Down Economy Means More Volunteers at Shelters!

Jordan Kaplan founded “Brooklyn dog walkers” after successfully building a best in breed dog walking/pet sitting business in Manhattan called Petaholics and knew that all the same elements could be replicated in Brooklyn (which would be the 4th largest city in the us if not part of nyc).

With more time on their hands, people are volunteering at animal shelters in droves!

The waiting list is 6 months long. One such place called Barc Animal shelter in Brooklyn, New York has been reporting hearing that men and woman have been using the dog walks as ways to meet people of the opposite sex. Doggie matchmakers!

We all know that dogs are chick magnets, the cuter the better and in a town where everyone has their guard up on the street what better way to meet people. At least the dogs are getting plenty of exercise and socialization!