Should a Dog Wear a Jacket or Sweater in the Winter

Clothes for dogsYou’ve seen them on dogs walking down the street in colder months. The decorated sweaters and dog jackets that many pets sport seem to be used as much for show as they are used for practical purposes. Dog clothing is great for some dogs, but as you can see in the picture to the left, dogs like Lucy (a 3 year old puggle) hates wearing any clothes, and she won’t go to the bathroom is she has a dog coat or sweater on her!

Don’t let people’s tendency to like stylish pet clothes fool you. Dog jackets and other clothing for dogs are appropriate for many dogs when the temperatures start to fall. Although insulating clothes may not be necessary for all breeds of dogs, you can be certain that when you use one to keep your animal friend warm, it will thank you in its own way, especially as the temperatures dip well below freezing.

A number of dog families were bred for warmer climates. Types like chihuahuas, dachshunds and other miniatures originated in temperate tropical climates but have nonetheless found their way to owners all over the world. Your dog shouldn’t have to suffer for its high appeal factor, but they simply don’t have enough of the thick, multilayered insulating fur that keeps larger cold-climate breeds warm in low or freezing weather.

If your dog seems cold outside when you take them for walks or go to play in the crisp air, you might want to get them a sweater, jacket or vest. One very common sign of a cold dog is shivering, and this should be taken into consideration when thinking about buying clothing for your dog.

Keep in mind that many dog breeds with adequate fur, however, can easily overheat if they are given insulating clothing, so they generally go unclothed in all but the most irregular cold conditions. For instance, it would probably be unwise to put a jacket on your Husky or Alaskan Malamute.

If you have questions about whether your dog should wear a jacket or sweater, you should ask your veterinarian. Keep your dog comfortable this Winter, although that may not actually mean putting some clothing on him or her.

Using a Dog Walking Harness

Dog CollarA dog walking harness is used very much like a collar, except that a harness goes over the dog’s entire body rather than just around the dog’s neck. In many ways, the harness is more effective for the person walking a dog because it allows for more control over the dog’s movement and causes less pain if the dog pulls on the leash.

There are some guidelines for using a dog walking harness that every dog owner and dog walker must know and respect in order to keep both the person and the dog safe.

In order for a harness to be effective, it must fit the dog properly. Harnesses come in all different sizes, so always measure your dog to make sure you have the right harness size. This will prevent the dog from slipping out of the harness or from discomfort that results from a harness that is too small. Generally, the packaging on the harness will say the weight of the dog it’s meant for, and many will actually give information about the breed of dog that a harness should fit.

Always make sure that the harness is put on your dog properly or else it will not work. The harness usually goes over the chest and back, with adjustable straps to fit your dog perfectly. If your dog has never worn a harness before, make sure he is used to it before taking him out on a walk. This will prevent the dog from being scared or not knowing how to react to the harness.

Having full control over a dog when walking is very important. It will help keep the dog safe, generally more calm, and it will allow the dog walker to steer the dog clear of danger without hurting the dog or letting the dog hurt others.

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Peter’s Park Dog Run in Boston

If you reside in the greater Boston area and would love to find a great place for your dog to run off leash, you will want to check out Peter’s Park Dog Run in Boston, Massachusetts. This family friendly location is perfect for any dog lover or dog walker.

Peter’s Park provides 13,000 square feet for dogs to run offleash and get plenty of exercise, all while socializing with other dogs who are in the park. The park also has an enclosed space of 3,000 square feet that is just the right size for smaller dogs to enjoy without fearing for their safety. This park offers a safe, clean area where dogs can run and play without being confined to a leash.

The safety of dogs and their owners also plays a huge part in why Peter’s Park Dog Run has been so successful. Dogs that are known to be aggressive are not permitted in the park. This allows the owners of both large and small dogs to have the peace of mind in knowing they will be safe. The park also has occasional events that help dogs and owners socialize and get acquainted with each other.

Peter’s Park Dog Run is conveniently located in Boston’s South End and is the perfect location for families to spend quality time with their pets and each other.

Fetch! Pet Care of Henderson

Locally owned and operated, you can feel confident that your pet will get the best care available in Henderson and Las Vegas. We offer a humane alternative to kennel boarding by providing loving, in-home overnight and/or daily care to all types of pet in the most professional and reliable manner possible.

