Leave Your Dog with an In-Home Pet Sitter

Pet SittingMany dog owners think they have three options when they travel. They can leave their pet with a friend or relative, they can put their dog in a kennel, or they can travel with their dog. Fortunately, there is another option, which is easier on both dog and owner. That option is hiring a pet sitter to stay with the dog at home.

Pet sitters fall into two categories. There are individuals who sit with pets on a freelance basis, and there are companies that offer professional pet-sitting services. There are advantages to working with one individual who knows and loves the dog and who may charge slightly less.

However, working with a professional dog sitting company offers more advantages for most dogs and their owners. Because dog-sitting companies are small, dogs quickly learn to know and love any sitter. A company will always have someone available to sit, whereas an individual may have scheduling conflicts. Hiring a dog-sitting firm provides more assurance about the reliability and capability of the sitter. Finally, a dog-sitting business is likely to be around for a long-term relationship. An individual sitter may move or change circumstances.

Dog owners considering hiring a sitter may wonder about the cost. Hiring an in-home sitter is surprisingly affordable. Rates nationwide vary from around $40-$80 per day. Most in-home sitters offer a rate in the middle of that range. Compared to an overnight kennel, in-home sitters are very reasonably priced and let dogs stay at home rather than in an impersonal cage with unfamiliar people.

Who should hire an in-home dog sitter? Families going on vacation, especially for an extended stay, may consider having someone stay with their dog rather than boarding him. Single pet owners who travel frequently can definitely take advantage of an in-home sitter. Couples without children, who pamper their pups like babies, will definitely want to look into a sitter to stay with their pet while they’re away.

Whether for an overnight or for a week or more, an in-home sitter lets a pup stay home, enjoy his own bed, eat his own food and play in his own backyard. Hiring a sitter to stay in the home reduces the stress on the dog and on his owners, and helps owners take excellent care of their dogs even when they’re not home. The biggest danger is that the dog won’t want the sitter to leave.

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Naming a Dog Walking Service

Naming a dog walking service is just like naming any company or business venture. The name has to suit the service provided. It should show some of the personality of the business and it should also be marketable. For dog services in particular, the initial considerations should be if the name should convey fun for the dog, if it should convey athleticism, particular care for elderly dogs or any other specific area of the service that the owner wants to convey immediately to the client. From there, it is a matter of taking those ideas and making them business worthy.

A major concern when naming a dog walking service is marketing. It might sound funny to name a service Walks, Poops and Scoops. However, that simply is not marketable. Yes, it gets the idea across succinctly but it is not in the best taste and there is nothing clever or professional about it. Overly long names are also difficult to sell. It is easier to catch a client’s eye with a short and simple name than it is to catch their eye with something that wastes time getting the point across.

Another consideration is internet marketing. Print or word of mouth marketing is all about the professionalism of the name and the length. With internet marketing, one should consider what media will go well with the name. One should also consider how likely the name is to grab attention on social networks given that social media is the current go-to for internet marketing. A dog walker should look for a matching domain name (generally .com is easiest to remember) and available Twitter handle to make sure all marketing platforms match.

Lastly, there are legal considerations. Once a person has a list of potential names, he or she should check to see if those names are already copyrighted. A company can be sued for using the name of another company. Even if the mistake is handled in a friendly way, the company name will still have to be changed later, which can be costly in terms of marketing. In the end, naming a dog walking company is all about branding. What should potential clients think about when they think of this service? They certainly should not be thinking of a different company.

Share Your Dog Walking Experience

I am often asked how to start a dog walking service or how to start walking dogs professionally, and I want to be able to help these people who have reached out to me. I want DogWalker.com to be a resource for them, and I can use your help.

To help them, I think they should learn from expert dog walkers, and DogWalker.com is looking for writers! We would love to post an article about your dog walking experience to help others learn about becoming a dog walker. The topic of these blog articles can be just about anything related to dog walking that would benefit readers.

