Dog Walking Services in Dallas

Dallas Dog WalkingDog walking services are a great way to meet your dog’s daily exercise requirements while you’re busy at work or meeting other obligations. There are a number of professional dog walkers, dog walking services, and pet care companies in the Dallas, Texas area that offer a number of services to meet the needs of dogs and their owners alike.

When you can’t walk your dog during the day, it’s nice to know that there will be someone you can count on to take your dog for a walk. Many dog walking services also offer other services as well, to make it easier on you. Read about services offered by Dallas dog walkers, and see if hiring a dog walking service is the right move for you.

Services Available
Dallas dog walking companies specialize in one on one and multiple dog walks. Many companies offer discounts for walking several dogs from the same home. In addition to getting exercise, dogs also practice road safety and any behavioral or obedience training is reinforced during the visit. Dogs enjoy the time spent with their dog walker and have an outlet for their energy which, in turn, reduces the frequency of destructive behavior while they are home alone.

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Some companies also offer companionship services that include feeding and grooming in addition to walking or playing with your dog. For ill or elderly dogs, there are optional senior pet and medical visits. Services may also be offered early in the morning or late in the evening, on weekends, and even on holidays to suit the needs of busy owners. In addition, some companies offer pooper scooper services and pet transportation / pet taxi services to take your dog to the veterinarian or other appointments.

Local Dog Parks
Dog walkers may take your dog to a number of local dog parks in the Dallas area. These include the fenced in Bark Park Central and White Rock Lake Dog Park, as well as open areas like Deep Elem Dog Park and Mockingbird Point Leach Free Run. The Unleashed Indoor Dog Park is a full-service dog exercise area where supplies and treats are also sold.

Dallas Dog Walker Rates
Rates for Dallas dog walking services vary depending on the number of dogs and the length of the visit. A 15-30 minute walk for one dog costs $15 to $20. Longer visits, ranging in length from 45-60 minutes, run anywhere from $25 to $36. Special services like early morning, late evening, weekend, or holiday visits cost an additional $5 to $10. Additional services like feeding a dog or giving a dog medication may be included in some premium services. Additional dogs are typically walked at reduced rates of $2 to $5 per dog.

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Dog Walking Services in Portland, Oregon

Portland Dog WalkingProviding your dog with ample opportunity for exercise can be a challenge when working a busy schedule or living in an apartment or other residence without a yard. Luckily, there are several companies and individuals who specialize in caring for and walking dogs in the Portland, Oregon area. Ideal for puppies and mature dogs alike, working with a professional encourages dogs to become socialized and learn basic behavioral commands.

Professional dog walking services also provide owners with peace of mind when meeting daily obligations, and provide animals with an outlet for excess energy. A daily excursion can assist in the potty training process and reduce destructive behavior by reducing the time pets are alone in the home. Services in Portland may be more affordable than you think and vary based on your needs.

Find a Dog Walker in Portland, Oregon

Services offered by Portland dog walkers and caretakers include walks for individual dogs as well as group walks. Many professionals are experienced in dog training and will introduce dogs to proper safety procedures and reinforce good behavior while meeting basic exercise needs. More extensive care such as grooming, feeding, and transportation can also be provided on a one-time or regular basis. Dog walking providers in Portland often complete background checks, can provide references, and have flexible schedules including weekends and holidays.

Top rated dog parks in the Portland area that a professional walker may visit with your dog include Normandale Park, and Chimney Park. Both are dedicated dog parks, meaning that they are at least partially fenced in. Shared dog parks, like Laurelhurst Park which is near the Blair Community Garden, are public parks that have a designated off leash area for dogs, but are not necessarily fenced in. Some parks designate separate areas for small and large dogs, and many shared parks include paved walking paths.

Rates for individuals providing dog walking and pet care services in Portland can range from $5 to $20 per hour based on caretaker experience and the extent of services provided. Portland dog walking companies usually offer walks in 15 minute increments which will range from $10 for a 15 minute walk to $30 for a full hour. Special rates may be given for customers who schedule multiple walks per week, and express services such as “potty breaks” may be scheduled for a small fee when your pet just needs a quick check-in.

