Dog Runs in New York City

New York Dog RunDog owners who live in New York City generally don’t have the luxury of letting their dog go for a run in their own backyard. In order for their dog to get a good amount of outdoor exercise, they need to either go for a long walk, let their dog off leash in select areas of parks like Central Park during the very early hours of the morning, or they can be taken to a local dog run.

In each borough of New York, there are a number of dog runs where (friendly) dogs can run freely and socialize with other dogs. Dog walkers in New York City like to take their dogs to the dog run because they are generally less stressful than offleash play, and the dogs in their care will be able to get more exercise than they would be able to get on a typical walk around the neighborhood.

As a dog owner that uses the services of a dog walker, I can tell you that it’s nice to come home and see my dog laying on the couch, worn out from running around and playing during the afternoon! I like it when my dog walker takes my dog to the dog run so she can get exercise during the day when I can’t take her.

If you’re looking for dog runs in New York, I put together a list of them by borough from the City of New York’s website:

Dog Runs in Manhattan
Dog Runs in Brooklyn
Dog Runs in Queens
Dog Runs in Staten Island
Dog Runs in The Bronx

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Off Leash Dog Parks in Austin, Texas

Zilker Park in Austin, TexasThe city of Austin, Texas has come to be known as a dog friendly city.  There are thousands of people who own dogs as pets in Austin, and many of them bring their dogs to public areas where they are able to socialize and interact with other dogs. The city of Austin Park and Recreation Department maintains twelve public offleash dog areas in the area for residents to use, and those parks and areas are listed below for your convenience.

Dogs may be off leash in the specified dog-friendly areas of certain parks during the hours of 5:00am – 10:00pm daily. When dogs are not on private property or within the confines of these areas during the set times, the city requires dogs to be on leash, and the leash must be no longer than 6 feet long. There is a maximum fine potential of $500 for violations. Dog owners and dog walkers in Austin are required to pick up their dog waste to help keep the area clean!

The city of Austin’s Off Leash Area Advisory Committee (OLAAA) serves as a liaison between the public and the city’s Parks Department. For more information about the parks and updated info, please visit the city website.  This information should be accurate as of 10/2010.

Dog Parks & Dog Runs in Austin:
Auditorium Shores 920 W. Riverside Dr.     (Bounded by Lake, S 1rst St, Riverside Dr and Bouldin Creek)
Bull Creek District Park 6701 Lakewood Dr.     ON LEASH ONLY
Davis White Northeast District Park 5909 Crystalbrook Dr.  (The portion of Northeast District park bounded by Lake Long Rd, Crystal Brook Dr and Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad right-of-way.)
Emma Long Metropolitan Park 1600 City Park Rd.  (The portion of Lake Austin Metropolitan Park bounded by Park Dr, the park fence on west side, Turkey Creek and top ridge of bluff line that overlooks Lake Austin. The main park from cashier’s booth to Lake Austin is -T a leash free area)
Norwood Estate IH35 at Riverside Drive    (In an area designated by the Director of Parks and Recreation Department)
Red Bud Isle 3401 Red Bud Trail Unit Cr.  (Redbud Isle south of Redbud Trail)
Onion Creek District Park 7001 Onion Creek Dr.     (The portion of Onion Creek District Park south of Chunn Road)
Shoal Creek Greenbelt 2600-2799 Lamar Blvd. (Shoal Creek hike and bike trail from 24th St to 29th St.)
Walnut Creek District Park 12138 N. Lamar Blvd.    (The portion of Walnut Creek District Park bounded by Cedar Bend Dr, Walnut Creek and the park fence on the west and east sides.)
West Austin Park 1317 W. 10th St.     (Between fenced in area that is located on the southwest corner)
Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd.   (Portion of Zilker Park bounded by Stratford Dr, Barton Springs Rd and Neff Rd the “Great Lawn” (formerly known as Park River Rd).)

Non Parkland Off-Leash Area
Far West (The right-of-way of Far West Blvd between Great Northern Blvd and Shoal Creek Blvd.)