Here are some suggested topics:

  • Dog walking in your city
  • What it’s like to be a dog walker in your region
  • What it was like to start your own business
  • Fun activities you do with your dogs while on walks
  • How you went about getting new clients
  • What you look for when you hire dog walkers
  • What made you want to become a dog walker
  • Can you make a decent living by being a professional dog walker
  • What did you need to think about before becoming a dog walker

The topics for the articles can really run the gamut as long as they are related to dog walking or your dog walking experience. I want people to learn from your experiences, and hopefully they will be better for having read your articles and can learn how to become a dog walker or improve their business practices.

I know this may sound a bit self-serving so far, but here’s how this can help you. At the beginning of each article, I will include a brief biography about you. There will be a link to your website as well, to drive traffic back to your site. In addition, I will also add a link to your DogWalker.com listing if you have one. If not, I will give you a $10 discount on a new listing if you would like to create one.

If you have any questions, please send an email to info@dogwalker.com. If you would like to get started, please write your article (anywhere from 300-500 word+) and send it to me via email. Don’t forget to include your brief biography and a link to your website.

Thank you for your help – I know this is going to help many people looking to get started with their local business.

Dog Sitting vs. Dog Boarding

Dog kennelsMany people find themselves needing care arrangements for their pets. This could be because of a vacation, an emergency trip, or house guests. Using a dog boarding service or hiring a pet sitter are two commonly used options for pet owners. Each choice comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between dog boarding and pet sitting is that the pet sitter comes to the home to give care and attention. With dog boarding, the pet is brought to the kennel and will stay on the property until the owner comes to pick it up. Many people choose pet sitting because they feel that the dog is happier if it can stay in its own environment.

Socialization is a big advantage in using a dog boarding service. There are typically several other pets at a boarding kennel. The dog will have the chance to play and interact with other dogs during your absence. This may help with keeping your dog distracted and happy when you are away. However, being around other dogs is stressful for some pets. This may not be the best choice for a dog that is used to being alone or does not get along with others.

Hiring a pet sitter will give the dog personal attention that he or she may not receive at a boarding service. A pet sitter is typically more flexible in their schedule and can come over at different times. They usually stay for a while and interact with the dog. This type of personal interaction is inconsistent across different boarding services. While some may give individual attention to each dog, it is typically not possible.

Dog boarding is often less expensive than hiring a pet sitter. In addition, most boarding services are licensed businesses. This ensures that the dog will be fed, exercises, and taken care of on a consistent basis. With a pet sitter, one person is responsible for coming to your to provide care. This may come with a certain level of insecurity for some.

When deciding if pet sitting or dog boarding is right for you and your pet, there are many things to consider. Price may be a deciding factor, especially on long trips where the daily expenses can add up. The dog’s personality and temperament is also important to consider. Dogs that do not do well with others or become nervous when taken out of the home will not do well at a boarding kennel.

Other things to consider include the amount of exercise and one-on-one time the dog requires. If the dog has pent-up energy after being left in a crate for a few hours, pet sitting is probably the best option. Dogs that have special needs, such as medical or psychological conditions, will require the intense attention that a pet sitter can provide. It is also a matter of personal preference. Some owners are not comfortable letting their dog have free range of the house. Some dogs may become destructive when they begin to wonder where you went. Some owners are not satisfied with having their dog stay in a boarding kennel for hours at a time.

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Dog Walking in Washington DC

Dog Walker in Washington DCBetween the vast array of choices between dog parks and the scenic layout of DC, walking a dog can be an adventure, even for the seasoned dog walker in Washington DC. Walking along the Potomac River is a favorite, at times releasing the dogs to play in the water during the summer heat. If you aren’t planning on releasing them, wandering along the Mount Vernon Trail will allow you and your companions to meet to friends and have a great time.

If nothing else, meandering through the monuments can be an enjoyable experience for the history buffs. Tourists will enjoy playing with a friendly dog, and a bringing light to an excitable child is always a bonus. Many stores are dog friendly and will provide an outside seating area; some even have doggy menus to share a delicious breakfast with man’s best friend… that is, if you have time to take a break and enjoy the day.