We offer Private Dog Walks, Cat and Small Pet Visits, In-Home Overnight Sitting, Doggie Day or Evening Care, Pet Taxi and Hotel Pet-Sitting.

Fetch! Pet Care is here for you 365 days a year and you can expect professional, reliable and caring service from us every time. We guarantee it!

Our staff of Pet Care Specialists are genuine pet lovers who are pleased to help keep your pet healthy and happy by maintaining their daily routine and are expertly trained to give your pets the extra TLC they deserve. And of course we carefully select, screen, train, and insure our pet sitters for your protection and peace of mind. Give us a call at (702) 425-6612 for an initial FREE in-home consultation to meet each other and assess your pet care needs.

Precautions for Dog Walkers

Dog walking may seem like a simple enough task, but some extra safety measures should be taken before hitting the streets. Two specific instances that require safety precautions are in cases of extreme weather and in the event you have a big and/or aggressive dog.

When walking a dog in extreme weather, it’s quite important for the dog walker to dress appropriately. In cold situations, make sure to dress warmly enough to avoid illnesses and ensure that no body parts are exposed to avoid hypothermia and frost bite.

Be very wary in stormy weather. If walking a dog in a thunderstorm, stay away from large metal objects and from under large trees, and you may also consider using a poncho instead of an umbrella. This may seem like common sense, but when you’re walking a scared dog, sometimes the most obvious things are forgotten.

At night, bring a flashlight and avoid walking in the street. If you are concerned about walking at night, bring a cell phone and pepper spray, just in case. Often times, your dog may be the reason safety is needed. You should also wear reflective clothing so that cars can see you.

Always wear comfortable shoes when walking your dog. In the event your dog gets off its leash, you may need to run after it. Your dog should always be wearing a collar with your information on it, in case it gets loose. To prevent this, make sure you use a strong leash. If your dog is aggressive, a muzzle is advised to prevent your dog from biting people or other dogs.

Lastly, bring treats for your dog, to entice them out of doing something, such as fighting with another dog, or in the event it gets loose from its leash. It’s always best to be safe, rather than sorry, even when just walking your dog.

Pet Bloggers Meet at BlogPaws 2011

Pet Blogger conference.The new online pet blogger community at is supported by a conference where pet bloggers can meet each other nose-to-nose and also connect with brands they want to meet. BlogPaws 2011 is a social media conference designed to help bloggers improve their blogging skills, use Facebook and Twitter more effectively, raise funds for shelters and rescues, and be better writers or marketers – whatever they want most!

The organization had two successful conferences in 2010 and they are planning a third in 2011. The 2011 conference will be held at Tysons Corner, Virginia, just outside of Washington DC on August 25-27th. The conference is a good venue for bloggers to meet, discuss, and maybe learn how to make money from blogging!

Members of the BlogPaws community get lots of fun perks – including discounts on events, and the opportunity to connect with brands for product reviews, sponsorships, and more! They want to make sure the pet blogger community is properly represented online!

Anyone interested in pets, not just pet bloggers, are welcome at the BlogPaws conferences. The conferences attract bloggers, major brands, new companies, veterinarians, professionals in the pet industry, and even kids! Learn more about BlogPaws, the community, and their fun conferences at

Health Benefits of Dog Walking

Health Benefits of Dog WalkingWalking a dog is not only a great way to give your pet some exercise, but it is also a very healthy activity for you. Being outside and getting some sunshine is important for your well-being, and dog walking is a great way to get some extra activity. Just a few minutes a day of playing outside with a dog can positively impact your health. Having positive contact with animals is also good for your emotional well-being.

If you are walking a dog on a regular basis, you can really dog good things for your heart. Most dogs can keep up with just about any pace you set, so feel free to walk briskly… just watch out for roots and rocks if you’re on a path or off road, and watch out for ruts and potholes if you’re on the street.

If you are in great shape, you might want to try dog jogging or running with a dog. Most dogs will love it, but they will need to be well disciplined, so they don’t run off to track a scent or cross in front of your path. You should also think about using a retractable leash to give your dog some slack. Just remember that some short nosed dogs might find it tough to keep up, and if your dog is slowing down, respect his or her limitations.

