dogs out for a jog or nice, long walk. Dogs love all the sights, sound and smell of nature as much as you do. However, when it comes to the heat of summer, there are precautions you should take regarding the health and safety of your pets.

You must remember that a dog does not sweat like we do in order to cool itself – their cooling mechanism is through panting. If the dog is overheated, it can be affected with heatstroke, which can be fatal. As long as you are prepared, your daily summer dog walks will be all about fun.

Dogs should always be walked on a leash. Many people trust their well-behaved dogs by letting them walk freely without realizing – it only takes a moment for that good dog to chase a squirrel, person, another dog or anything of interest to him. Always restrain dogs when going for walks.

Be aware of the surroundings and area where you frequent walking your dog. Curb your dog around other dogs on the path that may not be so friendly and be cautious of any preying animals such as coyotes – and hawks and other large birds can prey on small dogs as well.

Dogs should be protected with heartworm preventatives as well as ticks and fleas. It has been noted that the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are in abundance this year due to the unseasonable winter and spring weather. Many bike lanes and walking paths are among a lot of trees and brush where many of the critters dwell and as your dog walks close enough where they exists, the parasites attach to the pet and make a home.

If it is extremely hot out, take frequent short breaks with your dog, especially if it seems to be panting excessively. Always have plenty of water for you and your dog. They have collapsible bowls available for this purpose for pets. Keep your dog away from puddles which can have toxins from outdoor elements. Dogs seem to be attracted to standing water, which can cause severe illness.

Avoid walking on blacktop or other hot surfaces that can burn the pads of your dog. On the other hand, don’t allow your dog to “graze” on grass and around flower beds that can be treated with chemicals and pesticides. Keep your walks with your dog short during excessive heat and hydrate him often. If you note the dog is walking slower, getting lethargic and breathing heavily, it may be a sign that you need to end your walk and find a cool pool or tub of water in order to get relief for your overheated pet. Enjoy the time with your dog by taking necessary precautions for safety – for both of you.