For dog walking, $20-$30 for an hour is a standard price. For larger energetic canines, dog parks (like Capitol Hill’s Kingsman Dog Park) are an excellent area to allow them to release all of their extra available energy . Price variance is generally for special treatment. Some owners require special locations to be visited, like the Potomac or dog-friendly cafes. One owner asked for 20 minutes in the Potomac every day for water training.

Dog walking services are also offered by many companies and individuals in Virginia and Maryland, as long as the distance is within reach. Variability is always a source of new adventure, and dog walkers may look for new parks or trails to travel with their canine clients.

When walking your own dogs, make sure to bring along your waste control tools, receiving a ticket for not taking care of your dog’s waste can be expensive, and embarrassing. Dogs are naturally inquisitive, but make sure that while they are in your trust, take care to keep them out of dangerous situations. But from time to time, let them be free and explore their surroundings with the zeal that only dogs can muster when making a new squirrel friend. When working with a professional dog walker, make sure to check their background and references!

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Dog Walking in Boston

Boston Dog WalkerProfessional dog walking is an unusual profession that allows walkers the opportunity to enjoy the company of multiple breeds of dogs and spend your days outside. Clients can alay their dog’s anxiety by hiring a professional dog walker seven days a week. Most walkers will also offer limited hours on holidays and in the evenings. There are many dog walkers and dog walking services in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Experienced dog handlers can help pups banish day time boredom by taking them on walks or playtime. Professional dog walkers are generally bonded and pet CPR certified. Rates are reasonable $10.00 to $14.00 for twenty minutes, $14.00 to $18.00 for forty minutes, and $18.00 to $24.00 for sixty minutes. Additional pets are typically $5.00 per session.

Search for a dog walker in Boston

Neighborhood parks are a good place to start taking your charges. Many city parks have fenced areas dedicated to people’s four-legged friends. Notable parks include the Arnold Arboretum in South-West Boston (dogs MUST be leashed at all times) and Peters Park located in South Boston. Peters Park boasts the fenced Joe Wex Dog Recreation Space. 13,000 square feet of dog heaven.

Boston Common provides Off-Leash Dog hours 6:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Other hours require dogs be leashed. Boston Common is center of the Emerald Necklace. Dog walkers can use Boston Common as the beginning of their exploration of the Emerald Necklace with their furry companions.

Dog handlers must be prepared to offer some obedience training. Dog walkers may choose between group outings or individual sessions for those pets who enjoy more personalized attention. Many professionals perform additional services such as bringing in the mail, feeding and watering the dog, and watering client’s plants. In addition, many clients appreciate it if their dog walkers offer overnight boarding either in the client’s home or in the dog walker’s home. The ultimate goal at the end of a session is a happy, contented, well-exercised dog.

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Best Pet Stores in Durham

If you’re moving to Durham with your four-legged furry friend, you’ll need to know where the best pet supply stores are for purchasing Fido or Fluffy’s food, but you may also want to know where to find pet grooming or specialty supplies. Below, see the top picks for stocking up in Durham on top-quality food, treats and general care items, as well as hard-to-find eco-friendly bedding and cute doggy clothing.

Pet Supplies

Where: Barnes Supply Co., 774 9th St., Durham, NC 27705

Why: Part old-fashioned hardware store, part garden center and part pet supply store, Barnes Supply Co. is a local favorite for grabbing all-natural dog and cat food and treats. The staff here is glad to help you carry heavy bags of food out to your car, and they even provide treats for your pet and ask how he or she is doing. While you’re there, pick up a jar of local honey or a few herb plants to start a garden.

Pet Boutique

Where: Phydeaux, 400 S. Elliott Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Why: Located just outside of Durham in north Chapel Hill, Phydeaux is a charming pet boutique specializing in high-quality bedding, supplements, food, travel gear, grooming, cleaning supplies, eco-friendly items and training for dogs, cats, birds and even small animals such as rabbits. Phydeaux will also ship most goods to your home if you need them to, but if you go in the store, expect to walk out with a free treat for your furry little one.

