Collect Pet Hair to Help with Oil Spill

Dog furAs most Americans are aware, there has been a massive oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, just off of the coast of Louisiana, and it continues to leak tens of thousands of oil per day (some reports are that it is leaking 210,000 gallons per day!). In total, there has been 3 million gallons of oil that has leaked, and it’s beginning to wash up on shore, which is going to impact a lot of people who live in the area and who make their living in the water or nearby.

Hair stylists, barbers, and dog and cat groomers have been collecting the trimmings of their clients of every kind to send them to the Gulf Coast to help contain the oil spill. The hair is stuffed into nylon stockings, and the finished product known as hair booms are immersed into the water.  This massive effort is being undertaken by an organization called Matter of Trust, based in San Francisco, California.  According to the Matter of Trust website,

Anyone and Everyone: salons, groomers, wool farmers and individuals can sign up to donate hair, fur, waste wool… clippings and nylons and funding for our Hair for Oil Spills program. Our Excess Access program SIGN UP is FREE, FAST and HELPS us to coordinate the masses of donations going to the Gulf.

To learn more about this effort and see how you can assist by collecting dog and cat fur, visit their website. It’s going to take a major effort to clean up after this massive oil spill but we can all help no matter where we live.

Blister on Dog’s Paw

About a week and a half ago, my Wife and I took our two and a half year old puggle Lucy to Boston’s South End to visit my Brother. In the morning, my Wife took Lucy to the dog run located at the end of his street, and Lucy played with several dogs for about a half an hour.

When my Wife returned home, she told us how much fun Lucy had at the dog run, and also told us the park was unique, as it was concrete (instead of the pebbles or grass Lucy is used to running on in the dog runs here in New York). a couple days after returning home, we noticed that Lucy was limping. The limping got worse, and after inspecting the back paw she was favoring, I noticed it was red and blistered.

We made a quick trip to the veterinarian who gave us a bottle of Nolvasan Otic Cleansing Solution (a pet antiseptic and wound and skin cleanser), and she let us know it was probably caused by the concrete since Lucy’s pads weren’t familiar with running on the concrete. After a few days of Nolvasan soaks (not easy to do with an energetic little dog), Lucy seems to be feeling much better and her paw is healing.

The next time you take your dog to a dog run, you should be mindful of the terrain. A change in it could hurt your dog!

The BEST Dog Toy – Omega Tricky Treat Ball

Omega Tricky Treats BallMy Wife and I live in New York City, and my parents live in New Hampshire. Whenever my Wife and I go on vacation or are headed out of town for more than a few days, we bring our puggle Lucy to my parents, who love caring for her and playing with her. During the week, my Dad brings Lucy to his store (curtain and home fashions shop) and Lucy spends the day with him, keeping him company and entertaining customers.

On the last visit to New Hampshire, one of my Dad’s customers recommended a toy to him that her dog loves. The Omega Paw Tricky Treats Ball Dog Toy is a round toy with craters that you put dog food or dog treats in, and as the dog plays, the treats fall out. Because of it’s shape, it’s not that easy for the dog to get her treats, and she really needs to work hard to get them. Instead of giving a dog raw hide which takes time and effort to chew, the dog can play with this toy just as long but not consume as much.

We brought Lucy to New Hampshire this past weekend, and my Parents bought Lucy the Tricky Treats Ball. As you can probably imagine she LOVED it. We have never seen her play with a toy as much as she played with this one.  If you have a dog that loves treats, you should think about buying this dog toy! There are plenty of dog toys you can buy, but this is the best one for Lucy to play with in the house.

Now we need to buy her one for New York!