Dog walking is an excellent way to get some extra activity, and can be great for your health, especially when you are doing it regularly. You can enjoy the health benefits of dog walking and spend quality time with your pet simply by going outside for a few minutes each day. It’s one reason just about all dog walkers are in good shape.

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No Free Listings???

I will be happy to list my company on your website if it’s free.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say something like that to me, I could probably give away free listings! Generally, my reply is something to the effect of, “if you walk my dog for free for the next couple of months, I will gladly give you a free listing.”

All kidding aside, I can’t just give away free listings on  I bought the domain name a little over a year ago, and as you might be able to imagine, it was expensive (do a Google search for top domain name sales and see how much good domain names sell for).

After purchasing the domain name from the person who originally bought it in the 1990s, I then spent a significant amount of money building a website, because had I tried to cut corners, the site probably wouldn’t do well in Google, and it certainly wouldn’t look nice or be easy for dog owners to find dog walkers.

As a result of the hard work from my development team, owning the exact match domain name, significant search engine optimization, and local marketing efforts, not only ranks very well in the search engines, but it is getting considerable traffic from other sources. The site has grown from around a couple hundred visits a month to over 8,000 in the last 30 days alone – all of this in about one year!

I know there are a number of free websites out there where you can list your dog walking services. I also know that probably outranks them for most terms, and I would bet this site gets more traffic, which will help your business.

I made significant expenditures to start this business, and it takes a great deal of time to operate. I have been happy to do it because I know the fruits of the labor will pay off for advertisers, who will continue to renew annually.

I appreciate all of the feedback I’ve received, and will continue to work hard to bring you new business and to help dog owners find dog walkers, no matter where they live in the United States.

Fun Games to Play with a Dog in a Dog Park

Games to play with a dog.Dog owners and dogs can both benefit from fun activities that require some exercise and thinking. Whether you’re a dog owner or a dog walker, when taking your dog to the dog park, you may want to try some new activities to keep you and your dog entertained.

One activity that can be fun is hide and seek, but obviously not in the traditional way where you or your dog would hide! You can hide a treat somewhere near you and watch as your dog searches and finds it. This is fun for your dog (when he is rewarded with the treat), and it also helps the dog’s sense of smell.

Playing fetch with your dog is a traditional but fun way for your dog to have fun and get plenty of exercise. Make sure you have a dog friendly ball or tennis ball to toss. It should be large enough that you don’t have to worry about your dog swallowing it. If you’re in a public park with other dogs (especially larger ones), keep in mind that they may steal the ball and run away with it.

You can even make training your dog a game! Try teaching your dog to roll over and follow your commands. Offer rewards when the dog actually follows the commands correctly. This is fun and will benefit you and the dog.

A flying disc is another one of the many fun activities that you can do with your dog. You can throw the disc to your dog and watch the dog catch it (or at least try to!). Eventually, the dog will get the hang of it. Dogs usually enjoy going after the disc better than going after a ball because the disc is a bit more challenging.

Many dogs enjoy playing tug of war. Tug of war is a great mental exercise for your dog. Make sure the rope is strong enough and long enough to play. If your dog eats pieces of the rope, especially long ones, it might cause problems when he goes to the bathroom…. not so fun!

You can also work on fun tricks with your dog. You can bring plastic hoops and teach your dog to jump through them. When the dog makes it through the hoop, he/she should be rewarded with a delicious treat.

Wells Park Dog Run in El Cajon

Dog Run in Southern CaliforniaWells Park in El Cajon, California is a fabulous place to bring dogs for an afternoon of fun and exercise. For people, it is a break from the rapid routine of the fast life. The park is a place where humans and pets can kick back and enjoy the fresh air. People can sit, picnic, and enjoy a romp with their dog. There is a nice lawn and beautiful shade trees.

The entire park is well lit, people can bring their dogs to the park after work for evening exercise. Indeed, Wells Park is a safe place for canines and their people to run and play in El Cajon. Dog walkers also enjoy bringing their dogs to the Park.

Wells Park is as beneficial to people as it is for dogs. There is plenty of social interaction, fresh air and invigorating exercise. There is pleasure and laughs when watching animals in motion like when dogs are running and playing. The dog park idea is highly recommended by such organizations as the ASPCA because of their health benefits, the way they allow dogs to get rid of their pent up energies stored up while being in houses and close back yards.