Pet Groomer

Where: New Hope Animal Hospital, 5016 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham, NC 27707

Why: If your pet gets nervous at the vet or groomer, give New Hope Animal Hospital a try. Vet techs are trained in decreasing pets’ anxiety (without meds), so if you think your pet behaves badly at the vet, watch them handle your little darling with ease. New Hope also specializes in animal dentistry and animal surgery, even for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, rats, reptiles and birds.

Watch Out for Scam Emails!

In every business, there will always be people who try to pull scams. Whether it involves sending a check for more money than is due and asking the recipient to send the overage back via cashier’s check, or asking job applicants to provide social security numbers to use illicitly, there are always scammers preying on the innocent.

On the top of emails sent from website visitors to dog walking services with listings on DogWalker.com, there is a disclaimer that reads: “Please be aware that anyone can send an email to you from your DogWalker.com listing, and DogWalker.com does not review or verify any messages. Protect yourself against fraud: never send anyone any money, and always do your own due diligence before visiting a potential client for you own safety.”

This morning I received an email from an advertiser advising me that she may have received an email from a scammer via the contact form on her DogWalker.com listing. The email address matched one reported on a website called ScamRadar.com, with the person supposedly seeking babysitting services in that email. Youferral.com also has the same email address seeking a nanny in New York.

Here’s the email, and if you receive it, you should be aware that it was reported as a scam:

“Email: gclaxon@gmail.com
Message: Hello,

Can you work my Dog? If your available let me know and I\’ll send you more details.


If you receive scam emails, please let me know via the contact form, so that I can inform others about it. As I mentioned before, never send anyone money or provide your social security number. In addition, do your due diligence on potential clients before going to their home or other meeting place. It’s important that you stay safe.

The Walker XYZ

I like dogs.

Reply From Scam Email

Earlier today, I mentioned that some advertisers on DogWalker.com received a scam email. It appears that what is posted below is the response someone received when she replied to the inquiry.

Do NOT EVER send anyone any money! This type of scam is why there is a disclaimer on the email that goes out from DogWalker.com listings. Many other types of websites receive similar scam attempts, and it can be done directly from your site as well. Do not fall prey to this age old scam!


Thanks for your mail. My name is Gary Hoffman and i was bless with a family of four with my lovely wife, my two daughters and myself.I’ll need your services as a dog walker for my dog. I have an American Bulldog called Rocky. He is a big male dog, very friendly, active, Intelligent and he listen alot. Sometimes he might be very playful and he might makes you run sometimes when you hold him if he decide to run because he is very big so you will have no choice to run with him Lol. but once you control him, he will listen to you.

We are presently on a vacation with my wife and my two daughters in Cuba and we will be back on 6th of next month. We formerly live in Mobile, AL. and we are relocating to your city area but our estate manager just got house for us in your city area while we are on vacation and i haven’t be able to get full address details from the estate manager because he has been sick and been in the hospital but I’ll get the full address next week when he is out of the hospital and I’ll let you know. I’ll be needing your service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3hrs in a day to take out my dog on walk and spend time with him. I’ll be paying you $500 in a week. If you think my hours is not okay for you, let me know your hours of availability. My Dog couldn’t travel with us on vacation because Dogs are not allowed its makes me really worried and sad but i decided to keep him with my friend till we back to the states. I need to know answer to the following questions below:

1. Do you have any experience with Dogs before?

2. How many years experience?

3. Are you a Dogs lover that treats them like human being?

4. How old are you?

5. Do you have Dogs?

I’ll be sending you an upfront payment to keep your service till when we get back to the states since. My client will issue a check of $3,561.99 and you will deduct your payment of $500 and you will send the remaining money to my agent via western union and my agent will be needing the money to clear my shipments coming from china. I’ll need the following to have the client mail you the check.

1.Full Name:
2.Address (No P.O.Box Pls):
5.Zip Code:
6.Cell Number:

I await your prompt response and as soon as i get your response.

Thank You.”

Again, never ever, ever, ever send someone money like this.

Welcome Home Blog Documents Love Between A Dog And His Soldier

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are currently away from their families as they serve overseas as part of the U.S. Armed Forces. Despite technological advancements like webcams and instant messaging, both the soldier and their family feels the strain of the separation. Many men and women miss out on the birthdays of their children, the milestones of their loved ones and the everyday moments that make life special. Coming home from an extended stay overseas is a time for celebration and joy, especially for a faithful canine companion that has been missing its owner.

