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Welcome to our Washington Dc dog walker site. We are excited about meeting your best friend! We love animals as well as having the opportunity to provide the city’s best dog walking and dog care service.

We are committed to working in harmony with owners and pets to provide complete satisfaction regarding our NYC dog walking services. We are happy to have made some great friends, seeing them grow from their puppyhood all the way to their wise, old years.

You can count on us to provide the very best in Washington DC dog walking. Our Puppy PT dog walking service doesn’t alternate our dog walkers; this ensures that your dog feels comfortable with their passionate and dedicated Pup-Pal.

Puppy PT dog walkers can keep your pet’s weight down. Overweight dogs are more susceptible to health problems as well as becoming prone to depression and anxiety. Dogs and owners can get into inactive routines. Maintain your dog’s healthy weight through our services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our Puppy PT dog walking services.


Cost of Dog Walking Services in Nashville

Working long hours, going on vacation, or unable to give your best friend all the exercise he needs? Hiring someone to walk your dog in Nashville, Tennessee probably isn’t as expensive as you might think it would be. There are a number of pet professionals that will come to your home anytime during the day and take your dog for a walk (cleanup included).

Most professional dog walking rates start around 15 to 20 dollars for a 30 to 60 minute visit, which includes a walk or possibly even a trip to the dog park or dog run in the neighborhood. These rates could be higher or lower depending on the travel time to your home. The cost of walking additional dogs can range between 2 and 3 dollars per dog, but it depends on your particular dog walking service.

Many of the professional dog walking services are willing to provide other forms of care for your pet during the visit without charging extra, including feeding, watering, and giving medication. If your dog has a play date at a dog park (like Warner Park in Nashville), this too can be accommodated by at least one dog walking service, but for a higher fee.

For a small additional fee another dog walking service in the Nashville area will even take your dog for a run (dog jogging is very popular, too). Regardless of your dog walking needs, the wide selection of dog walking services in the Nashville area ensures those needs will be met. If you’re looking for a Nashville dog walker, you’ve come to the right place.

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Popular Dog Parks in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Dog ParkWhether on a short visit, on vacation, or a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, knowing where to take your dogs for some exercising and socializing with other pets is important. Even if you have a big yard, dogs like to have some sensory stimulation and meet with other dogs. It will also benefit you as a dog owner, to exercise with your pet. In Nashville, there are currently three parks for dogs, where you can take your precious pooch and play until it gets tired and wants to get back home for some much-deserved treats or biscuits. The following is a list of dog parks in the Nashville area.

Shelby Bottoms is located at Shelby Avenue at S 20th street. The hours for this park are from sunrise until 8 pm. It is behind the Shelby Park Community Center.

The Centennial Dog Park is located at 2500 West End Avenue and is open from dawn until 8 pm.

Warner Dog Park is opened from dawn until dusk and is located at 50 Vaughn Road in Edwin Warner Park. These three parks are considered the metro area dog parks.

In general these parks require dog owners to have dogs vaccinated for rabies and wear id tags at all times, dogs must be leashed outside the fence area, when entering and leaving the area, owners enter at their own risk and are responsible for their dog’s behavior, including removing an aggressive dog immediately. Another regulation is that pit bulls or dogs that have the physical characteristics of a pit bull are not allowed in the parks, as well as female dogs that are in heat. Kids under 10 years are not allowed in the fenced area and adults must supervise kids at all times.

In addition, puppies under four months of age are not permitted in the metro parks, dog food, human food, or glass containers are not allowed, dog grooming, spiked collars are not allowed as well, and only two dogs per handler are allowed. Organized activities, shows, and events are prohibited in the parks.

All regulations for the metro area dog parks can be found on the city’s website.

Although these are the only three metro area dog parks, there are other dog parks in near areas.

Centennial Dog Park Photo: Flickr

Top Dog Walker Search Terms

Search engine traffic from websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are important for many websites, and DogWalker.com is no different. Since many people ask what keywords and terms are bringing traffic to DogWalker.com, I thought I would share some of that information with you.

In the last 30 days, there have been 4,299 keywords/phrases that drove traffic to the site from Google. The keyword traffic was similar from Bing and Yahoo as well. There have been over 11,000 unique visitors to the website in the last month.