Dogs are not so prone to incessant barking and other nervous behaviors. It is time for bonding between dogs and their people. Certainly, the Wells Park is a favorite destination for dogs in southern California.

Photo: Courtesy of the City of El Cajon website.

Dog Beach in San Diego

Dog Beach at Ocean BeachAs the first leash free pet beach in the United States, Dog Beach in San Diego, California is a hub of history as well as fun times with your dog. Of course, it does not hurt that it is located on the northern end of one of the city’s most incredible beaches, Ocean Beach!

The residents of Ocean Beach have a culture all their own. The affluent, laid back atmosphere makes for the perfect meet and greet location, day date, or short excursion to just get away from it all for a few hours. The OBceans (o-BEE-shuns, that is what the residents of Ocean Beach call themselves) go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome, and if you have a dog, well, it’s like you just gave them the secret handshake.

In fact, if you happen to be a dog walker in San Diego, it’s likely that you’ve taken your dogs to Dog Beach for exercise and socialization. Dog Beach is a great place for dogs, dog owners, and dog walkers.

Because there are very few worries about crime or vandalism, Dog Beach is open 24 hours a day. The area contains some of the bluest water and the whitest sands on the Pacific Ocean, and is routinely described as one of the most untouched areas of the beachfront. Although you may have to watch for the occasional owner who does not clean up after his pet, the relaxed environment would most likely make this event an icebreaker to meet a new friend rather than a cause for any malcontent.

Photo: Flickr

Another Snow Morning in Central Park

Central Park, New York CityI am originally from New Hampshire, but I’ve made New York City my home for the last 8 years. Growing up in New Hampshire, I became use to big snow storms, and I really love fresh snow. In New York, we don’t get very much snow. Until this year. We’ve had at least 3 snow storms so far this year, dropping 6 or more inches each time.

This morning, there was a fresh 6″ of snow on the ground when I woke up. Since my wife had to drive to work in the snow, I left my apartment early to clear her car of snow and turn on the heat. The sun was just coming up and I thought that it would be the perfect day to take Lucy (our 3 year old puggle) to Central Park.

If you haven’t seen Central Park with fresh snow, you are missing out. The trees and ground are covered, and it’s a beautiful thing (until the snow turns yellow of course!). Lucy spent an hour running around in the snow with a couple of other dogs. For some reason, she absolutely LOVES fresh snow. She loves to stick her head in the powder and eat it.

It was quite amazing to see a pretty empty Central Park, and it was awesome to be able to run around and make some fresh tracks. We arrived at the perfect time, just before the usual bustle of the Park.

We’re now relaxing inside after a fun morning playing in the snow. If you received some snow today, I hope you had fun and stayed safe!

Snow in Central Park

Become a Dog Trainer

Become a Dog TrainerAnimal lovers, especially those who have a dog walking business, should consider becoming a dog trainer. This can be a great way to work around dogs, help dogs, and make a living. Some dog walkers consider becoming a dog trainer to make more money, since they already have a client base and interact with dogs frequently.
A degree is not required to become a dog trainer, but education is very recommended (a dog trainer handbook may be a good way to learn online). There are dog training academies that help people learn how to train dogs. It can also be beneficial for someone to follow another trainer in order to gain valuable experience. It is also recommended to read upon various dog training books and online resources to learn added information.

Becoming a dog trainer will mean that you will have to learn to work with humans and dogs. You will be teaching other people how to work best with their dogs, and train them to do what they want. It is important for you to communicate well with the dog owners.

You will need to learn different behavior problems that dogs have. You will also need to learn ways of correcting behavior. Other things you will need to learn includes nutrition, health and dog care. All of these aspects will help you become very knowledgeable about dogs and their needs.

Becoming a dog trainer can be a great career option for anyone who enjoys animals. If you are interested in helping people and dogs, consider training to become a dog trainer.

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Raw Food Diet for Dogs

A raw food diet for dogs is basically just like it sounds, dogs are given raw animal meat and bones instead of processed dog food. Common types of meats, bones and organs given to dogs are: chicken, beef, venison, oxtail, pork and rabbit.

What are the benefits of feeding dogs a raw diet?