The Welcome Home Blog is a website dedicated to capturing these joyful and tearful reunions and sharing them with everyone. The site is packed with stories of parents seeing their son or daughter for the first time in years, or soldiers meeting their newborn children that were born during their time abroad. Photos and videos show the touching emotions of the soldiers and their grateful family members alike.

The website also has plenty of animal reunions to share as well. You can view heartwarming coverage of the love of a dog by watching videos of happy pups finally reunited with the soldiers that had to leave them at home.

Military housing leaves no space for a dog, and soldiers overseas are too busy to take care of their pets. It is painful for a person to have to go without their closest friend for years at a time. Despite their absence, these dedicated dogs never forget their owners. When the soldiers arrive back from Iraq or Iran, they are greeted by the wagging tails of their four legged friends. The reunion between a person and their dog is just as touching as the reconnection with their human family.

No matter where you stand on the politics of the military, watching the love a dog can demonstrate for a person is sure to bring a tear to your eye. All dog lovers will find the photos and stories on the Welcome Home Blog to be uplifting and amazing. No other pets offer the undying loyalty and unconditional love that a dog gives to its owner. The ecstatic displays of excitement documented on this blog clearly demonstrates that. Bookmark this website and visit it regularly as a reminder to give your own pets plenty of love and attention.

Pet Taxi Services

Dog TransportationDogs are part of the family, and owners want to make certain that their pets receive the best of care. Still, some pet owners are too busy to take their dogs where they need to go during a weekday. Other people do not have a car of their own, but they need to get their dog to the veterinarian. When owners need to transport their pets by airplane, they may not have the slightest idea or how to proceed with arranging their dog’s flight and what paperwork is needed. Pet taxi services take care of these services and so much more, giving peace of mind to people who love their dogs.

Pet Taxi Services

Pet taxis are prepared for emergency calls and local emergency transport, and they are prepared in ways such as the following:

  • Animal stretchers
  • Doggy ramps
  • Muzzles
  • Pet carriers

Pet taxis provide safe rides to and from the following local destinations:

Pet taxis also safely transport dogs worldwide and these are some of the related tasks that taxi service may handle:

  • Airport transfers
  • Any needed paperwork
  • Boarding
  • Import permits for dogs
  • Procuring the needed shots and vaccinations

Serving all Dogs

Pet taxi people love dogs and are happy to provide any needed taxi service to any breeds of canine. They are happy to assist pet owners with one or multiple dogs. Pet taxi employees are dog experts and understand the different temperaments and behaviors of different breeds. They are fully trained and prepared to give dogs the very best of care while they are giving any needed taxi service or services. Pet owners can be sure that their animals are in good hands.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Pet taxis provide needed transport, boarding and shipping services needed for pets. They are ready to help owners get dogs to the pet hospital in emergency situations. For pets shipped by airplane and even internationally, pet owners can trust pet taxi employees to ensure that the animals have all their paperwork in order and that they arrive safely at their destination. People can relax and stop worrying about their beloved pets because they can trust these professionals to make sure that their animals are well-treated and will get to appointments on time.

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Dog Walkers: Offer a Pet Taxi Service

Dog TransportationIn busy metropolitan areas, dog walkers can be lifesavers – for the dog owners and their dogs. Busy professionals, parents with children , and older adults often struggle to meet all the demands of a hectic life. Between careers, kids’ school, and taking care of the home, caring for the family pet can easily get pushed into the background. When it does, Fido or Spot can become as disruptive as a toddler, getting into trouble to get the attention they need.

Dog walking services benefit both the pet and the family. By getting the animals out for regular exercise, the pet is happier, healthier, and burns off some of it’s extra energy, The result is a better tempered animal that is a better companion to the family. Because dog walkers already have relationships with the pet owners and their animals, they have an opportunity to expand their businesses by offering pet transportation, commonly known as pet taxi services.

