#1 on Google Within Hours!

Dog Walker in Chula Vista

Dog walkers and dog walking services sometimes ask me why they should get listed on DogWalker.com, and the answer is that I believe a listing can generate new business that will exceed the annual listing cost.

One way DogWalker.com is able to help dog walking companies is that the website ranks well in search engines. I believe this is due to a combination of proper search engine optimization as well as having the exact match domain name when people are looking for a dog walker.

I want to share an example of how DogWalker.com can help a dog walking business. Doggie Round-Up of Chula Vista, California created a listing early this afternoon. Within hours, the listing was #1 in Google for a search of “dog walker in Chula Vista.”  When someone searches this phrase, the DogWalker.com listing comes up #1 right now.

From my experience, this is how many people search for a dog walker online, and having the #1 ranking will help drive more traffic to the listing, and ultimately it can help bring new clients to this business.

Of course, Google rankings are fluid and often change, but I think this is a good example of how DogWalker.com can help dog walkers.