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Washington DC Dog Walking Services

In the hustle and bustle of nation’s capital, it is often difficult to provide your dog with the proper, daily care and exercise. Luckily, Washington D.C. is home to many well-respected dog walkers and dog walking services. Majority of these companies specialize in mid-day services, allowing you to provide your dog with at-home care while you are at work. Dog walkers get your dogs out of the house for much-needed, daily exercise and neighborhood playtime.

Dog walking companies and individual dog walkers operate during working hours, allowing you to pick the perfect time for a mid-day visit. Washington D.C. dog walkers will provide your canine best friend with a walk, playtime and feedings. Many Washington D.C. dog walkers will work with dog owners to find the closest dog park or trail for an outdoor adventure.

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Some of the respect dog parks in the Washington D.C. area include Shaw Dog Park, Montrose Park and Marion Park. Marion Park, operated by the National Park Service, provides a fenced in, off-leash exercise area and complimentary sanitation bags. Montrose Park is a popular destination for both children and dogs, making it an excellent play place for social, child-friendly dogs. Shaw Dog Park was one of the city’s first established dog parks. This park provides fenced-in areas for both large and small dogs.

Working with a D.C.-based dog walker or dog walking company allows you to establish a routine care plan for your pet. Most companies hire walkers that service a small area or specific neighborhood, allowing your dog to bond with the walker. The standard of care remains steady day after day, providing owners with peace of mind.

Choose the best dog walking service for you by checking out customer reviews, finding out about pet sitting association membership and discovering if the company is bonded and insured. Some companies also require their employees to complete first-aid training for pets. This will help ensure your dog walker can deal with any minor emergencies that may occur during their visit.

Other services provided by D.C. dog walkers include pet taxi services, a safe ride to take your pets to and from veterinary appointments when you are not available. Many dog walking services also provide overnight pet sitting and mid-day check-ins for your cats.

A standard, 30 minute, mid-day visit typically ranges between 15 and 25 dollars in Washington D.C. Walkers typically charge a standard $15-$17 fee for a single dog, and additional fees for each additional dog. Some dog walkers will provide discounts for multiple families in the same apartment building. You building neighbors can also be a great source of advice for finding out about the dog walking services in your area.

Monitor Your Website Downtime

Monitoring website downtime might not seem very important for a dog walker, and the truth is that you should monitor downtime just as stringently as any other online business owner. When your website is down, it can have many devastating effects on your dog walking business, especially if the downtime is extended. However, don’t think you have to constantly watch and reload your website. There are many tools that can help automate this task.

No Emails
If your email address is attached to your website, which it usually is, then having website downtime means that you will not receive emails. This means you might miss an email from an important client, or you might miss a scheduled appointment with a new client without knowing about it.

Since email is one of the most common ways for people to communicate with online business owners, missing an email can be devastating.

No Contact Info
Your contact info is on your website. When your website is down, people will not be able to see your contact info, so they will be unable to hire you for new dog walking jobs. This will put them in the arms of your competition, because they won’t be able to see your website.

Downtime is Expensive
Imagine a business closing its doors in the middle of the day, especially when there are customers at the front door. It seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it? This is expensive, because the business will commonly lose those customers.

It’s the same for website downtime. Since your website is your business’s front door, if it closes, then your business closes. Some people may even assume your website is down forever, and they will not come back.

Poor Credibility
When your dog walking website goes down, some people may erroneously blame you for the downtime. They will look upon this as poor website management, and they may think you are too irresponsible to handle their dog.

While downtime is rarely your fault, you can’t explain that to a customer who you will never see.

Monitoring Downtime
You could always monitor downtime by sitting at your computer all day as you constantly reload your website. However, this is impractical. A better way is to use a free monitoring tool such as or

Both of these websites have free plans, and they will email you whenever your website goes down. This enables you to take action, and it is the easiest way to monitor your website while you are out doing business.

Eddie Van Halen: Your Dog Needs

When we saw this video on TMZ featuring Eddie van Halen leaving his hotel in New York City with his cute dog, we thought we “might as well jump” at this opportunity to let him know about us.

We know you’re a busy guy, making the “big fat money,” but you’re also a family man. You love your dog and want what’s best for him, but your schedule has you with “one foot out the door.” Don’t worry, Eddie. You can have the “best of both worlds.” We know that your dog needs to get out, smell the fresh air and play with other dogs. He wants to “run, run runaround” and have a good time.  That’s where we step in (so you don’t have to step in it).