Here are some of the advantages dog walkers have working in their favor if they choose to expand into this area:

Relationship with the dog
Dog walkers already have relationship with the dog and their owner. Taking an animal to the vet can be stressful to the animal. The dog walker may know more about the dog’s temperament than the pet’s busy owner. Dog walkers are in the perfect position to communicate with the vet about the animal’s behavior, and keep it calm as they travel to and from the vet’s office.

Dog walkers love animals
Dog walkers are already providing a service they love by caring for the canine pet population. By adding a pet taxi service, they can expand their host of services, earn more money from each client. Someone once said if you find something you love for a career, you will never work a day in your life. Dog walkers who offer this service provide a beneficial service to the owner as well as the animal, because busy pet owners often overlook the importance of regular vet visits because of their time-crunched schedules.

Already driving to see clients
This might seem obvious, but since many dog walkers already drive their cars to visit clients, they might as well offer pet taxi services as well. They can take their dogs on a walk and then drive them to an appointment.

There are a few considerations that dog walking services and dog walkers need to make before offering dog transportation.

Dog walkers / drivers will need to be okay with their car getting dirty. Most dogs shed and many dogs will be dirty. In addition, not all dogs handle sitting in a car well, and they could get car sick. Another consideration is that a pet taxi service may need to have additional type of insurance to transport dogs. Finally, larger dog walking services will need to be sure they have an adequate number of licensed drivers.

Offering dog transportation may be an easy way for a dog walking service or independent dog walker to make some additional revenue.

Photo: Flickr

Guest Post: Using YouTube for Advertising

I want to share a guest post with you, written by Joshua Boutelle, Owner of City Pups SF, a dog walking service in San Francisco. In addition to advertising on DogWalker.com, Joshua uses You Tube videos to help promote his business.

As a professional Dog Walker, I have found Youtube to be an excellent tool for my business.  Using just a smartphone and a basic video editing program, I am able to keep my current clients updated on how much fun their dog is having while bringing in new business.  The various social networks allow my clients to share their dog’s adventures with friends and co-workers giving my business the exposure it needs.

I’ve found it to be very difficult selling or even just explaining my services through email or over the phone. With a video at my disposal, I’m able to refer potential clients to youtube.  Often times after seeing how much fun my dogs have, potential clients can’t sign their furry friends up fast enough!  Youtube is a great way to engage clients and make your business stand out, I can’t recommend using this tool enough.

Dog Walking Services in Pittsburgh

A person looking for dog walking services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has lots of options. It’s wise for dog owners to learn a little about a dog walking service or a local dog walker before signing up. Read on to find out more about the details involved in hiring a dog walker in Pittsburgh.

Generally, there are several services that a dog walking business offers. For example, a dog walker may walk the dog in a neighborhood or park. Some dog walkers walk their clients’ dogs on trails in the woods. It all depends upon the preferences of the dog’s owner. No matter the environment, a dog gets exercise and relieves itself. A dog walker will often play frisbee or some other game with the dog to give it even more of an opportunity to stretch its legs.

Many dog walkers go to dog parks where the dog gets a chance to socialize with other dogs there. Normally, after returning to the client’s home the dog walker will make sure the dog has enough food and water. This is helpful to a client in the event that the dog knocks over its water bowl sometime during the day. Dog walkers play a part in making sure the dog is safe and receives proper exercise during the day when a client is away.

In the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are quite a few dog parks where a dog walker may go to enjoy time with a client’s dog. South Park Dog Park is one example of a place where a dog walker may go. Green Tree Borough Dog Park and Riverview Dog Park are also ideas for a dog walker when it comes to socializing and giving the dog proper exercise.

A person looking to hire a dog walker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can expect to pay approximately $10 to $15.00 an hour. Of course, the cost per hour depends upon the experience and skills of the dog walker. Some dog walking services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may offer a group rate for a client with a few dogs to walk.