Photo: Flickr Special Twitter Offer on TwitterWell, we finally signed up for an account on Twitter and are in the process of connecting with old friends and hopefully making some new ones as well. Twitter is a great service that will allow us to connect with dog owners and hopefully connect with people who are looking for a dog walker, so that we can refer them to dog walking companies already listed on

To help celebrate’s new presence on Twitter, we want to make a special offer available to companies who pay for a listing this week. For every $49 paid listing that is made on based on our new Twitter account, the parent company of will make a $20 donation to the non-profit pet organization of the dog walker’s choice.

Once you receive your email confirmation with a link to your live listing, just reply to it and mention your Twitter handle and the non-profit organization you would like to support. We will find the donation page on their website, and we’ll send them a donation within 24 hours.  We’ll also forward you a copy of the receipt so you will know your listing helped support a good cause of your choice.

This is a limited time offer, which will expire on October 11, 2010.

Riverside Park Dog Run

Riverside Park Dog RunOne of my favorite dog runs in New York City is in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  At the 72nd Street entrance to the park, there are two dog runs – one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. Since my dog Lucy is a 25 pound puggle who LOVES to run, we generally take her to the larger dog run, although the dog run for small dogs is also good if there are other playful dogs.

At nearly all hours during the day, there can be anywhere from a few dogs to several (10+ dogs) in the dog run. There’s a mix of dog breeds, and there’s also a mix of dog owners Upper West Side dog walkers that bring dogs to Riverside Park. The gravel in the park is well maintained, and there is a small pool that can be filled with the water hose if weather permits in the summer. This pool can be found in the larger dog run.

In the small dog run, there’s a unique feature to cool dogs off – a mister that gently sprays dogs (and people) during the hot days. In the late afternoon, the shadow from the West Side Highway helps to keep the smaller dog run shady. There is also a large tree in each of the dog runs, offering shade to people and dogs. A number of benches can be found on the sides of both dog runs, and there are also benches around the trees found in both dog runs.

The Riverside Park dog run is especially full on the weekends, making it more fun for your dog. Rules are posted in the entry way for each dog run, and dog owners are expected to ensure their dog(s) follow the rules.

Best Dog Walker of Western Washington

King 5 Best Dog WalkerSeattle, Washington’s NBC television affiliate, King 5, is holding a vote for its annual 2010 Best of Western Washington Awards. These awards are voted on by viewers and visitors to the website. There are a number of Seattle dog walkers and Western Washington dog walking companies that are up for this prestigious community award.

To vote, visit the “Best Dog Walker” category page and place your vote. Voting for the award ends on October 10, 2010 – just a few short days away.

  • 4YourPets Renton, WA
  • Adventure Dog Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA
  • Ali’s Dog Walking & Pet Care Services Cascade – Seattle, WA
  • Amy’s Paw Pals Cascade – Seattle, WA
  • Atlas Dog Walking Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA
  • ballwalkpark Queen Anne – Seattle, WA
  • Busy Bark Issaquah, WA
  • Cloud Nine Canine Care Queen Anne – Seattle, WA
  • Dallas and Pals-Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Kent, WA
  • David the Dog Walker Seattle, WA
  • DawgDayz Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Roosevelt – Seattle, WA
  • Dog Trots West Seattle – Seattle, WA
  • Dogs Day Out Ballard – Seattle, WA
  • Dogs on the Hill Downtown – Seattle, WA
  • Embark Dog Treks and Training Seattle, WA
  • Evolution Dog Training and Dog Park Trips Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA
  • Gentle Giant Dog Walk Seattle, WA
  • Go Dog Go Pet Pick Up and Play Northgate – Seattle, WA
  • Hot Chicks Dog Walking Co. Cascade – Seattle, WA
  • Hot Chicks Dog Walking Company Central District – Seattle, WA
  • Its A Dogs Life Pet Services Snohomish, WA
  • Joe Stark Kirkland, WA
  • K9 P.O.V. Snohomish, WA
  • My Pet Au Pair Cascade – Seattle, WA
  • NW Walk and Train Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA
  • Off Leash Adventures Redmond, WA
  • On The Leash/Seattle First Hill – Seattle, WA
  • Pets Dig Me Ballard – Seattle, WA
  • Pup Strut Kirkland, WA
  • Rain City Pet Services Seattle, WA
  • Run Spot Run Dog Running/Walking – Jerry Daniels Cascade – Seattle, WA
  • Seattle Dog Walk Wallingford – Seattle, WA
  • Seattle’s Best Dog Walkers Downtown – Seattle, WA
  • See Spot Run Beacon Hill – Seattle, WA
  • Smiling Dog Kent, WA
  • Strut the Pup Seattle, WA
  • Tails R A Waggon Puyallup, WA
  • The Metro Pet Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA
  • Wag Dog Walking Belltown – Seattle, WA
  • Walk Your Dog? Redmond, WA
  • Woof Adventure Central District – Seattle, WA

