Popular Dog Walker Searches

In the last 30 days, DogWalker.com has seen OVER 5,000 visitors! People visit the website to find a dog walking service in their area, and DogWalker.com allows them to search for dog walkers in their city – and sometimes right in their zip code and neighborhood.

In addition to dog owners who are searching for dog walkers, there are also dog walkers who visit the website to see what it’s all about. DogWalker.com is not a lead generation service. Once a dog walker signs up, there are no additional costs or expenses. One question I am frequently asked is what cities in which people are looking for dog walkers.

Below are 15 most frequently searched cities in the last 30 days on DogWalker.com:

  1. New York City Dog Walker
  2. San Francisco Dog Walker
  3. Chicago Dog Walker
  4. Boston Dog Walker
  5. San Antonio Dog Walker
  6. Seattle Dog Walker
  7. Cleveland Dog Walker
  8. Los Angeles Dog Walker
  9. Las Vegas Dog Walker
  10. Portland (Oregon) Dog Walker
  11. Houston Dog Walker
  12. San Diego Dog Walker
  13. Minneapolis Dog Walker
  14. Orlando Dog Walker
  15. Dallas Dog Walker