Here are the 10 most popular terms driving traffic to DogWalker.com:

  • Dog Walker
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Walkers
  • Dog Walking Services
  • How to Become a Dog Walker
  • Dogwalker
  • Tips to Hire a Dog Walker
  • Dog Walking Service
  • Dog Walker Resume
  • Become a Dog Walker

Miami Dog Parks

Dog Run in MiamiDog owners in the greater Miami area (and elsewhere in Miami-Dade County) can take advantage of the perfect weather for outdoor activities by using one of the many available dog parks located throughout the city. Different types of dog parks offer different experiences for the dogs and owners.

Dog friendly parks permit the owner to bring their leashed dog, with proof of current registration and vaccination, for an outdoor excursion. Provided waste bags and waste baskets make it easy for the owners to clean up after their pets. Thirteen dog friendly parks are available, including Acadia Park, Kings Meadow Park and Biscayne Shores, and Gardens Park.

Usually part of a larger park, dog parks provide a fenced area for dogs to enjoy a variety of activities. Dog owners can use the available equipment for training their pet to perform stunts, or enjoy a quick cool down at one of the drinking water or water spray fountains. Northwest Regional Dog Park at East Greynolds Park, one of the three available dog parks, offers separate areas for small or large dogs.

Dog run parks provide the final type of recreational area suited for dogs. These parks have a fenced area entirely dedicated to allowing dogs to run free without leashes, but they do not provide the amenities such as bag dispensers, waste containers or water fountains. Two parks, Lago Mar Park and Tropical Park, provide this type of dog facility.

Take advantage of these wonderful parks to spend a day giving your canine friends the opportunity for some fun exercise and socialization. If you aren’t able to take your dog to the park, hire a Miami dog walker who will be happy to spend a few hours at your local park. Your dog will be very happy!

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Cost of Dog Walking in Miami

miami dog walkersMiami is known for its beautiful weather and warm temperatures. When the thermometer rises past 90 degrees, who the heck wants to go out and walk the dog? Not only can you hire a dog walker to walk your dog when you’re busy, but you can also find a local dog walking service that will be happy to take your dog out for a walk during the hot summer days when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your air conditioned home.

There are many professional dog walking services in Miami, and costs are comparable across these businesses. Many services offer walks starting at fifteen minutes in length, for which you can expect to pay about $15 for one dog. Longer walks are more economical. Thirty minute walks cost around $20, while an hour long walk will cost about $30-$40. Services for multiple dogs usually include a charge of $5 to $7 for each additional dog.

Be aware that some dog walking services require extra charges on the weekends or holidays, for canceled walks, or for walks scheduled less than 24-hours in advance. When you hire a dog walker you can expect them to take your dog on a leashed walk through your neighborhood and make sure that your canine pal’s paws are clean before leaving.

With many dog walkers, more services are provided with longer walks. Some dog walkers will provide your pup with treats and change your dog’s water and food at no additional cost. A few services administer medicine to your dog at your request. Many dog walkers will take your dog to a Miami dog park close to your neighborhood. The best dog walkers will maintain good communication with you about your dog’s behavior and will reinforce the training that you provide your dog.

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Benefits Of Dog Walking Services

Dog walking companies have risen in popularity over the past several years due to the increasingly busy schedules of dog owners. Exercise is important for dogs of all ages, and a dog walking service can help owners provide it.

A dog walking service offers more than just routine walks. Many dog walkers take the pups on dog runs to maximize the needed exercise. To socialize a dog, services may include visits to a dog park or trails. Dog walking companies may also perform taxi services. If an owner can not find time to take a dog to the vet or groomer, the dog walker will provide transportation and supervision.

A dog walking company may also provide private boarding for a pet. For owners who would rather keep their dogs at home, some services provide day and night time pet sitting. This is ideal for dogs that need to remain on a specific schedule. Other services may include medication dispensing, feeding, and cleaning a puppy’s crate or potty pads.

Dog walkers are ideal for those who can’t meet the demands of their precious pets. A quality dog walking service can fill in the necessary gaps by keeping dogs happy and safe.

Great Dog Shop in New Orleans: Just Dogs! Gourmet

New Orleans Dog ShopWhen my wife and I travel, we aren’t usually able to take our puggle, Lucy. After a couple of days without her waking us up or cuddling on the couch with us, we tend to miss her quite a bit. It seems like no matter where we travel, we always visit a local dog store to pick up a treat for Lucy.