Camp Bow Wow Lodo / Home Buddies

Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow is the most comprehensive in-home pet service available. Now you only have to place one call to receive care for all of your pets, and they will enjoy this service from the comfort of home. Our Home Buddies pet sitters are the friendliest and best trained caregivers in the industry!

Whether you need a daytime or overnight pet sitter, dog walker, or simply need us to help remove your pet’s waste, we can help you keep up with your pet’s needs!

Halloween Costume for My Dog

Bee Costume for DogsAlthough I LOVE candy, I have never really loved Halloween. I don’t really like searching for a Halloween costume, dressing up for the holiday, nor do I like paying for a costume that I will wear just once. If that makes me a Halloween party pooper, so be it!

My wife, on the other hand, loves Halloween. She would go to several Halloween parties if possible, and she loves seeing the little kids who come trick or treating in our apartment building. My favorite part of trick or treating is eating all of the candy that’s left over.  We bought a bunch of candy at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, and I think I already ate half of it.

Anyway, to the point of this blog post… I finally relented this year, and I agreed to host a Halloween party with our friends. The one condition is that Lucy, our 3 year old puggle, can stay for the party and gets to wear a dog costume. I hate seeing dogs dressed up during the year in the park, but there’s something endearing about dressing Lucy up in a Halloween costume made specifically for dogs.

At the moment, we are debating between a two different options from Old Navy – a Frog costume or a Bee costume. Personally, I like the bee Halloween costume best because of the antennae. I think it’s very cute. I guess as long as Lucy gets enough treats, she will be very happy, too. My bet is that if she wears the bee costume, she will get tons of treats!

    Top 5 Reasons to Become a Dog Walker

    Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Become a Dog Walker

    5) Work as much or as little as you want, during the hours you want to work. You can find clients who need to have their dogs walked at all hours of the day. Choose the times that work best for you.

    4) Your dog walking business can grow into a dog taxi, dog grooming, dog sitting, or other dog-related business if you so choose. If you love walking dogs and have the desire to grow your business, your customer base is established, and you can provide more services.

    3) Walking dogs all day is a fantastic way to get exercise. Instead of coming home from work and hitting the gym, you’ve probably burned off more calories after a day walking dogs than you would have by going to the gym in the evening.

    2) Instead of working inside under the florescent lights of an office, you are outside all day in the fresh air. Sure, it may rain or snow once in a while, and winters may be cold, but it sure beats working inside year-round.

    1) You get to be around dogs all day!

    Bull Moose Dog Run in New York City

    Bull Moose Dog RunThe Bull Moose Dog Run is located on the Upper West Side of New York City, and it’s a great place to take dogs of all sizes. There are actually two dog runs, with one being for larger dogs and the other for smaller dogs. Dog owners have the responsibility of choosing which dog run they should enter based on the size of their dog and the number of other dogs that are playing.

    The dog run is open daily, year-round, and it is located just outside of the American Museum of Natural History. There are a couple of ways to get to the dog run, but the main entrance to the park surrounding the run can be found at West 81st Street at Columbus Avenue.