Many positive results have been noted when dogs start a raw food diet. Some of these include: better digestion, less shedding, smaller stools, fresh breath, cleaner teeth, less allergies, healthier skin, less shedding and an overall improvement to their health. Dogs that are given a diet of raw meat are thought to live longer, happier lives.

The idea behind the diet is that thousands of years ago dog ancestors did not have access to any cooked vegetables or meat, their diet was only raw foods. They need vitamins, amino acids and nutrients that can only be found in raw ingredients. Once meat and bones are cooked they lose these necessary nutrients. Cooked bones are known to be a serious hazard to the dog, as they can splinter and cause damage to their intestines.

You can learn more about a raw food diet for dogs and see how you can implement the diet for your dog. (Consult a veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet).

Are there any drawbacks to the raw diet?

Some veterinarians have expressed concern about the risks of bacterial contamination, a lack of dietary imbalance, and the possible internal injury that can be done by bones that are not well chewed. Some recommend only feeding a healthy dog a raw diet, not one that may already have problems with their immune system.

As with any health or diet changes for dogs or other animals, you should certainly consult with your veterinarian before starting or to learn more information.

Dr. Phillips Dog Park in Orlando

Dr. Philips Dog Park in OrlandoOne of the most popular dog parks in the Orlando, Florida area is Dr. Phillips Dog Park. While there have been a few reports of this park being hard to find it is definitely worth the trip. This dog park is part of the larger Dr. Phillips Community Park, and it offers two separate fenced off areas sorted by size and weight where dogs can run and play unleashed.  The park is named after Florida citrus businessman, Dr. Phillip Phillips.

Both areas are mostly grass covered and re-sodded regularly to create a comfortable experience for your four legged friends’ padded feet. A watering station is available near the entrances to help on those hot, sunny Florida afternoons and they even include a cleaning station if your pet is the type to get filthy wherever they go.

Plastic waste bags are also provided and the park usually has between 30 to 40 visitors per area on the weekends. This may seem like a lot but it is a comfortable fit for the size of each area. The only real negative is that the amount of trees is small so shady spots are limited, but they are available at the picnic tables if you wish to bring a lunch along with you.

The lawn is treated regularly for both fleas and ticks to help ease your mind. The park is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. so why not stop by and let your furry companion stretch his legs a bit. Orlando dog walkers are welcome!

Photo: Flickr

AKC Announces Most Popular Dog Breeds in US for 2010

Each year, the American Kennel Club (AKC) issues a list of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and the list for 2010 was released on January 27, 2010. The results are based on the number of registrations for each breed.

According to the AKC’s results, for the 20th consecutive year, the Labrador Retriever was named the most popular dog.  The list doesn’t distinguish between Yellow Labs, Black Labs, Chocolate Labs, or other variations, all of which seem very popular amongst dog owners. There were a couple of other shake-ups in the top ten results, but the ten most popular breeds remained the same.

Here are the top 100 dog breeds in the US for 2010 (according to the AKC):