Discover the Top Five Dog-Friendly Places in Indianapolis

With more than 50 pet-friendly hotels, almost a dozen attractions and four off-leash dog parks, Indianapolis has you covered in all things furry. Whether you’re moving to the city as a new resident or just picked up your new pet from any of the pet adoption organizations in the area, you’ll find a world of things to do in Indianapolis with your four-legged friend. To help get you started, here’s a list of the top five dog-friendly places in Indianapolis.


Three Dog Bakery

What: Bring your dog along to the Three Dog Bakery, which offers cookies, cakes and even vanilla-flavored rawhides to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth and discriminating palate. Don’t forget to check out the cheese pizza treats, “puppermint” patties and carob sandwich cookies, which look good enough for humans to eat. The store also carries a selection of leashes, collars and dog toys.

Where: 444 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204


Blue Ribbon Carriage Company

What: Tour downtown Indianapolis in 45 minutes to an hour with your four-legged friend in the comfort of an open-air, horse-drawn carriage, which will take you by the Canal, the State Capitol Building or the historic area of Lockerbie Square. Carriages operate seven days a week, weather permitting, and can hold up to six passengers for an additional $5 per person.

Where: 1311 S. Drover St., Indianapolis, IN 46221


City Dogs

What: For premium, all-natural, holistic dog and cat food that your pet can even sample before you buy, City Dogs is the place to shop. The store also carries healthy treats, toys and accessories and features a dog bakery. The store closes at 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, so you may want to consider visiting on Saturday, when it’s open from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Where: 661 E. 49th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205


Moochie & Co.

What: Looking for a gift for the pet that has everything? You’ve come to the right place if you’ve arrived at Moochie & Co. Here, you’ll find sweaters for your pup to wear after he’s groomed, fleece zip-ups for when it’s cold, animal Halloween costumes, screen-printed doggie T-shirts with bad boy, girly and political sayings on them and pet dresses. Plus, the store has a wide selection of treats, dog and cat carriers and accessories for humans who really, really like their animals.

Where: 6020 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46250


White River State Park

What: With 250 acres of cultural, educational and recreational attractions and events, White River State Park is more than fields of green space. You and your pup can listen to live music at the Governor’s Lawn during the annual concert series or stroll through River Promenade. Clean-up stations are available throughout the park, which is open year-round until 4 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends.

Where: 801 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204


Dog Walking Services in Atlanta

Atlanta Dog WalkingAtlanta, Georgia dog owners love their pets and enjoy spending time with them. Walking the dog is an enjoyable daily bonding experience for both pet and owner. However, there are some times when a dog owner needs time alone. The individual may have to report to work. He or she might have grocery shopping or other errands to run. Occasionally, one might desire an early night on the town. These events might make dog walking challenging. Fortunately, professional dog walking services can help an owner in his or her time of great need.

What are Dog Walking Services?

Dog walking services are sitting services that include dog walking. Professional personnel come out and visit the homes of clients who need their dogs walked. The representative will take the dog on a 30-minute walk and make sure he or she receives the required exercise. The individual might opt to walk the dog around the local neighborhood or at a dog park like Piedmont Park, Grant Park or Mason Mill.

Find an Atlanta Dog Walker

Customers can tailor the dog walker visits to what they need, depending on their schedule, holidays, and the dog walker’s availability. Some dog walking service providers also offer overnight sitting services and additional accommodations. Additional services a provider may offer include feeding, playing, trash removal, medication administration, pet taxi, boarding and accident clean up. Many professional dog walkers and dog walking services are affiliated with a full service pet care company, or they offer those services on their own.

Dog Walking Times

Providers are available all hours of the day or night, 365 days per year. A dog owner can go on vacation for an entire week and retain a week’s worth of services. Individuals who only need services one time can request such. Providers can come out to the customer’s home as early as 6:00 a.m. to take his or her pet on an early morning adventure. They can care for pets on weekends and holidays as well. Whatever the consumer needs, dog walking service providers can definitely give.

Cost of Dog Walking

The cost of a 30-minute dog walk is approximately $19. Rates vary according to services and accommodations. Most professional services have CPR trained personnel who are also efficient in pet coaching. Many companies also make sure their employees have licenses, bonds and security clearance through extensive criminal background checks.

Photo: Flickr