    As you can see from the photograph, the dog run has a gravel base, and there are two ways to enter the dog run. The busiest times for the dog run are first thing in the morning and on the weekends when there might be 10 or more dogs in the run. Upper West Side dog walkers like to visit Bull Moose Dog Run throughout the day. There are benches on the side and shade trees during the summer for the comfort of dog owners and dog walkers.

    There’s a water fountain in the park for dogs to get fresh water and clean off. In addition, there are pooper scooper shovels to pick up dog waste and there are large trash barrels to dispose of it. Dog owners must pick up the waste of their dogs or they could be subject to fines.

    As with all dog parks and dog runs in the city of New York, there are a number of rules that dog owners must follow. Most importantly, dogs need to play well with others and dog owners should be respectful of each other.

    Photo: Flickr

    Help Saving Shelter Pets Win Pepsi Refresh Grant

    Saving Shelter Pets
    Saving Shelter Pets (SSP) is excited to be in the running for a $25,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project this October. This grant money will provide enough funding to sponsor monthly spay & neuter clinics for approximately 2 years, providing a much-needed service to low-income families in rural Murray County, Georgia. By taking only 2 minutes each day to vote for this grant submission, you can make a difference in so many lives!

    To win the $25,000 grant, an organization needs to finish in the Top 10 by October 31st. Saving Shelter Pets is currently in 3rd place, so this grant is well within reach for the animals of Murray County! They have teamed up this month with four other deserving animal organizations so that all 5 groups can strive towards a total of $625,000 in grant funding for companion pets and wildlife. Please support all 5 groups in their missions to provide the care and love that all animals deserve. These groups are Saving Shelter Pets, DaisyCares, Blind Cat Rescue, Wild Bird Fund Inc, and Clark County Humane.

    Each individual may vote 3 times a day, every day, throughout the month for all 5 of these organizations. Use this easy link as your quick “one-stop” online voting point:

    ~~~~~~ *1* Vote Online (EMAIL)~~~~~~

    1) Go to

    2) On the bottom left corner (blue bar), click on the “Sign In” button

    3) Type in your e-mail address and be sure to select “No, I am new Here” (unless you already have an account)

    4) Select “Sign In” to move to the next screen & complete the requested info (only takes 1 minute to register!)

    5) Complete all of the requested information

    6) Click “Done” to complete your registration

    7) VOTE for ALL 5 animal organizations listed. It’s quick and simple.

    ~~~~~~ *2* Vote Online (FACEBOOK) ~~~~~~

    1 ) Sign into Facebook

    2) Then go to

    3) Click “Vote for This Idea” on any of the alliance members listed

    4) Click the blue “Login in with Facebook” button

    5) VOTE for ALL 5 organizations listed. It’s quick and simple. Just click all 5 “Vote for this Idea” buttons.

    6) If you have extra time, go to each group’s page and leave a comment to let them know you’re voting for them!

    ~~~~~~ *3* Vote by TEXTING ~~~~~~

    1) Compose text messages TO: 73774

    2) In the message section, type: 102190 ( this is Saving Shelter Pets’ number)

    3) Hit SEND

    Sign up for a daily email reminder to vote throughout October:

    Thank you in advance for your support in making October the month for the animals! 🙂

    ASPCA “Mission: Adoptable” Event in New York

    ASPCA LogoThe Young Friends of the ASPCA are holding a fun event in New York City on October 14, 2010. The “Mission: Adoptable” event will feature music from DJ Berrie, dancing, drinks, and an auction to benefit the ASPCA. The event will be held from 8pm to midnight at the landmark IAC Building, 555 West 18th Street in NYC.

    This fun event is held annually to “inspire young professionals to make a difference in the lives of animals through social, educational and philanthropic change.” One of the neatest aspects of the event is that special appearances will be made by shelter animals as well as some celebrities.

    Tickets to the event range from $160 – $1,000, and they can be easily purchased online on the ASPCA website. The dress code is informal. If you are interested in attending and/or have any questions about attending, please contact the ASPCA Special Events department at (212) 876- 7700, ext. 4652.

