Dog Walker Advertising Renewals

As 2011 came to an end and the calendar rolled over into the new year, advertising renewal confirmations on started to trickle in via email. So far in 2012 (less than 48 hours into the year), there have been three companies whose advertising listings came up for renewal, and all three have chosen to renew their ads. I think this shows how much faith dog walkers have in spending their advertising dollars on a listing.

The three dog walking services that have chosen to renew their listings on so far in 2012 are:

As 2012 begins to mature, hundreds of other dog walkers and dog walking services will be given the chance to renew, and a large percentage of them will. The fact is, helps bring new clients to dog walking services at a cost that is lower than other types of advertising.

If you are a dog walker and are thinking about ways to build your business in 2012, I encourage you to create a listing on today. There are many under-served communities without dog walker listings, and it can help bring new customers to your business. Now that’s a great new year’s resolution!

Every Dawg’s Dream

At Every Dawg’s Dream, we understand that pet parents have hectic and unpredictable schedules and that each of your furry kids have different needs. So we created a company to help our clients make their lives more manageable by offering routine pet care services such as dog walking and pet sitting, but also more enjoyable, by offering specialized services such as dog training which improves your dog’s behavior and ultimately creates a stronger bond between you and your dog. It is our promise to provide each service using proven, positive methods in a loving and nurturing manner, so you can be confident that you have selected the very best pet services company to care after your furry family member. It won’t be long before you see the improvement in your dog and we’re certain that you’ll see why we’re Every Dawg’s Dream!

Our pet services include certified dog training, dog walking, in-home, daily and overnight pet sitting, and much more in Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine, Tustin, Orange and other nearby Orange County, California cities. Our professional staff of dog trainers, dog walkers and pet stiters are highly experienced and are certified in pet CPR & first aid. EDD is licensed, bonded and insured.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive choice of dog and other pet services using proven, positive training methods to meet each client’s unique set of needs. We specialize in dog walking, pet sitting, and dog training throughout Orange County.


We all know that no two people are the same, and the same is true with our pets. What may seem like a basic service, such as a dog walk, can require a complete different approach depending on the dog’s behavioral traits. Because of our training and experience in animal behavior, we are able to observe and recognize each dog’s needs and adjust our techniques accordingly to make certain we get the best results from each service. We also realize that the decision to hire a pet care specialist is not one that is made lightly, after all, you are entrusting someone new to take care of your furry kids and have access to your home. So we want to stress that at Every Dawg’s Dream, every one of our pet care specialists goes through a rigorous screening process including background checks, ensuring they meet our stringent qualification and hiring requirements so you can have peace of mind knowing you have selected the best specialists with the highest levels of integrity.

As you can see, Every Dawg’s Dream is not just another dog walking/pet sitting company…we strive to go above the standard, providing you the added benefits of our knowledge and experience, and through positive reinforcement training, help your pooch live even a more fulfilling life.

Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.
Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
Certified Trainers through the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior.
Members of APDT and Pet Sitters International.

City Pups SF

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We’re a San Francisco dog walking service catering to dog parents in the Mission, Noe Valley, Potrero, Glen Park, Excelsior, Bernal Heights, and Twin Peaks areas.

Send your dog out on group walks with a certified dog walker. Your dog will romp, race, play, wrestle, frolic, jump, fetch, and let loose on the beach or on nature trails. Back home, he’ll snooze contentedly, dreaming of Frisbees.

Why City Pups SF?

• Personal attention to each dog

• 100% reliable service

• Canine First Aid certified

• Skilled at pack composition and management

• Only positive reinforcement methods

• Fully insured

(Limited spaces available. Please contact us
for current openings.)
Our Service Includes

Pick-up and drop-off from your home
At least 90 minutes of playtime at the beach and on nature trails
Small groups for safety and individualized attention
Groups composed based on energy levels and personalities so all dogs enjoy their walk
Good manners reinforced through positive training methods
Lots of recall practice

dog*tec Dog Walking Academy 2012 Schedule

dogtec.orgdog*tec is one of the leading organizations that helps train dog walkers and dog walking services. Its Dog Walking Academy has graduated hundreds of professional dog walkers, and attending is a great way to help build a new business or improve an existing business. For more information or to sign up for the Dog Walking Academy, visit the dog*tec website.

