Out U Go! Dog Walking & Pet Care Franchise

Out U Go! is a multi-state franchise that specializes in individualized pet care services that includes pet sitting, dog walking and house sitting services. Out U Go started back in 1996 as a home based business with a single six-foot dog leash and big plans. After becoming hugely popular in their own communities, Out U Go wanted to expand their company to provide the best pet care services in the nation.

Now they have spread across three states, with plans to grow into a nationally recognized franchise. Current Out U Go locations include:

Out U Go: Services
Out U Go provides personalized pet services for busy owners. A professional staff member will take dogs for quality, daily walks for a minimum of 25 minutes. Pet sitting services includes spending quality time with a pet at the pet’s home. The pet sitter will keep the pet company and play with it while an owner is away during the day. Owners can now enjoy an evening out without having to worry about their pets.

Out U Go provides extended pet and house sitting services while owners are away from the home for extended periods. These services include a live-in pet sitter who will also take care of household needs such as bringing in the mail or watering the plants. Out U Go also provides taxi services for pets for trips across town to a pet groomer or meeting with other pet friends. Out U Go provides professional pet services for all household pets from dogs to gerbils.

Out U Go: Opportunities
Out U Go is a franchise-based business based in Chicago, with nationwide growth potential. There is plenty of room at this time for a business minded person to own and operate their own Out U Go. Out U Go provides pet people career opportunities to be surrounded by happy pets, while earning a livable wage.

For more information about Out U Go, including franchise opportunities, visit the Out U Go website.

Chasing Tail

Chasing Tail is a certified, licensed, and insured Dog Walking and Pet Sitting business in San Francisco founded and owned by Ally Verba. We continue to provide our clients with excellent service and care, and enjoy to take on new pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

We understand that the bond between one and ones pet is a strong one, and we try our hardest to rid of any stress and anxiety you may have when you are away. Upon making Chasing Tail your go-to for pet services, we can assure you that your loved one will always be in good hands. To be sure that your pet is always in a safe and healthy environment, we make sure that all of our employees become certified in Pet First Aid and Safety before ever taking on any responsibilities with the business.

Get a Job as a Dog Walker

Dog walking is a wonderful way to bring in some extra cash, especially around Christmas and the holidays! With many families either travelling out of town or dealing with their schedules being jam packed between holiday school programs and getting all their extra shopping done, poor Fido is often forgotten about. This is where you, the dog walker, come to the rescue.

There are several ways to find a job as a dog walker, and it’s important that you like dogs and get along well with dogs. The first step, of course, is to learn about dog walking and how to walk dogs. You can find information on DogWalker.com to learn how to become a dog walker. You don’t necessarily need to start a dog walking service, but you do need to know how to take care of dogs under your care.

If you want to become an independent dog walker, you’ll first want to get licensed with the city and get dog walker insurance and bonding. You want to make sure you’re protected in case something bad happens.

Once you’re licensed and insured, you need to let people know you are available to walk dogs. Word of mouth is a great way to find clients. Let friends who own dogs know about your service and also let people know at local dog parks or while on walks.  You can create a listing on DogWalker.com to let people searching online know about your service. You can also use a free site like Craigslist.

You should create eye-catching flyers with your contact information as well as your experience with different animals and jobs on it! The next step is to get these flyers spread around town as much as possible. Options of different places to hand out and hang out these flyers are places such as pet stores, local grocery stores, community bulletin boards, college lecture halls, and the local libraries. You can also get in touch with your local newspaper and place an ad so that when a reader is skimming through the pages they can come across your information and you will reach greater audiences this way.

Another option is to get a dog with an already established dog walking service. This will allow you to take on less risk and not have to worry about finding new clients. Look in your local phone book or on DogWalker.com’s dog walker jobs site to find dog walking services. Reach out to them and let them know your availability. With the holiday season bringing more clients, many dog walking companies are happy to have temporary workers.

Once your potential clients get in touch with you, or once you work for a dog walking service, it is important to be up front and honest about things such as your availability and the rate at which you charge for your services. Because dog walking over the holidays may just be a short term job with potential to turn into a long term or intermittent job, it is important to let people know your availability and rates.

Whether you plan to only walk dogs during the holiday season or to turn it into more of a profession, dog walking can be a good business.

Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc.

Park Cities Pet Sitter has been setting the standard for personalized pet care in the Metroplex since 1992. When you choose our service you get a mature, professional, reliable pet sitter whose focus is caring for your pets in the manner they are accustomed. PCPSI customizes the care for your pets by providing scheduled visits, daily walks, overnights stays, pet taxis and much more. Also, when choosing our service, you have the invaluable peace of mind knowing your “family” is given personal attention, which is customized to their specific needs including, diet and exercise, medications and lots of TLC!

Ashland Pet Concierge

Comfortable, Safe, At Home

With Ashland Pet Concierge you can keep your pets in their own safe, comfortable home because you know if you can’t take your pets with you on trips or to your workplace than there is no place like home.

For guilt and worry-free vacations and work days, pet owners wanting complete peace of mind select Ashland Pet Concierge as their in-home Pet Sitter or Dog Walker.

Ashland Pet Concierge also offers Reiki therapy to pets and the people that love them.