    2010 Ties and Tails Gala to Benefit the Humane Society of Charlotte

    Ties and TailsCome celebrate the mission of the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina and honor those that make a difference in the lives of homeless pets. The 2010 Ties and Tails Gala will be held on Saturday October 23, 2010 from 6-10pm,  at the Westin Hotel, Charlotte, NC. Tickets for the event (with proceeds going to the HSC) are now on sale.

    The Ties & Tails Gala is a beautiful evening reception featuring a cocktail hour, live entertainment, an open bar, dinner and dancing, and a silent and live auction.

    Last year’s inaugural Gala was a smashing success, with tickets selling out weeks before the event. Additionally, last year’s Gala event was also chosen as the best inaugural event by South Park Magazine. This year, the event will be even bigger and better as it moves to the Grand Ballroom at The Westin Charlotte.

    The Humane Society of Charlotte is very excited to announce that Wendy Diamond, founder and editor of Animal Fair magazine, will be flying in from New York to be the special celebrity guest at the event. Wendy has done a lot to bring attention to the needs of animals, and they are honored to have her be a part of their event.

    Individual tickets cost $175 and tables of 8 may be purchased for $1,400. $87 of each ticket price is tax-deductible. There are many ways for you or your company to get involved with this fabulous event. Tickets to the Gala may be purchased online.

    For additional event information, please contact Donna Canzano at 704-494-7704 or or Shelby Milton at 704-494-7708 or

    First Ever Great Sale & Pet Symposium at The Saddlery in Reno

    It’s never too early to plan for a great sale, and there’s one coming to Reno, Nevada at the end of November.

    Here’s an opportunity to shop for bargains as well as learn a little about your dog, horse, and yourself at the 1st Annual Pet Symposium at The Saddlery, November 26-28, 2010. PetFolio magazine’s 1st Annual Pet Symposium at The Saddlery, 7460 South Virginia St., Reno, features demonstrations and clinics from Dog Training by PJ, American Red Cross Pet CPR with Peggy Rew, and Strides Equine Rehab & Fitness.

    Also featured are pet adoptions/low-cost vaccinations from Palomino Valley Pet Rescue, as well as horses on-hand from Horses for the Spirit and the Wild Horse & Burro Expo. You can also take advantage of a rare meet ‘n greet with local author Terri Farley of the Phantom Stallion novels.

    Grab a special sale item while it lasts at the Black Friday sales and equine bargains at The Saddlery all weekend long! Call Landess for more details or to join in on the action: (775) 560-4242.

    Out of the Woods Animal Rescue Presents Howl-O-Ween

    Howl-O-WeenOut of the Woods Animal Rescue of Arkansas will be hosting its first Howl-O-Ween fundraiser event on Saturday, Oct. 23, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Dog Park in Burns Park. Tickets are $15 per person/$25 per family in advance or $20 per person/$30 per family at the door. Early registration ends Sunday, Oct. 17. Registration fee includes a goodie bag filled with dog treats, coupons, vendor giveaways and an official Howl-O-Ween t-shirt. Those registering as a family will receive two event t-shirts.

    The day’s events will include $20 pet readings by internationally known Carol Pate of the Carol Pate Psychic Center; dog portraits by Nelson Chenault Images; “Ask the Vet” with Dr. Bill Ormsbee; and face painting by local artist Sherry Williamson of

    Out of the Woods will also host several dog contests throughout the day with categories for your furry friend to enter such as Most Creative Costume, Spookiest Dog Costume, Best Howler, Best Trick, Cutest Puppy, Most Charming Senior Dog, Best Ears, Best Kisser, Most Macho Dog and Most Beautiful Dog. There will be a $5 entry fee per category or your pooch can enter all ten of the contests for $25.

    Contest judging will begin at 2 p.m. so please arrive early to register. Celebrity judges are Alan Leveritt, Arkansas Times publisher; Janet Carson, horticulture specialist; and Renee Shapiro, co-host of KATV’s Saturday Daybreak.