The organization now offers classes across the United States, and the 2012 class schedule for the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy is posted below:

San Francisco, California
April 19-22
April 26-29
October 25-28
November 1-4

Murphy, North Carolina
April 19-22
October 18-21

Seattle, WA
February 23-26
May 24-27
October 4-7

Hudson, New York
March 23-25

Swanzey, New Hampshire
June 14-17

Arlington, Virgina
November 10-13

dog*tec’s Dog Walking Academy Now in North Carolina

dogtec.orgdog*tec held its first Dog Walking Academy in California in 2003, and it has been offering classes outside of its main campus over the last few years. In 2011, the organization opened an outpost in New York City, and this year, dog*tec is expanding to the state of North Carolina.

The organization welcomes Lisa and Brad Waggoner to its Dog Walking Academy team in North Carolina. Lisa and Brad are opening their training facility in Murphy, North Carolina to experienced and would-be dog walkers in the South seeking certification and continued education in the field of dog walking.

Lisa and Brad couldn’t be more qualified. Here’s a bit about them:

Lisa Waggoner, CPDT-KA, PMCT

Lisa has been training dogs since 1996. She’s the founder of Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina, where she provides behavior consulting and training solutions for her clients through small group classes, day school, and private training. Lisa is a CPDT-KA and a Pat Miller Certified Trainer. She’s also a freelance writer with a dog training & behavior specialty and a reviewer for APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog.

Brad Waggoner, KPA-CTP  

Brad is the co-owner of Cold Nose College and a full time trainer, working with clients both one on one and through group classes. He is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training & Behavior. Brad is a School Education Program volunteer for the Valley River Humane Society, where he helps students learn about humane dog training, pet safety and dog bite prevention.

They both love teaching and it shows. Together they create an open, joyful class experience based on the notion that positive reinforcement is for people, too.

Classes in North Carolina will be offered on the following dates: April 19-22, 2012 and October 18-21, 2012. For more information or to sign up for the Dog Walking Academy, visit:

dog*tec Business CD for Walkers & Sitters

In addition to its Dog Walking Academy Classes (see 2012 schedule), dog*tec also offers a special business CD to help dog walking services, dog walkers, and pet sitters. This collection of ready-made business administration and workflow documents makes running a dog walking or pet sitting business smooth and efficient. Designed for easy addition of your business name and logo, the CD saves time, improves business practices, and helps you put your best professional foot forward with clients.

Get contracts, screening and intake documents, care summary materials, emergency and incident materials, employee documents, and administrative tools—more than 40 documents to help you run a successful business.

Learn more about dog*tec’s Business CD for Walkers & Sitters.

Compassionate Canine Care, LLC

Affordable, reliable, compassionate pet care in your home. Dog walking available in Centennial and Aurora. We are bonded, licensed and insured and have over 15 years professional pet care experience.

Fluffs of Luv, LLC Pet Sitting

Fluffs of Luv Pet Sitting provides professional pet care with various service options that include; mid-day dog walking, overnight pet sitting, elderly pet care, puppy and kitten care, vacation care, exotic pet care, and so much more right in the comfort of your own home. Pet sitting and dog walking are the easiest ways to make sure your best friend is safe, healthy, and happy while you’re away. Fluffs of Luv has devoted & dependable pet sitters that enjoy delivering peace of mind to pets and owners in Charlotte and the surrounding area from Lake Norman down to Monroe and everywhere in between.

All of our Pet Sitters use the Pet Sitters International (PSI) guidelines for pet care, have Background Checks and are Bonded/ Insured. I believe is providing superior customer service and as a result we have an A rating with the BBB, have numerous 5 star reviews online, we were awarded the BOB award in 2011 for the Best of the Best Pet Sitting Company chosen by the voters and also won the 2010 Angie’s Super Service award for Dog walking. Check out our Pet Sitters full bios and a detailed listing of the services and pricing we provide on our website

Dog Walkers May Want to Offer Pooper Scooper Services

Dog Poop CleanupPooper scoopers provide valuable services to anyone who owns a dog. These men and women comb through the backyard, front yard, and any other outdoor property and pick up any animal waste that is still sitting around. It may not be a particularly fun job, but it’s essential to many pet owners. Poop pick up and removal will make the yard look much better, and may even open it up to barbeques and other outdoor activities that had previously not been feasible.