New Orleans is one of my most favorite cities in the United States, and we had a great vacation in the big Easy last week. In between visiting antique shops, art galleries, and other boutiques in the French Quarter, we saw Just Dogs Gourmet, a cute dog shop on Royal Street. We stopped in and saw shelves of freshly baked treats and immediately thought about Lucy.

We spent several minutes speaking with the store’s owner, Mike Frome, and he recommended that we visit the store again the next day so the treats would be as fresh as possible and not break during the afternoon. It was a good suggestion since we spent much of the day walking around the French Quarter, and I am sure they would have broken.

Ironically, that evening, we bumped into Mike at a restaurant in the Quarter and were able to continue our conversation with him from the afternoon. Mike gave us some great tips for restaurants and attractions, and we had a nice time chatting with him… it was like we had known him for years.

In fact, we sort of did know him. My Dad visited his store a year ago, and he told him about DogWalker.com. When I was in the store, Mike showed me that he had bookmarked this website after my Dad’s visit. He also mentioned that he emailed me from the store, and I just found that email. What a small world!

If you’re in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and you miss your favorite dog, stop by Just Dogs! Gourmet (813 Royal St. at St. Ann St.) and pick up some great, homemade treats. Tell Mike you read about the store on DogWalker.com!

Top Dog Walker City Searches

As you can imagine, people from all over the United States visit this website looking for a local dog walking service. While the majority of the traffic to DogWalker.com does come from people looking for dog walkers in large cities, there hundreds of searches for smaller cities and towns each month.

I did some research using Google Analytics, and I want to share the top 30 city landing pages in the last 30 days. Interestingly, some of the cities below are under served right now (less than 5 dog walkers listed), so it’s a good opportunity for some dog walking services in those cities.

Top 30 city searches on DogWalker.com (May 13 – June 13):

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Houston
  • Rochester, NY
  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • Boston
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • San Diego
  • Austin
  • Seattle
  • Helena
  • Sacramento
  • Phoenix
  • San Jose
  • Dayton
  • Denver
  • Salt Lake City
  • Milwaukee
  • Dallas
  • Portland, ME
  • Baltimore
  • Des Moines
  • Miami
  • Morgantown, WV
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Washington, DC

Casting Call: Los Angeles Dog Walkers Needed

Loryn White, who works for an LA based casting company called Doron Ofir Casting, is currently casting a docu-series revolving around the life of Los Angeles dog walkers. Posted below is a flyer with the official wording for the show. If you or someone you know might be interested in participating, please email Loryn (lwhitecasting@gmail.com) or give her a call (240. 441. 3512).

Dog Walkers in LA

DogWalker.com Featured in Real Simple

Real Simple MagazineI am very happy to report that DogWalker.com and DogGroomers.com have been featured in the upcoming July 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine. The magazine should be on newsstands in the next few days (and/or will be delivered to your mailbox).

The topic of the article in which the sites were discussed was the Summer Tipping Guide. I was asked what I thought would be an appropriate tip for dog walkers and dog groomers, and based on some insight shared by DogWalker.com and DogGroomers.com listed businesses, I was able to provide some information for the magazine to share with its readers.

I do think tipping is appropriate for dog walkers and dog groomers, and it’s not just for Christmas tips either. I don’t think a dog walker needs to be tipped after every walk, but I do think if a dog walker helps a dog owner out at the last minute, takes care of a dog for an extended period of time, or generally goes above and beyond for the dog or dog owner, he or she should be tipped.

Hope some dog owners read the article and offer tips to their dog walkers.

Take Your Career To the Dogs

dogtec.orgdog*tec has released a new career e-book for animal lovers who would like to make their living working with dogs. If you aren’t aware, dog*tec is an organization that can help people start a pet business, such as a dog walking service. dog*tec offers a variety of in-person classes and courses that are helpful to people who sign up.

The free download covers key questions about getting started in the field of your choice, be that walking, sitting, training, dog daycare, or boarding. What school or program should you attend? Which books should you read? How much money will you need? Should you look for a job or work for yourself? What resources will help you succeed?

Get all the answers by downloading a free copy of Going To The Dogs? at www.dogtec.org.