    Sponsors for the event include Pam Wills, Emily Ball and Frazier;; Town & Country Animal Hospital; Just Dogs Gourmet; Pinnacle Valley Animal Hospital; RK Printing; Canine Country Club of Arkansas; Nelson Chenault Images; Petco; Planet Smoothie; Carol Pate Psychic Center; Snap Happy Photography & Design; and the Arkansas Times.

    OOTW Animal Rescue of Arkansas is a non-profit group which focuses on helping independent rescuers who take in and then care for stray and abandoned animals until an adoptive home is found. The organization does this by extending its available resources to these caring rescuers. OOTW promotes the spaying and neutering of all pets and also assists low income families in finding economical options for spaying/neutering their pets. Proceeds from the Howl-O-Ween event will go to the animals that are rescued by OOTW Animal Rescue of Arkansas.

    Tips for Dog Walkers to Benefit Online

    Dog Walkers onlineDespite the fact that the dog walking profession has very little to do with the Internet, it is critical for a dog walking company to maintain an online presence to drive new business and get dog walking jobs. Word of mouth referrals may be the lifeblood of a dog walker, but they are frequently difficult to get when starting a new dog walking business. In addition, more and more people are turning online to read dog walker reviews and recommendations on websites and forums.

    Here are some important things dog walking companies need to take into consideration when building an Internet strategy:

    1.) Domain Name
    A dog walking company name is important, as it should be memorable, but it should also take Search Engine Optimization into account. When people look for a dog walker online, they tend to search geographically. A company name like “Cleveland Dog Walking” would be beneficial for geographic searches. Keep in mind the domain name should always match the name of the company. Above all else, the domain name should be memorable.

    2.) Web Design
    There are a number of companies that design websites specifically for pet companies and dog walkers. Check out the designer’s portfolio, and see if you like the way it looks. If you like it, the price is affordable, and the website can be built in an acceptable amount of time, hire the designer to build yours. Make note of the things you like and don’t like from his portfolio and others, and let him know. Be clear in what you want and need, and check in as the work progresses.

    3.) Email Newsletter
    One way to stay in touch with clients and potential clients is via email newsletter. Have a sign up form on your website so clients can subscribe. Send occasional emails out to provide updates about your business, but don’t send so many that people find them annoying! I think once a month is more than sufficient.

    4.) Give Special Offers
    I know many people don’t like to make special offers, but it can be a good way to get new clients and get referrals. Offer your current clients a free dog walk (or other special offer) if they refer a friend. It works for affiliate-based websites, so it should work for you. We all like to try something before we buy it and we like special deals, so make your potential clients feel special.

    5.) Search Engine Optimization
    This may sound tough, but there are plenty of websites that offer SEO tips and recommendations. Although dog walking is a competitive business, you shouldn’t have much trouble ranking well if you follow standard guidelines. Make sure your web developer considers SEO when building out your website, and download the Google SEO Guide to make sure you are doing the most obvious things. I think you should be okay if you are doing the basics, and you can hire a SEO expert to propel your site higher.

    6.) Search Engine Advertising
    Google, Yahoo, and Bing all offer advertising on the top of their search engines and on parked domain names where you pay per click. Sign up and do some testing to see what advertisements work best for you and how many clients you get. Use lots of keywords and test everything! Track your results to make sure you are spending money wisely. It’s not cheap but it can be worthwhile.

    7.) Web Directories
    Sign up for a directory listing on dog walking service directories such as so that dog owners can easily find your listing and get in touch with you. gets thousands of visitors per month, and some of those visitors could become your future clients. Local sites like and can also be good.

    8.) Sign up for Google Local
    When someone searches for a dog walker in your city, your business listing can be at the top of Google Local next to the map. Make sure you add photos, coupons, your phone number, email address and website link. These details are very important.

    You may offer a good service to dog owners, but if they can’t find you, they won’t know you exist. Since many people search for a dog walker online, having a web presence is critical these days, and you won’t want to be without one.