As a responsible pet owner, if you can’t take your pooch out, you know you’ll “hear about it later.” He’s sitting there with his eyes so sad, but you just can’t take him out. His expression says “I’ll wait” but he’s got to go real bad. “Right now,” not later or when you have time. He’s pacing, whining, and staring at the door. Then it’s too late. He goes from good dog submission to a “man on a mission” and his aim is on your floor.

Don’t get mad at your “dirty water dog,” after all, the poor guy had a “fire in the hole.” You understand how it is and you “don’t wanna be no uptown fool.” So why not give a dog walker at a try. They aim to please, no matter where you are on your tour in the United States. Whether that means a long walk around the neighborhood (never on a “mean street”), a jog in the park, or a run to the nearest dog run, they are happy to accommodate, as long as they’re not “runnin’ with the devil.”

Eddie, you’ve had us “on top of the world” for years with your incredible talent. And we’d like to say thank you. So check us out. In the care of a dog walker found at, your baby will head out on some “happy trails” meet other dogs, wag his tail and not wonder “where have all the good times gone?” Whether it’s number one or “bottoms up!” we’ll take care of the mess so you can “stay frosty!”

Here We Go Bud Light Commercial

The more I’ve seen the “Here We Go” rescue dog commercial from Bud Light, the more I like it. I also really like the fact that Bud Light is helping raise awareness of homeless dogs and giving information on the company’s Facebook page. They also used a really cute dog!

Wags to Whiskers Pet Care

Florida’s finest Dog Walking & In-Home Pet Sitting

Serving Belleair, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, Belleair Shore,
Largo & Indian Rocks Beach

Whether your babies bark, chirp and whistle, meow, purr or hiss, slink along quietly, or hop like a bunny, they all need love and care!

When you can’t be there for your furbabies, call Wags to Whiskers. We will be there for them. We provide professional, reliable, loving care for your pets and are committed to keeping them happy and stress-free when you can’t be there.

Wags to Whiskers Pet Care pet sitting services provides safe, loving In-Home quality pet sitting care for all your pets. Need a professional pet sitter? Need someone that has the experience needed to look after your beloved pets and your home? Now, there is someone to watch over your best interests while you are away, and treat your pets like they are our own. Someone to take care of your beloved pets, and your home, a professional pet care person with the knowledge and experience required to get the job done right, a person you can trust, to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your pets and home are safe and secure while you are gone.

Our Services Include:
In-Home Pet Sitting, Daily mid-day dog walks, Over-Night Pet Sitting, House Sitting Services, Over-Night House Sitting, Pet Taxi services.

Bonded * Insured * Dependable

Wags to Whiskers Pet Care, Inc.




Dog Walking Service
in my home


Experienced Veterinary Assistant
& Boarding Kennel Manager
Owner/Operator Pet Sitting Business Since 1989

Few things bring me greater joy than seeing that peaceful contented look or that unmistakable expression of pure joy on an animal’s face.

When I am taking care of a dog I do everything in my power to bring that joy alive in them. Whether it’s knowing just where they like to be scratched, playing their favorite game or satiating their senses with all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells along their favorite walking route or hiking trail.

Making sure your most treasured companion is safe, well cared for, comfortable and as happy as can be is my #1 priority.

When work/travel keep you away from your best friend for long hours, no need to worry or feel guilty. My dog walking service can provide the perfect solution. I can take them on a nice long walk or hike, play their favorite game with them, feed them, give them their medication… whatever they need.

AND . . .

When you have to be away for more than just the day, my boarding service can be just what you were looking for. Your 4-legged pal(s) can stay with me, in my home, where they’ll get round-the-clock TLC.


> RELIEVES your worry you when leave your dog for long hours – potty breaks, meals, medications, house training for puppies all stay on schedule

> PROVIDES regular exercise for your dog which …

> PROMOTES good heart, muscle, joint and digestive health

> MAINTAINS healthy weight

> PROVIDES outlet for excess energy through a variety of exercise (walking,hiking,playing)

> REDUCES boredom, anxiety, depression

> ELIMINATES unwanted behaviors: excessive barking, whining, chewing, digging


& RELAXED setting of home environment

> SOCIALIZATION opportunity for your dog with a small, controlled, supervised group of other dogs

> LARGE fenced play yard

> EXTRA LARGE cages available for pups on training or for any dog who prefers or needs them for napping or sleeping in overnight

> PROVIDES round-the-clock TLC and activities that best match your dog’s fitness and energy level – from a quiet stroll to a rowdy game of fetch or hike in the hills





The love of what I do is only matched by the honor I feel when pet owners entrust me with the care of their family member. I cherish the bond created with each of my clients, both human and animal.