Dog pooper scoopers can do their job in a number of ways. Most will work with a mini-shovel and a plastic bag. The waste can be easily scooped up with the shovel and dropped into the bag. For projects where there is a lot of animal waste involved, pooper scoopers might very well want to bring along one larger bag. At the end of the day, this larger bag can be emptied into a secure outdoor trash receptacle.

Individuals who are already self-employed as dog walkers (or dog walking services) will recognize a few advantages to adding a pooper scooper service to their job description or service offering. Because they will already have a list of dog owners that are customers who trust them, they can go to these customers and see if they would like them to remove the dog waste from their property in addition to their walking service.

Likewise, this is a way for dog walkers to make some decent extra money. If they are going to be walking dogs, then they will already be visiting the houses of many of their customers. They can simply offer to stay for an extra hour or two to perform some extra work. This will not require any transportation costs, as no gas money will need to be expended. As long as the dog walkers perform generally good work at picking up the waste, they will likely be asked back on a regular basis.

The dog waste disposal service should be offered for a moderate price. A very cheap price will not be worth the effort, while an expensive price will alienate customers, who will likely decline the service. By putting some careful thought into the process, dog walkers should come to some idea of how much to charge. If they need to adjust it one way or the other, they should feel free to go ahead and do this.

Photo: Flickr


Welcome to Wagabout – A professional dog walking and pet sitting company that services Bethesda, Chevy Chase,and Potomac, MD as well as parts of NW D.C. At Wagabout we treat your dogs like our own and give your four-legged family member…something to Wagabout! We offer dog walking, sitting, overnight care, dog transportation services, and food delivery services.

Please visit our website at for all service information. Also visit our Facebook page at to view numerous pictures of our dogs!

About Us:
KELLY- Hello! A huge source of inspiration for me has been my (furry) friend Emmie. (She’s that cute little white cock-a-poo in the gallery). After attaining a psychology degree, I went the opposite direction and focused on a life filled with taking care of animals. While working at various pet daycares, I wanted to make sure I could provide a way they could feel the happiness they give me. I knew I would need to create something unique and focused on the well-being of all pups. That is when Wagabout was born.

AJ- My love for dogs started when I was very young. They bring so much joy and greatness into our lives. I only wish to return that love and contribute to their health and happiness on a daily basis. In August of 2011, after realizing Kelly and I both share the same passion, we dedicated our everything into launching Wagabout. I can honestly say, this is what we were meant to do and we are so excited to be living out our dreams.

I grew up in a household full of animals and have always considered our pets to be part of the family. I love working with dogs and recently decided to make a career out of it. After spending several years volunteering at animal shelters, I found Wagabout. Kelly and AJ are true dog-lovers and they are both dedicated to providing the best care possible for their clients. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of such a great team.

-Certified Professional Pet Sitting Company by Pet Sitters International (PSI)
-Insured and Bonded
-Pre-Screened Featured in Chicago Tribune was featured in an article written by columnist William Hageman, which appeared in the newspaper on January 18, 2012 in the Chicago Tribune. The premise of the article was how to get companionship from dogs and other animals when you can’t or don’t own a pet.

Two ideas to have animal companionship without ownership mentioned in the article included visiting a local dog park and becoming a professional (or hobbyist) dog walker. Both of these activities would allow an animal lover to be around dogs but not have to have the full responsibility and costs associated with ownership.

The first idea that was discussed in the article was to visit a dog park. Elliot Silver, who owns and, commented that “visiting a dog park is a great way for people to be around dogs without the responsibility of owning one,” because it can be “a good way to get a child acclimated with dogs if they are thinking about buying or adopting one.”

Becoming a dog walker is also a great way to be around dogs, but it’s obviously more responsibility than simply visiting a dog park. Not only does a dog walking job allow a pet lover to spend time with dogs, but it also is a great way to earn some extra money on the side. Dog lovers can make their own hours and work when they wish to work. They have added responsibility to care for dogs, but instead of paying others, they will be paid.

Dog / pet lovers who wish to become dog walkers or even start a professional dog walking business can visit to learn how to start a dog walking business.

Colin’s Pack

Colin’s Pack specializes in dog pack hikes. We believe that dog pack hikes are one of the most effective ways to fulfill your dog’s needs to exercise, socialize, and have structure in his life. Our hikers take the position of pack leader, which benefits the dogs’ mental well-being, while the hike benefits their physical well-being. Visit or call

(310) 383-8595 for more info.