Steps a Pet Sitter Should Take to Become a Dog Walker

Pet sitting is a profitable and rewarding service being offered in the business world today. However, with numerous households having both parties holding down jobs outside the home, who is watching the family pet? This may be the perfect time for your pet sitting service to incorporate the addition of dog walking services to your pet sitting business. The following are steps a pet sitter should take to become a dog walker:

If you have an established business, send out an e-mail or talk to your clients and let them know that in addition to your pet sitting services, you are available to take the family dog on a much needed walk during the day while they are away at work. Not only does this give the dog a potty break, but the owners will feel happy knowing that after a long day at work, they won’t have to take care of this task when they get home from a long hard day at work. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that while you are away earning money for the family, your dog is being cared for and being taken for its daily walks.

Social Media:
Social media is the brightest way to stay in touch with your clientele and be ahead of the pack in your pet sitting service. You can post Facebook updates offering dog walking services to friends, family and your client base or even have them follow you on twitter. Post pictures of dogs that you walk and attach cute and catchy captions. If your pet sitting business has its own web page, dedicate a whole section to dog walking services and stress the benefits that this service not only offers to the dog, but to the owner as well.

Several other ways to spread the word about adding dog walking services to your pet sitting business are to visit veterinarian offices in the area and drop off business cards and brochures. Ask if they will let you post the flyers and cards for customers who bring in their dogs and are in need of your dog walking services. Also sign up with the local chamber of commerce in your city and go to the networking events to promote the additional dog walking services to your pet sitting business.

What to Tip a Dog Walker

Every year, people ask how much they should tip their dog walker. In a recession and/or bad economy like the one we’re all currently facing, the question becomes even more pressing for dog owners who want to say thanks to their dog walkers but not break the bank. Last year we discussed a Christmas tip for a dog walker, and this year we’ll discuss it in further depth.

During the holidays, especially Christmas and Hanukkah, most people feel that they should thank the postman and garbage collector. Hairdressers, estheticians and manicurists also get a little bit extra in their Christmas stocking as well, but all too often many people forget about their dog walker.

If you depend on someone to ensure that your best friend gets enough exercise it is imperative that you tip them as well. Your dog walker works just as hard as everyone else who receives tips, and many depend on tips during the year. Every day, or once or twice a week, your faithful walker takes Fido out to be exercised so that you can enjoy a happy and healthy pooch. Saying thank-you with a few dollars during the holidays is a way to show them how much you appreciate the time and effort they put into their job.

How much you tip your dog walker depends on how often your walker looks after your pet. If your walker exercises your pooch every day, or even twice a day, it is customary to give your dog walker a full weeks pay. On the other hand if they walk your furry friend once or twice a week tip them what you would normally pay them. Say for example if you pay them $25.00 per walk; surprise them with an additional $25.00. If your dog walker works three times a week, pay them accordingly.

Instead of just handing over the cash, perhaps you can get them a money holder card or a nice gift to go along with the cash. Even some home baked cookies or brownies would make a nice treat. Alternatively, you can give them a gift card from their favorite department store or a voucher for dinner at a nice restaurant. If you really want to surprise them give them a week off with pay, or send them on a mini weekend vacation.

Whatever you give, your dog walker will be appreciated. Of course they will probably not expect you to tip them hundreds of dollars, but showing them that you care with a little something extra will show your dog walker how much you appreciate the hard work that he or she does, and how grateful you are to have them in your employ.

Benefits of a Dog Running Service

Dog RunnerWhen thinking of exercise for a dog, many might think of hiring a dog walker or just taking the dog for a walk. While this might be an appropriate option for some of the less active breeds, most dogs need more exercise than owners expect. Hiring a dog running service is often the best way to ensure a pet dog is getting his or her needs met.

What is a Dog Runner?

A dog runner is exactly what the name implies. Instead of walking a dog around the block, the individual will take the dog for a run or jog. This helps provide more vigorous exercise while still allowing the pet an opportunity to relieve himself and enjoy time outside.

The Benefits:

Dog running has one main benefit: vigorous exercise. A walk is generally not enough exercise for most dog breeds because it is very mild exercise and does not properly utilize a dog’s energy. Running helps a dog work off more energy in the same amount of time.

Exercise has numerous health benefits for any dog, including stronger muscles and lower fat contents. Just as exercise benefits human health, it is vital for dog health and should never be overlooked by an owner.

Breed Benefits:

While dog running can help almost any pet, some dogs are especially in need of this type of service. Energetic breeds need more exercise than the breeds that are calmer. In general, any dog that was originally bred for work like pulling a sled, hunting, herding sheep or similar activities will need more exercise. Golden Retrievers, Shepherds, Labs and Huskies are examples of breeds that will need more exercise.

Hiring a Dog Runner:

Owners who are considering a dog running service will need to consider the needs of the dog and their own ability to ensure pets are getting enough exercise. Any busy owner who is unable to devote at least half an hour to an hour a day to running or walking with a dog should consider hiring an appropriate running service. This is particularly true of any energetic breed that requires more exercise because they will need at least half an hour of vigorous exercise a day to have a healthy life.

A dog runner is often well-liked by pets after they are properly introduced, but each pet is different so owners should ensure the dog gets along with the dog runner before allowing the dog to go out with the runner.

Dog running services are convenient for pet owners. It not only allows the dog to go outside, it provides the necessary exercise for good health. This invaluable tool to keeping pets healthy and happy will result in a better home life.

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