    Image credit: Flickr

    Most Popular Dog Costumes for Halloween 2010

    Bee Costume for DogsMany people take their pets with them while trick-or-treating with their kids on Halloween. If you’re going to bring the dog, you might as well dress him (or her) up in a costume for dogs. Dog costumes include everything from super heroes to spooky spirits. Some of the most popular costumes reflect the individual pet’s personality and can be as simple as a knit sweater with a Halloween theme or as elaborate as a full body gown with matching shoes and hat.

    If you know your dog’s personality well, as most devoted pet owners do, choosing a costume is easy. The most popular ones are the devil, angel, and jailbird outfits. These costumes are popular because they often perfectly reflect the pet’s unique disposition.

    A popular choice for feminine dogs is the ready-made ballerina tutu that major retailers are offering. Other girl dog costumes include the cowgirl dog outfit and the Marie Antoinette dress. More masculine canines can dress up as a medieval knight, a policeman, or even the headless horseman, complete with saddle and hat. Unisex choices include the bumblebee and the panda. If you don’t want to spend the money on a ready-made costume, you can always make one. A simple way to adorn your pet is by making a festive hat or using a headband to create a pair of animal ears like bunny or reindeer ears.

    So where can you purchase a Halloween costume for your dog? Pet and dog supply stores like Petco,, and Unleashed, as well as popular clothing stores like Old Navy, all sell costumes perfect for dogs.

    If you’re going to bring the dog along for the trick -or-treat walk, you might as well dress your best friend up for the occasion. There are plenty of ways to include your pet in the fun.

    (Old Navy bee costume pictured). to Help Animal Rescues & Non-Profits

    Dog RescueEvery day when I look through Twitter and through my news feeds, I see links to news articles about dogs that are looking for good homes, dogs that have been abused by owners, and dogs that may be euthanized because of space issues at shelters. Seeing these articles really saddens me. I work from home, and spend much of my day sitting next to my dog – (she doesn’t work much) so it makes it even more difficult to hear about dogs that need help.

    I want to help some of these great non-profit organizations that help dogs and other animals by giving back some of the money generated by this website. I am currently in the process of emailing dog rescues, animal shelters, and other non-profit organizations that help dogs to make this offer, but I doubt I will be able to reach most of them. Because of this, I am going to make this offer publicly in the hopes that those I am unable to reach will be able to see it:

    If a non-profit pet organization refers any dog walking service or dog walkers to purchase an annual listing on, I will donate 20% of the listing fee ($10.00) to the organization. I encourage these organizations to let their dog walker friends know that when they sign up, they just need to reply to the Thank You email and say “I was referred by [Organization Name]” and I will reach out to the organization to see whether they accept Paypal or credit card. It’s that simple.

    If you know of a dog walker that should be listed on, please let that person/company know about this offer. Likewise, if you’re a dog walker and you support a great non-profit organization, please sign up and let me know which one you support. I will happily make a donation on your behalf.

    Photo: Flickr

    Educate-a-Bull’s 4th Annual Barksgiving

    PitbullThe 4th Annual Barksgiving Event, to benefit Educate-a-Bull, a western New York educational bully breed rescue

    On Sunday November 21st, 2010 from 11:00am until 5:00pm Educate a Bull is holding its fourth annual Barksgiving Event. This is its largest fundraiser of the year and 100% of the proceeds go directly to help bullies in the Western New York community. This year the Barksgiving event has a new venue! It is going to be held at the Erie County Fair’s Creative Arts Lot (facing Quinby Drive).

    Below are a few of the activities available during the event.


    Educate a Bull was established in 2003 and has rescued hundreds of bully breed dogs in the western New York community. One of its most rewarding rescues was what they lovingly named “The Laurel Street Eight”. The first week of October in 2009, 20+ dogs were seized from four homes on Laurel Street. The last round up on the street found a small litter of pups. It was perceived to be a circle, dogs breed for a life of fighting. Many of the homes were vacant for some time, in bad shape. Many of the 20 plus dogs were in similar shape.