Important Paperwork Dog Owners Should Keep Handy

Dog Visiting VeterinarianOwning a dog is a full time commitment and pet owners should be prepared in the event that their dog is in need of veterinarian assistance or other emergency care. To be ready for these unforeseen circumstances dog owners should be vigilant with regards to their dog’s papers since most veterinarians, dog daycares, kennels, and even some dog walkers will require them before giving service. Knowing where these documents are safely kept can help save time, money, and frustration in the future.

One set of paperwork that an dog owner will want to keep track of is the dog’s registration with the city and state, if they are required. Not being able to show that the dog is registered can get owners fined. In some places there are certain things that a dog can only do if it has been registered. These include being able to enter city parks with a dog and using dog daycare service providers.

Dates and lists of shots are also important to have handy. Without these records it will not be possible to get a dog registered or receive a license to have one. This will require the dog to receive the shots again at the expense of the owner. It is also important to maintain up-to-date information of the type of medication a dog is taking. Vets may need the information in the case of an emergency and dog services such boarding will also need the information to take care of the dog in the owners absence. Dog daycare centers and kennels may also require that the dog owner have this paperwork handy.

All of these can be especially important in the event of moving. If a dog should need to visit a new vet, it would be best to be able to provide that vet with the most recent information regarding the dog.

Photo: Flick

Paw Walker

Dog walking daily Monday through Friday and cat visits when people are away.

NYC Dog Walking

Dog Walking in NYCOne of the most alluring and profitable small business operations in the New York City area is the business of dog walking. The city is a busy and cramped place already, and dog walking is tough for many, particularly for those with jobs that occupy their days. Having the benefit of a dog walker is a serious advantage for those with high-energy dogs; leaving a dog like this in the house all day can result in behavior problems and destruction of the interior.

There are many different businesses and private, one-person operations throughout the city, reflecting two distinct aspects of this great career; dog walking is in demand and it is profitable. There are actually more private individuals operating walking services than staffed businesses but there is a significant number of both. While most would not expect it, dog walking is one of the few services that is both affordable and profitable. Many dog walkers charge between $20 and $50 for each dog, per walk, and those that charge by the hour charge nearly identical prices.

Considering that one person can walk up to four dogs comfortably, with the right training, the daily profits can add up quickly, even with just a few clients. This makes NYC dog walking a great business opportunity for just about anyone that loves dogs and has the time to dedicate to it. The only real requirements are obtaining a business license, around $100 or so, and being properly trained in the handling of multiple dogs.

Learning the “pack mentality” is one of the most essential steps, as even the most docile dogs can change quickly when confronted with the right situation. Obtaining this knowledge, and any skills or certifications available, can be instrumental in building, maintaining and growing a reliable customer base. Those seeking to obtain the right training and certifications need to look no further than one of the New York City chapter of the Humane Society or the ASPCA website.

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All Season Pet Sitters

Are you a busy pet owner looking for reliable friendly pet care? Call us! We are an independent, owner run and operated professional pet sitting service. We offer in home pet sitting, dog walks, vacation service and more.

Pet First Aid Certified, Licensed, Insured and Bonded. Our professional experience with companion animals encompasses many years of private pet ownership, animal rescue, and shelter care work and over 25 years Veterinary experience. NAPPS & PUPS affiliates.

Call today to schedule your pet consultation.

Travels With Fido

Take your dog on vacationSari Reis offers tips on traveling with your dog this summer

Considering taking your dog on summer vacation with you this year? Great idea! However, you need to ask yourself some important questions before you start planning the trip.

First, is he healthy enough for travel? What kind of vacation would be fun for him? Is he adventurous? Does he like new situations? Does he get along well with people and other dogs? The answers to these questions will determine whether you want to go somewhere bustling with activity or a quiet cabin by a lake.

Once the general location is determined, make inquiries as to whether the place is dog-friendly. Some hotels permit dogs, but do not allow them to roam the grounds and they are not permitted at local attractions, restaurants, etc. Inquire if they have any size or breed restrictions. Dog-friendly spots invite Fido to join you just about anywhere you want to go and often have special dog trails, dog parks, dog beaches etc. Ensuring the location you choose will meet the needs of your pet, will be vital to your enjoyment and his.