1.) Labrador Retrievers
2.) German Shepherd Dogs
3.) Yorkshire Terriers
4.) Beagles
5.) Golden Retrievers
6.) Bulldogs
7.) Boxers
8.) Dachshunds
9.) Poodles
10.) Shih Tzu
11.) Rottweilers
12.) Miniature Schnauzers
13.) Chihuahuas
14.) Doberman Pinschers
15.) Pomeranians
16.) German Shorthaired Pointers
17.) Great Danes
18.) Siberian Huskies
19.) Shetland Sheepdogs
20.) Boston Terriers
21.) French Bulldogs
22.) Maltese
23.) Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
24.) Pugs
25.) Cocker Spaniels
26.) Australian Shepherds
27.) Pembroke Welsh Corgis
28.) Mastiffs
29.) English Springer Spaniels
30.) Brittanys
31.) Havanese
32.) Weimaraners
33.) Leonbergers**
34.) West Highland White Terriers
35.) Papillons
36.) Basset Hounds
37.) Bichons Frises
38.) Collies
39.) Bernese Mountain Dogs
40.) Miniature Pinschers
41.) Vizslas
42.) Bullmastiffs
43.) Bloodhounds
44.) Newfoundlands
45.) St. Bernards
46.) Rhodesian Ridgebacks
47.) Border Collies
48.) Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
49.) Akitas
50.) Chinese Shar-Pei
51.) Cane Corso**
52.) Scottish Terriers
53.) Bull Terriers
54.) Airedale Terriers
55.) Portuguese Water Dogs
56.) Cairn Terriers
57.) Chinese Crested
58.) Alaskan Malamutes
59.) Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
60.) Whippets
61.) Pekingese
62.) Lhasa Apsos
63.) Shiba Inu
64.) Australian Cattle Dogs
65.) Chow Chows
66.) English Cocker Spaniels
67.) Italian Greyhounds
68.) Dogues de Bordeaux
69.) Dalmatians
70.) American Staffordshire Terriers
71.) Great Pyrenees
72.) Samoyeds
73.) German Wirehaired Pointers
74.) Staffordshire Bull Terriers
75.) Japanese Chin
76.) Belgian Malinois
77.) Irish Setters
78.) Silky Terriers
79.) Irish Wolfhounds
80.) Brussels Griffons
81.) Old English Sheepdogs
82.) Icelandic Sheepdogs**
83.) Border Terriers
84.) Cardigan Welsh Corgis
85.) Bouviers des Flandres
86.) Afghan Hounds
87.) Keeshonden
88.) Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
89.) Basenjis
90.) Tibetan Terriers
91.) Black and Tan Coonhounds
92.) Parson Russell Terriers
93.) Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
94.) Giant Schnauzers
95.) Standard Schnauzers
96.) Borzois
97.) Wire Fox Terriers
98.) Gordon Setters
99.) Toy Fox Terriers
100.) Norwich Terriers

Staying Safe as a Dog Walker at Night

Dog Walking SafetyWalking a dog at night can be calming and peaceful with less distractions and no hot sun. Walking the dog at night can also be a necessity for people who work late, when night falls early during the winter, or for professional dog walkers whose services are needed at all hours.

The most important thing when walking a dog at night is safety. There are many precautions that can be taken to ensure both the walker and the dog’s safety while walking at night, and here are a few recommendations to stay safe.

Always carry a cell phone for emergencies. Others will be able to reach you and you can call for help if you need to. Be sure that someone knows that you are going for a walk and what time to expect you back. If they don’t hear from you by that time they can call on the cell phone.

Try to choose a well lit area to walk with sidewalks or shoulders to keep traffic away from you. Even if the area is well lit wear light colored clothing or even reflective strips on your clothes. Put a reflective vest on the dog or at least a piece or reflective tape on their collar. This can also be helpful if the leash gets away from you for some reason. A dog with any type of reflective on it is much easier to find in the dark.  Putting a bell on the dog’s collar can also be helpful.

If the area that you walk your dog is not very well lit be sure to carry a flashlight. It will make it easier to see where you are going and it will make it easier for oncoming cars to see you. Some people may wish to wear a hat with a built in flashlight to keep one hand free and one hand on the dog. These hands free flashlights are similar to what construction workers or cave hunters wear.

If the area you walk in makes you nervous at night it can be helpful to carry a safety whistle or an air horn. Drawing attention is not what a would-be attacker wants. Pepper spray can help in defense, but it can also aggravate an attacker so it might not be the safest way to defend yourself.

Walking the dog at night can be fun and a great way to get exercise. The most important thing is to enjoy it safely.

Photo: Flickr

Use a Professional Email Address

I want to share a quick marketing tip to dog walkers and aspiring dog walkers: use a professional looking email address!  Whether you use a free email service like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail, or you use an email address from your business website, the email address should look and sound professional.

Why is this important you might ask? If you list your contact information (including your email address) in a newspaper, bulletin board, Craigslist, or even on a dog walker directory like this, people will see it and make quick judgments about who you might be. Do you really not want someone to call you because of your email address? No Way!

For instance, let’s say you’re looking for a dog walker and you’re given 3 email addresses:


It’s highly likely that if you were choosing from the 3 email addresses above, you would most likely not be in touch with the third person on the list!

When everything else is equal, it’s important that you not disqualify yourself by using an unprofessional-looking email address! Set up a business email address – whether it’s on a free service or on your own domain name. With tough competition abounding, you’ll want to make sure you have a professional email address.