    Educate a Bull wanted to make needed space at the shelter for the court case pit bull dogs. They took three dogs, Debo, Louis and Stanley into its foster care program. A day or two later, they set their eyes on them for the first time. The eight pups were huddled together with patches of fur missing from their tiny bodies from a severe case of ringworm. It was made known to Educate a Bull that no other organization was able to take on their case and their options had run out…..There was no way that they could not have helped them. They took them into their rescue, paid for all their medical treatment, got them spayed, up to date on vaccines, and adopted each and every one of those precious souls into loving homes.

    The organization keeps in touch amongst the group of owners and many of the “Laurel St. Eight” can be seen together, walking and playing at their weekly Hike-A-Bulls walks. Without Educate a Bull, these sweet companion animals would not be here today.
    If you would like more information regarding the organization’s Barksgiving Event, please visit the website at, or you may contact them via email at or

    Photo credit: Flickr

    How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

    Dogs are very intelligent animals and need constant physical and mental stimulation in order to be happy and well-adjusted. Regular dog exercise and training is beneficial to your dogs health. A routine and thorough dog workout that includes exercise will keep your dog in lean shape along with benefiting vitality and health.

    It is instinctual for dogs to run, obey, and play with humans and other dogs. As a general rule of thumb, dog’s should have about sixty minutes per day of exercise and about fifteen minutes worth of obedience training. These time frames are only a general view and should be adjusted depending on the age, weight, and breed of the dog.

    Many dogs who are overly bored from not having enough mental stimulation and/or physical exercise can be very destructive and unruly. This is especially true if the dog is younger, since younger dog’s have a tendency to need an outlet for excess energy. If you have a young dog that is rather unruly, be sure that he or she is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. A dog who is tired from exercising can not put much effort into being destructive around the home.

    Dog health depends on plenty of fun and energetic exercise. Certain breeds need more or less exercise than others. For instance, many herding or working breeds need more exercise than others. Puppies, as stated before, need more time and effort put into their exercise routine than older dogs. Many of the more mellow breeds of dogs will probably calm down by the age of two. Sometimes these breeds take longer and sometimes not. Certain breeds that are high energy, such as boxers, may remain very active even after the age of two. Each dog is unique and should be treated as such when it comes to their individual exercise routine.

    Dog owners who are unable to give their dogs the exercise that’s needed should considering hiring a dog walker or dog runner to take their dogs out. The cost of the dog walker is certainly worth it!

    Dog Walking Prices and Rates

    Dog WalkingThe rate a dog walker charges varies depending on the city in which you live, the amount of time per walk, and the experience of the dog walker that you hire.

    In some large (and expensive) cities like New York City, dog walkers can charge around $15-20 for a 30 minute walk, while the same $15 might get you an hour long walk in cities such as Houston or San Diego. In San Francisco, dog walker rates can run up to $30 for a half hour walk. Longer walks can cost even more.

    You should also be aware that professional dog walkers will generally charge more for a walk than a teenager or someone who is doing it for a little money on the side. You might be able to get a local teen to walk your dog for just $10, but the teenager might not be as experienced as someone who walks dogs for a living.

    Professional dog walkers will generally have more experience with dogs, may have insurance and bonding, and will probably be more available for a steady dog walking job.

    Another consideration that goes into the cost of dog walking is whether your dog will be walked alone or in a pack with other dogs. If your dog is walked alone, you can expect to pay more for the service. If other dogs are walked with yours, it will be less expensive. The downside with pack walking is that your dog will receive less attention and you need to consider whether your dog gets along with other dogs well enough to do this.

    You might consider using someone who walks dogs as a side job in the event of an emergency or urgent situation, but for steady jobs, you will generally want to hire a professional dog walker. It might cost you a bit more, but you’ll be assured that your dog is in the hands of someone with dog walking experience, and you will know your dog will come first – not other commitments.

    One piece of advice we can give is that you might wish to contact more than one dog walker whose listing you find on to compare rates. Make sure you ask how long the walk will be and if there will be other dogs being walked at the same time!