Plan to have your dog with you at all times. Do not leave them alone at a hotel, campsite and certainly never, ever in a parked car while you are out enjoying the local color. If you must leave your dog for a period of time, look into kennels, doggie daycares and pet sitters in the area. If you make arrangements ahead of time, you won’t have the last minute concerns about what to do about the dog while you are at a “no dogs allowed” function.

Now that you have determined where you are going, you have to determine “how” you’re going to get there. Car? Plane?

If you are driving, make sure you have a secure means of containing the dog. That means using a crate, a special car seat, or a harness designed for vehicular travel. If your dog gets carsick, he should travel on an empty stomach. Keep the car well ventilated and always have plenty of water for him. Take frequent breaks for him to exercise and go potty and be sure to clean up after him. Although dogs love to stick their heads out the window, many dogs have sustained serious eye injuries from flying debris, so keep the windows only slightly cracked and never let a dog ride in the back of an open truck.

Considering flying? This is a good option if your dog is small enough to fit under your seat. Too many things can go wrong if the dog is crated in the cargo bay. An alternative for a larger dog is “Pet Airways”. They let all of the dogs travel in the cabin.

In either case, packing for your pet should include: medications, identification, medical records, toys, blankets, bed, food, treats, water, bowls, crate, sun screen, insect repellent, collar, leash, harness, life jacket, sweater, and a recent photo.

Only through proper planning and preparation can you ensure an enjoyable vacation for both you and your pooch. Safe travels!

Guest article written by Sari Reis, a Certified Humane Education Specialist and the Owner of Mission Valley Pet Sitting Services, a San Diego dog walker and pet care company. For more information you can reach her at 760-644-0289 or at www.missionvalleypetsitting.com.

Photo: Flickr

Have a Dog? Hire a Housekeeping Service

The care of a dog is a full time job that even the most dedicated owner can sometimes find difficult to keep up with. Housekeeping services that are normally engaged in keeping your house cleaned and kept up in the wake of your family are increasingly offering extended services to help with the clean up issues as a result of the family dog. Focusing on all the household cares of a dog, including intense carpet cleaning, hair removal, and window washing.

Hiring a housekeeping service to clean up after your dog is a great idea for busy households, professionals that have work schedules that don’t allow for additional cleaning time, or those that feel their own cleaning efforts are not substantial. The work that is required to care for a dog is very time consuming, and for most the efforts involved in cleaning up after them is not even considered or counted. A housecleaning service can get the job done on a biweekly or weekly basis so that the work does not pile up.

With time, the smells, debris and marks left behind by your pets can create a living environment that is less than sanitary if you are not constantly cleaning up after them. If not dealt with, some dog messes can ruin and even destroy household furnishings or decor, so it is very important that you are around to do this cleaning yourself or hire someone that can get the job done. Additionally, light cleaning is needed to keep the home healthy and livable for everyone in the house, including your pets.

Caring for your dog is one of the necessary parts of responsible ownership, but the household cleaning is something that both you and your family deserve. When you have a busy lifestyle or are concerned about the cleanliness of your home, hiring a professional to do the job gives you peace of mind and guarantees that the cleaning gets done right.

Free Business Web Seminar for Dog Pros

dogtec.org The business consultants at dog*tec have recorded a free web seminar sharing advice on starting or growing your dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, dog boarding, or dog daycare business. If you aren’t aware, dog*tec is an organization that can help people start a pet business, and the organization offers a variety of in-person classes and courses that are helpful to people who sign up.

The web seminar covers legal and liability protection set up, rates and service packaging, policy setting, and easy, inexpensive approaches to marketing—in short, everything you need to learn how to succeed as a dog pro.

Download dog*tec’s free web seminar at www.dogtec.org.

dog*tec Business CD for Walkers & Sitters Makes Life Easier

dogtec.orgdog*tec is an organization that can help people start a pet business (such as a dog walking or pet sitting service), and the organization offers a variety of in-person classes and courses that are helpful to people who sign up.

This collection of ready-made business administration and workflow documents makes running a dog walking or pet sitting business smooth and efficient. Designed for easy addition of your business name and logo, the CD saves time, improves business practices, and helps you put your best professional foot forward with clients.

Get contracts, screening and intake documents, care summary materials, emergency and incident materials, employee documents, and administrative tools—more than 40 documents to help you run a successful business.

Learn more about dog*tec’s Business CD for Walkers & Sitters.