When you can’t be there I will be. Long walks, hikes on their favorite trail, a necessary break, or simple companionship will go uninterrupted if your responsibilities pull you away due to work, travel, disability, or busy schedule.

I cannot replace the special moments you share with your pet. But when you can’t be there, I would be honored to provide your best friend with one more thing to look forward to in his or her day.


I look forward to helping in any way I can.
Call anytime!

Patti Firszt
Cell 518.795.4250



*dogs must be current on rabies, distemper and
bordetella vaccines
1 Dog
2 Dogs
3 Dogs





How to Protect Dogs’ Paws

Dogs’ paws are pretty sturdy. The thick layer of keratin that covers the pads are made to handle walking over a multitude of surfaces, but that doesn’t mean they’re impenetrable. When dogs walk on rocks, granite or sand, they’re more likely to develop abrasions, bruises, cuts and puncture wounds.

If you’re an avid hiker who frequently takes your four-legged best friend with you over rocky terrain, or you know you’re traveling to an area, such as the beaches outside your northern California apartment, where your dog could wear down his pads, protect them with the following products and tips below.

  • Clear the area around your house from materials that may harm your dog’s paws, such as nails, broken glass, abrasive surfaces and chemicals.
  • Since ice can form in between dogs’ toes, wipe his feet and legs with a towel after returning home from a walk in the snow or where there’s ice. Dip his paws in warm water if necessary, and dry them thoroughly.
  • Cut your dog’s nails short and trim the fur between his toes to a reasonable level, which will allow for less snow and ice to stick there.
  • For hikes over rocky terrain, apply a soft wax to your dog’s paws to allow them to hunt or move around while still maintaining traction. Musher’s Secret, available in 2.1 ounces and 7 ounces, is a favorite among dog owners who want to protect their pups’ paws from sand, hot pavement, ice and salt.
  • When you walk your dog, walk him in the shade during the summer months, as hot pavement can cause abrasions or burns.
  • Though dog boots don’t allow your pup as much traction as applying wax to his paws does, they still may protect his paws from injuring them further. They’re available in small, medium and large, and small dogs may benefit the most from them.
  • Examine your four-legged friend’s feet regularly so you can spot the difference between healthy-looking paw pads and injured ones.  If your dog is limping, favoring certain feet, biting his feet or licking his paws constantly, you should check for injuries and take him to the vet if necessary.

Hope for Paws: Helping Dogs

Hope for Paws is an animal rescue organization located in Los Angeles, California. Founded eight years ago by Audrey and Eldad Hagar, who have been taking care of neglected and abused animals in their own home for many years. Hope for Paws networks with animal rescue organizations from all over the world and has a vast Facebook following of people who care about the welfare of animals.

Too often, unwanted and unloved pets are killed at shelters because of overcrowded conditions. There is not enough time or money to go around to be able to save every single animal, but good people are doing everything that they can to save as many as possible. Abandoned in city streets and even dumped off in wilderness areas, many pets die of starvation and disease. Others die of abuse and neglect at the hands of those who were supposed to care for and protect them for all of their lives.

Unfortunately, many people treat pets as toys or luxuries that can be thoughtlessly discarded when they become the slightest bit inconvenient. Many of those who dump unwanted pets in country settings believe that the animal will be taken in by a family but that rarely happens.

It should go without saying that animals are living creatures who feel pain, joy, sadness and love. Every animal deserves to have a safe and happy life. Animals give so much to human beings and ask so little in return that it’s no wonder why animal rescue groups like Hope for Paws exist. Caring people want to make as much difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals as they possibly can, and often devote their entire lives to their cause.

Hope for Paws fosters unwanted dogs and other household pets in loving homes until permanent families can be found for them. Education is an important aspect of what they do, and their goal is to completely eliminate neglect and abuse of animals.

Watch the video below found on YouTube to learn more about how the organization helped rescue a blind and homeless dog. They were able to pay for the dog to have vision restored in one eye, and they also helped to ensure the dog was adopted into a loving home. It’s a great video!

Read more about Hope for Paws on the organization’s website: